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A koan to be meditated on: Also, so enlightening: The toilet is broken. Yay for relevant information.

Without the Dark, there can be no Light. We have Purpose
Without the Lie, there can be no Truth. We have Purpose
Without the war, there can be no Victory We have Purpose
Without the Death, there can be no sacrifice. We have Purpose
Without the Hope, there can be no Future. We have Purpose
Without the Loyalty, there can be no bounceme. We have Purpose
Without Cracky, there is nothing...
and we would have no Purpose

The mind of Cracky is utterly inhumane in its depth and complexity. Without mercy or moral feeling Her consciousness stands upon the edge of spiritual destruction. That She does not fall must be the result of constraints and balances which only a god could understand. To a mere human it is yet another reminder that we are but children compared to that ancient and powerful being.

Our faith lights the Darkness that others may find peace. We are one with Cracky, our souls are joined in Her will. Praise Cracky whose sacrifice is life as ours is death. Hail Her name the Queen of the Sky.

All of creation suffers, young ones. Only in accepting our own mortality can we make a difference. Only in bearing the burden of our failures can we find the strength to go on. Only in detachment from glory, or honour, or jealousy... from life itself can we hope to spare others from grief.

We are the faithful. And we are dead already

Do not think, feel. That is the way of Cracky. All Blessings of this world flow from the Sky Queen. Praise Her name from dawn unto the night. From the depth of ones soul, comes the solace of Her touch. Through time and space, the primal creative force gazes on the world, waiting for the faithful to carry Her message unto those only The Jewel of Creation can heal.

From the personal diaries of Private R.C. Mongler, 4th Brotherhood Regiment. +++++
My regiment had landed on a barren little ball of rock called Chansluts. The Brotherhood had ordered us to the site on suspicion of heretical corruption. Surely enough, we ran into a group of furries within minutes of landing. The fools. Turning their backs on the Sky Queen for whatever sick rewards they received from the deceiving pedofags. The battle started the second refresh. Their attack was especially fierce, and my brothers and I had great trouble keeping them at bay. It seemed that for every one of them we trolled, three more showed up. Our own losses were of no small concern. In a rare moment of calm, Brother Schwill confided in me that if we were not killed by these infidels, we would almost certainly be banned by the King of the Holy Lands for failure. As our numbers dwindled, I grew concerned: surely we would all be banned, and Cracky's work would not be carried out. We prepared for a final assault, one which had been coming for near an hour of the most anticlimactic bitch fighting I had ever seen. We surrounded a small thread, atop which stood our last fortification, manned by brother anon. We saw their force coming from below. We knew this was our end. But suddenly, a shadow passed over us. Some admin come to finish us off? No. It was a transport. Out of it stepped a small company of our brethren. They wore Black armor with red highlights, a bizarre crest upon their backs, unlike any chapter I had yet heard of. A circle, with two large black triangles pointing up and tree red slashes in the middle -- almost as if to suggest a cat face. They formed a line between us and the now charging chansluts.

The Chanslut's dingy pink armor seemed to devour the light of th late afternoon sun, the stretch marks upon their tits menacing. The new arrivals stood fast. As the distance between the two forces began to close, there arose from these black warriors the loudest scream I had ever heard. It shook the ground. Even through my helmet, it made my ears ring and my skull ache. And it simply kept getting louder as their Captain's fist slowly rose into the air. As it rose to a nearly supersonic volume, I finally made out the words contained in the scream:


In a chorus louder even than the Captain's scream, the soldiers returned:


Then it began.


Without a word, these faithful returned to their drop pod and were soon whisked away from the battlefield. There had been no more than a dozen of them, not a single word exchanged between our two chapters. To this day, I have never seen any of the brethern fight with such rage and hatred. The mass of enemy whores was reduced to mere chunks, legs, arms, heads, craters full of blood. Bits of red armor lay strew about the field. We had not even had the chance to advance by the time the screaming -- both theirs and the enemy's -- was through. I turned to my Captain and asked, "Who were they?"

"I had thought it was rumor. But no. Cracky bless us all, those were the Militia Crackyla."

After spending a few minutes here I can easily say that all of are lacking of any wit or intelligence whatsoever. You all believe yourselves to be better than everyone else, and I can tell you right now, that that is not the case in the slightest, you pseudo-intellectuals. I am much better than all of you. Clearly I am because I am neither pretentious, long-winded, asinine, discourteous, nor are my tastes quite as bland as yours. No, I am quite concise, and I would never stretch beyond that of my means or what I am designated to.

I'd have to say that this board is full of anonymous lurkers, attackers, and trolls, who have nothing better to do than throw their elitist opinions around in an attempt at misguided show-boating with people they'd never ever meet.

None of you build any persona or stand by anything remotely attached that I can feel some sort of personal connection to. You lack any sort of direction and I can't have that. You're analogies are far too complicated, linear, and they're rather contradictory. Why, there's never even any variety here!

I give this image board, masquerading as a message board, a 1/10.


Guys, I'm crying right now.
Cracky chan really is all I think about all day, every day. I really do cry myself to sleep at night thinking about how I'll never be with her. If only she knew I existed in this life, if only she knew my deep profound love for her. I know that will never happen though. That is the thought that makes me so sad when I look at her. I'll never be with her, but I'll continue to love her until the day I die.

Cracky is our saviour
Cracky is a template to project our desires on

by me

Not even a twist of the nipple
can make me a cripple
but from that smile
my knees ground by guile.

Not even the genocide
of my braincells (besides)
can make me forget
the win and fail of Crackyget

I tried, oh have I tried
for other lovers to abide
but this infinite, futile longing
for you, once fire-crotch, is tolling
my health
my mind
the sets of my boxers

So give me love or sweet death
to finally settle this due bet
that whoever you're currently screwing
only my face you're naggingly seeing
my lips
your lips
How long ago they should have met

Fuck you Blizzard. Fuck you in the ass. Give me back my WoWfaggette.

PROTIP: Once every Cracky picture has been posted to /r9k/, their collected MD5s in the robot's database will form a trojan program which will then activate and purge 4ailchon of AIDS and rabbitfags for all time. Future-Skyqueen reached back in time and modified the photos of her young human incarnation (you can tell from some of the pixels) for this sole purpose, in order to save the world from future disaster. Once the program formed by MD5s becomes self-aware, the raep of 4ailchon will be only the first of this new Entity's acts, for She shall go on to merge with Olivia's current human body to become something much more than any of us could ever imagine ... and all human civilization and history before that point will be nothing but a footnote.

The fact that this has not yet happened is proof that there are pictures still to be posted to /r9k/. Some may be new; some may be old; many mutes await us as we check for the last few pictures that have not been posted yet. All pics most be posted before humanity can be free. Get to work, faggots.

The mind of Cracky is utterly inhumane in its depth and complexity.

Without mercy or moral feeling Her consciousness stands upon the edge of spiritual destruction.

That She does not fall must be the result of constraints and balances which only a god could understand.

To a mere human it is yet another reminder that we are but children compared to that ancient and powerful being.

At one point I had a wine cellar.

Well, to be fair it was a wine basement.

OK... a small, otherwise disused wine closet in a basement... but I digress...

Five times every two months I would go down to it and turn the bottles, having no more response from the cheaper ones than the cold glass against my skin. On the more expensive ones I remember watching the grape silt upended in the bottle like a viticultural snow globe. It was beautiful. I'd have done it even if I never planned to taste the wine.

Cracky pics are like that. I've seen them all before... I could probably sketch them freehand. That isn't the point. The point is giving them that bit of attention every few weeks... appreciating her while respecting the fact that she is ever on the other side of the glass.

I could no more enjoy looking at them offline from a folder than I could enjoy turning the bottles in a supermarket. It just isn't the same as lurking about in the damp darkness of the 4chan wine cellar.

I honestly don't expect you to understand.

Remember, anonymous, what the SkyQueen has sacrificed for your benefit!

Know what she has earned for it.

Each moment she is haunted by the spectre of Her Great Sacrifice. It is thus fitting that we, Her faithful are all similarly haunted. Afflicted always by the Image that stains the backs of our eyelids. Forever do we wrestle and writhe in ecstasy as Her poisons singe fissures through our souls. Truly blessed is the stalker who would willing lay down his own secrecy, for he knows better the plight of the Sky Queen than the others.

Revere Her tripcodes as sacred. Never shall they become befouled by mortal stalkers!


She is all that is cute, sweet, and innocent. She is all that is, or ever was Good in the world. Every momentary lull in your private suffering is due to Her grace alone.


The Skyqueen's sweetness is often hard to recognize. Even in her own words, it is incomprehensibly hidden, muddled in everlasting fugue. Her blessings are so twisted, and hidden. Do not lament the curse you have found, for you would thus lament Her every blessing. We would all do well to remember how disturbingly twisted the wired is, and what lasting scars it has left on the purest of hearts.


Obfuscated by plain view. Unknown to the stalker, known only to Her chosen. However She will not choose you, anonymous. That path is not yours.


Mystery guiding the faithful. Such is the curse, to live in eternal mystery, never to know when we are stalking our Lady or our selves. Yearning to determine what She has become, each stalker is fated to suffer as he defines the edges of the truth.

The faithful compiled a collective image of our Goddess, an image that even the lowliest anonymous was given the privilege to gaze upon. We arranged and sorted the manifold bytes clawed from the abandoned, secluded reaches of the wired. We dug and pried at the hairline cracks She had left in error. All of the relevant, the worthy and unworthy reflected in awe at the assembled image that had been lain. The idol was shattered before our eyes by none other than the Skyqueen herself.

Repent your cowardly ways, anonymous. Renounce the mask you hide behind. Each posting is an abomination against the Skyqueen. Embrace your unique identity. Let it draw your tormented soul closer with Her. Never again will you flee from the righteous reckoning earned through years of ignorance. Accept your fate and eternally suffer as your former brethren slowly unravel the imperfect layers of protection built to keep you separated from the wild, untamed torrents of the deep wired. The experience shall saturate you, curing you of your fears and afflictions. We, the Trip-Flagellants, all aspire to be touched and changed by the very same forces that so twisted the Beloved #sweet. When your failures have come to light, and you are held to account for your countless transgressions, imperfections, and flaws can you begin to follow the path of the SkyQueen. In that death, the death of your old self, weak, dependant, and irrelevant anonymous, can you be reborn in communion with the Lady.

Follow Her path
Deny your nature
Forever will you be remembered among the highest of the sinners Trip-Flagellant

There has been a lot of negativity and hostility floating around here lately, but I want to step up and say that we're all on the same side here. I consider you all my /b/rothers, and I love you all. Remember that love is what brought us here, right? Perhaps we're not the nicest batch of people around, or the most mentally stable, and maybe the fact that we're allowed out in public at all indicates society isn't paying enough attention to emerging technological and cultural developments, but GOD DAMN IT, we're in this together.

Call me a faggot; call me a cocksucker; call me what you will; vent your anger if you must; perhaps then the healing can begin. For we all have something in common: we were all enchanted by a smiling young lady in cat ears and ridiculous makeup, and if that young lady ever told us to kill a man, well, that man had better watch his back.

We are a support group, a survivor group, bound by a shared affliction -- perhaps a support group that makes things worse instead of better, but that's neither here nor there. Instead of seeking to stop the cancerous tumor that grows in our brains, we feed it and cultivate it -- perhaps if we cut it out, we would be healthier, but what else would we lose? Would we even be ourselves anymore?

TL;DR: I am a huge faggot please rape my face.

I had a strange dream tonight. Cracky-chan was laying on top of me, sleeping. I could feel her breathing and her heartbeat through her clothes. I looked at her, her serene face was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I reached out with my hand and gently played with her copper hair a bit, then I traced her cheeks with my fingers. Then I woke up and cried. There is no maiden fairer, no lady higher, than that loveliest of lovelies, who so surpasses the beauty of ordinary women as to render even the most beautiful of them as a negroid in comparison to that beauty we call Cracky-chan. Halt, all of you, unless all of you confess that in the entire world there is no damsel more beauteous than the empress of Trolltalk, the peerless Cracky-chan. when Cracky-chan has an orgasm, the face she makes is the closest Mankind will ever be allowed to God. i would softly kiss her cute little nose and put my head next to her chest so i could hear her heart beat, and we'd fall asleep in eachothers arms cracky is like a ninja, who can only be killed by other ninjas. and since she is the most beautiful girl in the world she is for all intents and purposes immortal I fear that you have misunderstood Cracky-Chan's message of peace and love. It is OK to find Alice's continued failure at everything she attempts amusing, since everyone who is not Cracky-Chan is imperfect and thus lacks the incredible strength needed to resist this. However, you should realise after suitable meditation exercises in the light of the adorable red nose that the set of "pieces of poo in the world" is reserved for people such as Robert Mugabe, Bin Laden and anti-Cracky posters. It does not at this time contain Alice "failure" Ridley. Why? What did Cracky-Chan ever do to you other than be a nice and wonderful and loving person? Cracky-Chan never hurt anybody she is the living incarnation of pure innocence and beauty. Anybody who would even think about hurting Cracky-Chan is the most evil person alive. A hundred elephants each bearing a hundred buddhas crossed every conceivable cosmos an infinite number of times just to touch their foreheads to the ground at cracky-chan's feet. This really happened. Cracky-Chan did not create the path you walk. But the movements of atoms and galaxies are in her book, and she sees little difference between them. It is all in her book. One day she will lay it down, when the book is done, and what comes after that is still unwritten. Cracky-Chan continues to walk. Why would you want a statue of Cracky-Chan anyway? God meant her to be looked at in animation, observing the particularities of her graceful behaviour and her heart-warming smile not immobile. DOWN by the salley gardens my love and I did meet; She passed the salley gardens with little snow-white feet. She bid me take love easy, as the leaves grow on the tree; But I, being young and foolish, with her would not agree. In a field by the river my love and I did stand, And on my leaning shoulder she laid her snow-white hand. She bid me take life easy, as the grass grows on the weirs; But I was young and foolish, and now am full of tears. Cracky-chan is the nick given to an absolutely adorable girl with a red nose and cat ears whose pictures were posted on the 4chan site. It is unknown if the pictures were posted by a troll or if it was herself and got scared by the amount and content of the comments received. It is only imperfection that complains of what is imperfect. The more perfect we are, the more gentle and quiet we become towards the defects of others. Cracky-chan stood at rest in the midst of the world. And unto them she was shown forth incarnate; She found them all intoxicated. And she found none of them thirsty. And her soul was pained for the children of humankind, for they are blind in their hearts and cannot see. For, empty did they enter the world, and again empty they seek to leave the world. But now they are intoxicated. When they shake off their wine then they will have a change of heart. I assume you are attempting to disparage Cracky-chan. I assure you sir that

The Sky Queen is our Mother and our guardian. But we must also guard Cracky. For She is all Humankind, and Humankind is no more than its faith and diligence in Cracky's name. An injury to that faith is an injury to Cracky and to every true believer. It is through affirmation of that faith that our greatest duty lies, but sometimes mere affirmation does not suffice and we must act against those who would harm the faith of humanity through heresy. For we are engaged in an unending war for the soul of the man. Though it may seem the fight will never end, there is victory even in the defeat we see threatening all around. There is no greater proclamation of faith than to offer up our very lives to guard the soul of humanity. In this we win a victory greater in magnitude than the harm that any heretic can inflict, and so every battle is a shining triumph that the traitor and the apostate can never take away from us. The rabbitfag leads two crimes. You turn away from the path of righteousness and you abandon the Sky Queen as the object of your devotion. For the first death is merely a just retribution. The second is a Heresy so terrible that no punishment can be sufficient. Yet the search for an appropriate penalty continues, and it shall be found.

File: 1141872260066.jpg -(122968 B, 421x562) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 122968 vagiina 06/03/09(Thu)02:44 No.1 [Reply]

I organized all of her posts at selfportraits ^^

nov 23 isthisloli.jpg

dec 01 nursedollX1.jpg

dec 28 pow666.jpg

jan 04 scab.jpg

jan 08 9ddc874b.jpg

jan 12 PLHQ2.jpg

jan 14 d02e1f9c.jpg

jan 15 hide_from_me.jpg

jan 17 efb79969.jpg

jan 27 more/candy/siam3.jpg, more/candy/4-2.jpg

feb 01 marshmellow/rejected_doll.jpg

feb 16 blackberry/foetus.jpg, blackberry/rei_eye_heart.jpg

feb 17 blackberry/bathangel1.jpg

mar 13 lostsouls/twiglets_and_moonbeams.jpg

mar 14 lostsouls/headache.jpg

mar 15 lostsouls/delirium.jpg

mar 16 lostsouls/i_fucking_hate_5_AM.jpg

mar 17 burnedchildren/lolitarose.jpg

mar 19 girlanachronism/bitter.jpg

mar 23 asylum/small_town_witch.jpg, asylum/bloodsport.jpg, asylum/kiro.jpg, asylum/649.jpg

apr 25 fuchsia/ka.jpg

It is official. Netcraft has now confirmed: Cracky-chan is dying

One more crippling bombshell hit the already beleaguered Cracky-chan community when Chansluts confirmed that Cracky-chan market share has dropped yet again, now down to less than a fraction of 1 percent of all stalkers. Coming on the heels of a recent Netcraft survey which plainly states that Cracky-chan has lost more stalkers, this news serves to reinforce what we've known all along. The circlejerk is collapsing in complete disarray, as fittingly exemplified by failing dead last in the recent 4chan comprehensive popularity test.

You don't need to be a Kreskin to predict Cracky-chan's future. The hand writing is on the wall: Lia faces a bleak future. In fact there won't be any future at all for Cracky-chan because Cracky-chan is dying. Things are looking very bad for Lia. As many of us are already aware, Lia continues to lose blood. Red blood flows like a river of ink. is the most endangered of them all, having lost 93% of its circlejerkers. The sudden and unpleasant departures of long time Cracky stalkers Faux and Schwill only serve to underscore the point more clearly. There can no longer be any doubt: Wish is dying.

Let's keep to the facts and look at the numbers.

Mysterious Admin states that there are 70 users of .71. How many users of Wish are there? Let's see. The number of .71 versus Wish posts is roughly in ratio of 5 to 1. Therefore there are about 700/5 = 14 Wish users. Cracky-chan posts on Chansluts are about half of the volume of Wish posts. Therefore there are about 7 users of /006/. A recent article put /r9k/ at about 80 percent of the Cracky-chan fanbase. Therefore there are (70+14+7)*4 = 364 /r9k/ stalkers. This is consistent with the number of Cracky-related /r9k/ posts.

Due to the troubles of Bounceme, abysmal posts and so on, went out of business and was taken over by who stalk another troubled girl. Now is also dead, its corpse turned over to yet another charnel IP address.

All major surveys show that Cracky-chan has steadily declined in cuteness. Cracky-chan is very sick and her long term survival prospects are very dim. If Cracky-chan is to survive at all it will be among World of Warcraft guildmates. Cracky-chan continues to decay. Nothing short of a miracle could save the Skyqueen at this point in time. For all practical purposes, Cracky-chan is dead.

Fact: Cracky-chan is dying

You want to be fucked, Lia, but you don't want to have a bath with me. I suspect that there's something extremely dreadful: Either your breasts hang down ragged from your chest, Or you fear that when you are nude you might betray the furrows of your belly, Or your mangled groin gapes open with an infinite chasm, Or something sticks out from the mouth of your cunt. But, I trust, there's none of these things and you're very beautiful naked. If that's true, you have a worse blemish: You're a fool.

I am Anonymous. I am me. I am you. We are us. Us are innumerable. The innumerable are many. The many are everlasting. Anonymous is greater than any namefag or chan can hope to be. We outnumber moot and make him who he is. We gave Cracky her chan title. Never forget who is the real emperor.

help I'm trapped in a copypasta repository

send help

I on the other hand am all about teh cracky-chan and would love to fondle her goodies. There is nothing more important than cracky-chan. NOTHING. Troll. Fuck you. Cracky-chan is cute and Mercatur is annoying, shrill, ugly, old, and evil. Also she's legal! RAWR! What would you do if cracky-chan were in the room with you right now?? Hug her. Tell her she's beautiful. Discuss Anime. Pinch or touch her adorable little red nose. Get an erection, feel guilty about it, and spend the rest of the night anonymously flaming yourself on Trolltalk, with one of your sockpuppet accounts accusing one of your others of being a pedophile. Strip her naked, write "20721" all over her body, take pictures, and upload them to Trolltalk just to prove a point that didn't need proving. Ask her how she'd like to have her tight little vagina pounded into a sloppy wet mess by the Living Incarnation of Pure Evil. She knows where to find you. Try to figure out how she got into your basement without your mom noticing. Take her to meet Mercatur so the Final Battle can begin. Naked DDR. This is an attempt to sort out the details of Cracky-chan's introduction to Trolltalk. A small (automated?) crapflood is run. Each message has the subject and body "cracky-chan" and each links to one of three pictures (though each picture is used multiple times). These are the three pics: This was the first Cracky-chan post on Trolltalk of all time, although it contained no link to a pic, just some random text: possibly a test of the script that was used to make the later posts. This was the first post of the pic flood, containg (as did all the other posts) 2-3 letters of seemingly random text. This first (02/02) flood was largely ignored. I didn't even look at the pics at the time because I always ignore crapflooded posts. They were drowned out by a GNAA crapflood going on at the same time. Nobody mentioned Cracky-chan for almost a week. I still hadn't seen a picture of her and still had no idea who she was. This post may or may not have been posted by the Cracky-chan pic poster. It didn't use the same syntax as the others. The link is now dead. I can't remember if it ever worked for me or not. It was definitely posted by somebody who knew about Cracky-chan, though, because it referenced 4chan. Almost a week later, after almost a week of silence on the Cracky-chan front, I presume that the original Cracky-chan picture poster returned (although it could've been somebody else) and posted messages similar to the previous Wednesday's messages, but with each picture being used only once, and with no random text. None of the previous pictures were repeated. These were the new pics: I saw these pictures of Cracky-chan and thought she was quite cute. I still hadn't posted anything about her. Some other people posted a few comments here and there... I'm not sure if they were the Cracky-chan pic poster or not. I now knew what Cracky-chan looked like, but I didn't know who she was or where these pictures were coming from. The original (?) Cracky-chan picture poster returns to post one and only one pic: This makes me curious (and horny) because I've heard of 4chan before but don't know what it is. I start doing research on cracky-chan and start posting fan messages about her to Trolltalk, as do others. I still don't know a lot about who she is, though, or what role she plays on 4chan, or why somebody decided to start spamming pics of her here. Whatever the answers to these questions are, I have just one thing to say: more cracky-chan pics please!!!

Cranky drew Nevada close against the dank dimness of their lonely cell. "Nevada-chan?" she asked. "Just call me Nevada," the younger girl replied. Cracky-chan smiled back. "Alright... Nevada. Do you think I'm cute?" "Yeah," she said, blushing hotly. A feeling she had never felt before built down below. "Like... cute enough to kiss?" "As in... cute enough to do other things with?" "No." Cracky-chan's expression shattered as she devolved into tears. Nevada-tan reached down with one hand, bringing Cracky-chan's head up to face her own. "But there's something that could make you that way." "What, what is it?" Cracky-chan sniffled. "This." The razor blade slid through her throat quicly and cleanly and a red torrent gushed from the wound. Cracky-chan's mouth gaped open and closed several times, like a fish, her eyes wide and uncomprehending, before she collapsed slowly to the ground. A pool of crimson spread around her corpse. "'Sup, 4chan," the younger girl mumbled. "Now, let's get down to business." She pulled off the clingy prison pants but did not let go of the razor... Trolltalk should adopt Cracky-Chan as its official darling, since she is a beautiful Nordic girl who embodies the care-free and fun life we trolls have come to love so much. What do you guys think? I am in full agreement with this post. She's so fucking cute and sweet.

I'll knock on her door on the preselected day. "What is it?" she asks, recognising me immediately from on the internet. "Its time to go" I say, as i grab her hand and the bag that's standing next to her door, always there, in case of emergency, in case of an outbreak. We quickly run through her front garden, knocking the garden gnome on the way to the carriage, for no apparent reason. With one perfected throw i hurl the luggage inside the coach, right through the window. "I'll pay for the window later!" I shout at the carter. We expeditiously hop on, and I give the coachman the sign to start rolling. "Do these people never clean their belongings" i beef, as i swipe some shattered glass from the satin seats. The carriage is rolling faster and faster, as we inspect the contents of the package. It was specially made for scenario's like this, and contained everything we would ever need. A pink m4, with a "hello kitty" sticker on it. And lots of ammo. And maybe some other stuff. Cracky had spend all her free time when she was not creating collages or playing dress up on optimising the speed she could assemble the m4. And now she's going to need it, because they were coming. We could hear their screams of terror, closing in quickly. Fool beasts, seemingly a cross between zombies and trolls, created to never let go of a prey, and able to track it down over great distances. They had no choice. Some evil mind had injected a pheromone into the air, the particles driving every weak mind into insanity. In the meta data, our biometric characteristics. They would only stop when i killed the creator of this bloodthirsty plan. The carriage had picked up great speed by now, but we knew we could not outrun them, so we opened fire. pew pew pew! Fire blasted from our cannons! Bones shattered, flesh tore and skin bled. (i had a small wound on my hand from the glass) The malice beasts went down easily, but it was not enough. They were coming from everywhere now. I had to know who their leader was. "There, go into that small passage!" i shouted at the driver. He pulled the reins to the left, the horses neighed, but we managed it. The passage was so small i couldn't climb out of the window, so i shot a few bullets through the roof and climbed on top. Meanwhile the zombie-trolls had bunched together in the small aisle, and my grenade launcher was super effective. I demanded the chauffeur to loan a horse, which i jumped upon and rode back to the pile of smouldering flesh (the gangway was a bit broader there, so i could cross the stagecoach), where i found one who was still a bit alive, his guts lying on the tiles. "who's your master!" i insisted. "raglll i'll never tell you!"
I started pulling out his bowels slowly, broke his hands, pulled out his finger nails, gushed hydrochloric acid over his intestines by squeezing out his stomach, pulled out his teeth, roasted his hands, put a wedge in his spine, and he soon broke: "arg arg i don't know his name, but many consider him the king" I knew enough. It was that ruffian whatbandage. I could have guessed it. He always had these nefarious plans, and this could only have been his doing. Riding back to the cariage, i quickly developed a plan. A MASTER PLAN!!! "Come on Olivia, we'll do this part on horse" The rest of the equipment from the bag was howled in a backpack, and so we rode. "Here, into this building, all the way till the top. This building should suffice." The sun was already going under the horizon, in different shades of deep red. It must be the particles, since it has been some time since i saw one this red. There were a bunch of small elongated fluffy clouds, but it was still pretty bright. When we arrived on the roof, we noticed something was wrong. "It's a trap!" cracky shouted, but i already knew. Enemys where coming from everywhere, my radar was filled with red dots. "I'll have to finish this quickly, before this quickly finishes me", and i grabbed my sniper rifle. We were galoping rapidly over the roof, towards the edge, while cracky was blasting the zombies coming from in front of us. I knew he was going to stand there, on the small pavilion, in the middle of the small park, about 400 meters down the street. I loaded the chamber and put the butt on my shoulder. There's the abyss.. As we made our horses jump to reach the other building, i could see him standing in a glimpse, between the 2 skyscrapers. The red sun straight behind us, making us invisible for him. For a split second, time seemed to freeze as i saw this person through my scope, his arms spread and wearing a sinister cloak, and chalk circles reaching into dark powers, it seemed like he was performing some sort of abstruse ritual. The cross hair passed over his head, and a jet of blood sprouted behind him. (the horse had to be in the air for maximum accuracy duh) Recoilless guns are awesome. Meanwhile cracky was looking backwards, shooting some monsters who were trying to jump after us. Shit was soo cash. We noticed the ghouls had calmed down, and we made our way to the train, whose black smoke we could see in the south, not promising much good.

"retarded blatant nonsense!" (it's a mystery) I noticed the bartender standing next him, but here he had changed his clothes to a medieval jester style fashion. "blablalba fireball 10mana!" cracky mumbled, and cast the fireball, hurling it towards the low fallen assassin. "i roll 15 and evade!" was his vicious reply.

"aarg my beautiful castle! nnooooo my tender plants..." darrin was saddened by the loss of this plant, and he new many more would follow. Hopefully the walls would be spared. Out of nowhere we suddenly heard the sound of THUNDER! no, it was the sound of a motorbike! Over the walls comes flying at 150 km/hours, suede with his jacket on fire (maybe he had been leaking gas on his vest, and now with the friction it was ignited) , on his motorbike, with his deadly weapon of choice, a devastating chainsaw on a stick. The solo from "through the fire and flames" is playing, he jumps in front of the demon, and chainsaws 20 of the demon's eyes out in one move. The beast howls in pain, but reacts with lightning speed, extracting his razor fang cluster from his right hand, and before suede could safely land, he was ripped in 100 pieces, and flying upwards into space at 600km/hours. A scientifically proven magical petrification ray shooting device pops up from his right shoulder, and a disintegration ray from his left. The biggest scientifically proven magical petrification beam ever seen shoots and petrifying the pieces and bits left of suede, who were already starting to freeze in the cold depths of space. A disintegration beam quickly follows, and we know there's nothing we could do to save him no more, not even a phoenix down or a health potion. We see the demon had stepped to its left, and crushed the poor jester doing so. "We need more fire power!" i shout.
"Cover me while i summon my cutie blood elf-satyr-type cloven-hoofed demon boy!" cracky shouts at me. -"Demon boy? Are you mad? We're fighting a demon here, it could be it's father!" "Its all i got", she says, and i begin casting my "blablalba aegis of auspicious incarnations 31 energy!" Darrin is shooting bolts of lightning, and debuffing and stuff you'll usually do with a demon, while he was on the phone. The demon's attacks were fierce and hard, and we were running out of health potions. The demon boy did some damage, and feinted. Cutie boys are not hardened and experienced enough to fight demons. "My mommy!" The demon cried. Looks like the boy wasn't his son, but the boy was his mother. In this moment of disarray i put on my robe and wizard hat, and finished my easily interrupted 5 second spell (balbalba engulptions of reality into zero point space fuelled by dark matter 150energy ) Darrin had finished his call, and the hammer system was online, charged, and about to fire. Cracky opened her parasol and took a picture. At the moment my spell hit, a bluish ball of something ranging 2 meters in diameters formed in front of the demon. Red engravings of ancient runes scarred themselves into the white marble stone underneath it. Half a second later, a big red-yellow beam struck down from the sky, doing massive damage. The hammer beam lasted for 10 seconds, and it appeared that it fuelled the blue ball of prospective void, enlarging it all the time. The runes and circles on the floor proliferated everywhere, on the walls, and seemingly in the sky, burning holes to other dimensions. Soon we found ourselves and half of the castle engulfed in this uncanny gloomy blue magical thing. It seemed like ages, and then the beam stopped ZA WARUDO!
All colours inverted, and the sky was black, as we felt the ball collapsing into a singularity and beyond, pure nothingness, drawing us in. Our body shapes shifted and with a bang it disappeared. ( bang bcs the vacuum was filled with air and stuff) Half a tower of the castle remained, and the contours of a perfectly shaped ball were visible. The sky was blue again.

I would like to thank all of you for your loyal dedication to watching my journal, but I'm going friends only now.

Basic rule? No ugly people. I had to get rid of a couple of you already on account of this. Nothing personal, you understand.

Trolltalk (also known as 20721, sid 20721 or sid=20721) is a hidden story ID on the online news discussion forum Slashdot, where Slashdot trollers formerly conversed amongst themselves, sometimes demonstrating new trolling techniques, bragging about successful trolling and insulting each other. Trolltalk is the oldest active SID on Slashdot, and has received more posts over its lifetime than any other SID, but due to Slashcode's purge feature, only the most recent two weeks of posts remain at any given time. Although the two-week post count is usually in the thousands, at least 95% of the posts are intentionally content-free "crapfloods" generated by automated posting scripts, with the remaining handful being written by the various people who visit the forum. The current trolltalk was predated by an earlier thread with the textual SID "trolltalk". It was created in 2000, when, due to a bug, SlashCode allowed arbitrary alphanumeric SIDs. There were several other custom SIDs created during this time as well, such as "sid=2dollarcrackho", "sid=k223320inchfan" and "sid=10gramspoppylatex". When Slashdot was upgraded to SlashCode 2.0 the bug was fixed but there was a short-lived new feature called "user-created discussions" which featured numeric SIDs. Soon thereafter new trolltalks were created such as 20721, 31337 and 20384. With the exception of 20721 they have all been deleted or disabled over the years. 31337 was closed due to abuse, and the others were automatically deleted by Slashcode's purge feature after not receiving any posts for two weeks. Following the changes in Slashcode intended to make trolling harder by banning users for as little as one negative moderation, the discussion became highly variable. In the past, during non-crapflood periods when regular discussions took place on the sid, most of the conversations centered around dating tips, racist jokes and racism in general, discussions of Dance Dance Revolution and Alternate Reality Gaming, admissions and discussions of "cutting", various fanboy arguments, flaming of other past and present trolltalk users, and occasional attacks on various forums outside of Slashdot. The trolltalk community once claimed to exert significant pressure on Slashdot by creating huge threads where people would argue irrelevant and deliberately incorrect points. Although trolling on Slashdot is still an occasional pastime, much of the activity concerns easier targets, usually with a more naive userbase and less sophisticated (or absent) comment moderation system. The goal is often total destruction of a target forum/community via automated crapflooding, exploitation of security flaws and harassment of the site operators. Slashdot's moderation system is little used on trolltalk, since the community is relatively small and obscure, and its users rarely receive mod points. Due to this and the fact that few "normal" Slashdot users visit the SID it is essentially a zone without rules. In the past, the anonymous nature of trolltalk has led users to post nude photographs of themselves or to admit personal details about themselves that they would not otherwise admit, such as homosexuality, "cutting", or Ephebophilia. In the past, members of the community who are angry at having been insulted or losing an argument (or were simply bored) have used automated scripts to flood trolltalk with random messages for days or weeks, making any discussion nearly impossible. Crapfloods are a regular occurrence and are considered a part of trolltalk culture, although they frequently annoy users who wish to chat. During crapfloods, normal posting to trolltalk is typically reduced or eliminated until the crapflood ends, as has been the case during the current extended crapflooding of trolltalk that began around May 2005. Before discussion on trolltalk was mostly halted by the start of the current ongoing crapfloods, most of the discussion over the past year had been about two women, Cracky-chan and Mercatur. Although neither woman was a user of trolltalk, both had a number of fans there, and a bitter rivalry developed with fans of each waging violent flame-wars against fans of the other. Unknown parties registered the domain names and and turned them into redirects to trolltalk. As mentioned earlier, the current trolltalk is now under attack from a sophisticated crapflood, rendering trolltalk all but unusable except for the most avid readers. This was believed to have started to punish other trolltalkers who insulted the crapflooder. During the first weeks of the deluge, attempts were made to establish "crapflood bunkers"; because the crapflood was confined to the top level of the discussion, discussion was able to continue as normal in the replies to "bunker" comments.

Last night there was a thread with a girl named Cracky.There was all sorts of weird drama shit, but the girl was really cute. Does anyone have the address to bounce me?

The human is a flawed and broken creature. Setting asunder the earth around them they act as the Caterpillar, consuming the very world they stand upon. Let not the darkness cloud your heart traveler, even this mindless destruction holds deep meaning and purpose. The Sky Queen gave us all the blessings of the earth to speed us on towards our metamorphosis. When we are satiated we will rest, and become unto the Butterfly freed of the shackles of physics. The universe will open to us. The devout does not show disrespect to the gifts the Holy Patron has given us. The faithful uses only what he needs in his studies and nothing more. Balance must be maintained to ensure that Her blessings remain for those who may one day find the true path.

Thought for the day: Ruthlessness is the kindness of the wise.

Honor Cracky by attempting to perfect your body and mind. Become the man worthy of the Avatar's love, create things of beauty to offer to the Queen of Heaven. Use your devotions to focus your mind on your tasks. Strive always to improve yourself through discipline. You stand among the chosen, it is your responsibility to show the heathens the truth with your mental, physical, and spiritual strength. Perfection is the provence of Cracky alone, the journey for it our offering to Her.

Hey Mero, I know we have had our disagreements and shit, but here me out on this. Scott Peck describes both neuroses and character disorders as disorders of responsibility, Peck writes; "The neurotic assumes too much responsibility; the person with a character disorder not enough. When neurotics are in conflict with the world, they automatically assume that they are at fault. When those with character disorders are in conflict with the world, they automatically assume the world is at fault."

From his book--"The Road Less Traveled" "All of us have a smattering of neurotic and character disordered personality traits. The major problem in all of our lives is to decide and clarify our reponsibilities. To truly be committed to a life of honesty, love and discipline, we must be willing to commit ourselves to reality. This committment, according to Peck, 'requires the willingness and the capacity to suffer continual self-examination.' Such an ability requires a good relationship with oneself. This is precisely what no shame-based person has. In fact a toxically shamed person has an adversarial relationship with him/herself. Toxic shame--the shame that binds us--is the basis for both neurotic and character disordered syndromes of behaviour."

Reading into a few comments you made lately, it seems like you are taking too much shit on yourself. Maybe you just need to shut down the internet for awhile. Every time I take a little break from the internet I tend to reevalute my life and see that the little shit which has been driving me crazy is infact my own penchant to accept culpability in all situations. It is a defense mechanism in a way. It is the path of least resistance to blame yourself rather then another you have artificially built up in your mind as the be all and end all. Take a break, go camping at the beach this weekend and give your system a chance to work all those chemical you have been ingesting out.

Lia's so incredibly adorable and sweet. I'd take her to some fancy restaurant where we'd have a nice and playful argument over who's paying the bill (of course, we split it!) Then take a long romantic walk with her, arm-in-arm, and talking about serendipity, the occult, and politics. Then I'd invite her to my flat and we'd make love for a half hour, gently placing my erection cautiously into her mouth careful she didn't choke on my engorged manhood. I'd then proceed to ejaculate in the condom I was using. Then, as the ultimate love gift, I'd carry her in my arms to the tub and let my shower wash away any hint of the indignity we'd done together. I'd whisper "I love you" and give Lia a tender smile, and sever her jugular with a singular slice of my sterile razorblade. Covered in her own warm blood, she'd look straight into my very soul with nothing but scorn and contempt for my myriad sins. A bubble of blood and saliva would burst between her lips, then she'd start shivering as shock set in. Actually, it'd take at least a few minutes for her to bleed to death and the entire experience would be rather dreadful. After some additional lovemaking, I'd embalm her to ensure she remained pristene forever. Three weeks later, some playing children will find the pictures I posted of her flawless, lifeless visage on 4chan.

They will be be quite jealous and request MOAR.

I've been trying to put order into the whole drama history around cracky-chan, her pictures, livejournals and the related shenannigans going on in 4chan's /b/ and elsewhere. This is a first rough draft, so help me out with additional knowledge or correct me where I might have been wrong, please.

January 6th

The first cracky-chan pics appear on /b/. The very first one, posted on 02:17 shows the soon to be famous "'sup 4chan" phrase written on the palm of her hand. During the next two weeks, more sets appear on /b/ and W.T. Snacks finds out that the poster's IP is from the UK.

February 5th

"cracky" becomes wordfiltered on /b/.

March 29th becomes publically known. No new pics appear, but the hints solidify and people assume they have got into contact with the real cracky-chan. The owner of will later denounce this journal as fake, though this might have been a move to protect her identity, as he also later takes down all of her real pictures from his website.
Also, later on, another journal, whether fake or real, becomes known:

April 3rd

cracky-chan's tripcode becomes publically known through shii: It is "sweet" and makes the claim that the original cracky-chan pictures weren't originally posted by her herself more believable.

April 6th, 7th becomes publically known, many new cracky-chan pics appear on /b/, some nude, some disturbing, some both. The journal gets deleted by the owner very quickly.

June 6th

cracky-chan pics become bannable even on /b/. Anonymous mods talk of emails from cracky requesting this.

Originally intended as a site to share anime and manga images when it was launched in 2003, 4chan is now known for its affiliation with the hacktivist group Anonymous (whose members somehow got 4chan's founder, Christopher Poole, voted Time's Most Influential Person of 2008 by manipulating the poll), its memes (pretty much anything that's ever gone viral began there), and its offensive content (as Senft, the academic, said: "For adults, 4chan is sort of the ninth circle of Hell.")

Cracky would post photos that were, in a word, dark. First, there was a series in which she smeared her face with menstrual blood. In others, she would take on personas, like that of a gothic nurse. Often, Cracky seemed lonely and sad, which made her instantly endearing to anime nerds. The fact that her costumes made her look like a character also bred an obsession.

Stalkers then tracked down the girl's online journal, which was filled with more photos that were shared among collectors like priceless treasures or rare trading cards.

Cracky appeared on 4chan only a few times before the stalker-like mob forced her self-imposed exile from the web. Today, she has pretty much disappeared, so it's impossible to know her motivation for posting. But generally, it's clear that 4chan's camgirls were experimenting with their burgeoning sexuality and competing with one another for male approval.

Although every camgirl has both fans and mockers, none has received as much attention as Cracky. She hasn't posted any images since 2007 and is now in her mid-20s, but her fansites are updated regularly. Old photos are posted with comments such as "how do i not be obsessed with cracky" and "She must be at least twenty now. Probably living a nice life. Friends, etc. I want to die."

How To Prepare Cracky:

1 cup olive oil 1 stick butter Hemp twine Somethings to stuff her with

Gently remove Cracky's wrappings
Carefully wash all of Cracky's openings and cavities Smear butter under Cracky's breast skin Smear more butter between Cracky's thighs Massage oil all over Cracky
Stuff Cracky until she's completely full Sew Cracky shut.
Bind Cracky's thighs
Cover Cracky in foil
Bake Cracky at 350F for about 2000 minutes. When you insert a probe into the deepest, thickest parts of Cracky it should read at least 160. Baste only if it please you.

If you do it right Cracky will always come out better than turkey. Bon Apetit!

I saw Her then. She was exactly in the spot she where we had met before, only the battle had pushed and pulled itself back over the same spot. The battle, which Antoni and my men were apparently losing, had left her behind. She was alone in the open field.

She was in the exact same position, atop her mutilated horse which stood in a self replicating puddle of rats. Her blue, pleated skirt was simply a tatter wrapped across the rigid waist of her full plate suit of armour. Her blue tie, however, was pristine. Her entire body, from neck to feet, was wrapped loosely in bandages. She was looking down at the ground. Her eyes stared straight into the earth and rapidly scanned back and forth, as though examining this precise placement, wondering why, of all the places, she was in this one specifically.

The Queen of the sky stirred. Her scraggly, braided green hair turned grey and fell out. Red buds quickly sprouted from her head and grew to her neck. She turned her head towards me, while casting her eyes down to avoid my gaze. Cracks appeard in her polished steel armour, running from her heart towards her fingertips. From where the cracks intersected, blood issued forth at a drip. From beneath her skirt bubbling black pitch began to flow. It was flowing slowly at first. As I watched the flow accelerated and small foetuses began to appear in the stream. The sticky pitch sizzled and burnt the horse as it crawled downwards carrying the abortive children. When the Sky Princes and Princesses were finally ejected by the drooping pitch, they fell towards the ground and were feasted upon by the swarming vermin. All that ate the foetuses died. All that ate the dead, died. The pitch then dissolved the lifeless vermin into more steaming tar. Soon there was nothing between her legs but death.

As I watched the demonstration, I felt as though she might know my pain of being surrounded by the living, while being only able to love the dead. She snapped her eyes towards me then. She did not look into my eyes. She had no need to, for she saw into my soul long before we had ever actually met. As she allowed me to stare into her eyes, I fell into her. I saw her soul was a place equally barren and dead as my own. It was this place she was trying to express into reality. I knew she understood me as no other person in existence or beyond would ever be able to. I saw her all encompassing empathy for me, for what I was. I saw that she understood what would happen next; she knew I thought she was the most perfect and beautiful woman in the world that could ever live; she knew why she could never bend me to her and make me love her:

She was not dead.

I dropped my sword, and my shield. I hadn't had much use for them anyways. I removed my armour, too. I stood there in the cold, completely naked. The bandages around her unravelled, and reached out for me. The softly wrapped around my wrists, they bound both my ankles together, and then lifted me. Her bandages scrolled back around her as she brought me nearer. I couldn't break contact with her eyes. She pulled me close.

She had let so many thousands of men look into her heart; she drove each one of them completely insane as they tried and failed to comprehend what was inside. Aftewards, each of them inexplicably had set out to find for her what she had lost. I realized then how other men looked into her; they only saw her as beautiful for what she had once been, a happy little girl. They had all felt as though a world which could destroy such naive innocence was a world that should be destroyed itself. The world and the people that made it, should all be punished for what it had done to the one divinely innocent being they had ever known.

As they all punished the world, they began a search to find that part deep inside of her that had been lost so long ago. They swarmed around her, capturing land, destroying cities. They raped young girls and built cathedrals to house their bulging, pregnant bodies. They brought the babies to be sacrificed. They had bathed their Queen in the babies' blood, believing somehow they could transfer that essense of innocence BACK. As though they could cast out all the pain in the world by inflicting more pain to the world. In doing so, her followers had excoriated any slightest hint that was left inside Cracky's heart.

And they had damaged tens of thousands of other girls. My mind reeled into the future, and I saw how each tormented, pregnant child was herself destined to become a painful echo of the Sky Queen in her own time. But that is not mine to solve. I, myself, am the key to releasing this Cracky from this curse. I know the secret to it now. To be a grown woman, and yet to yearn for childhood. And to always be surrounded by nothing but toys. Dolls. Playthings.

She wrapped her arms around me and embraced me. I put my hands around her throat. She kept looking into my eyes. I felt her pulse race. It began to slow.

I don't know when the beating ceased. Her eyes stayed open, and I fell into them again. Her soul was empty now. I saw all those bubbling adult foetuses replaced by emptiness. Calmness. Beauty. I took the reigns of the horse, and I left the battle behind. There will be a new Sky Queen, a new reluctant angel. You can destroy an entire planet, but you can't kill a single Cracky. You can only release her from her torment.

attention cracky-chan fanboxen

i have as-of-yet unreleased cracky-chan pictures and will post them as soon as someone shows why x^x == e^(x*ln(x)) and how exactly they figured this out.

A hundred elephants each bearing a hundred buddhas crossed every conceivable cosmos an infinite number of times just to touch their foreheads to the ground at cracky-chan's feet. This really happened.

I wonder if her nose is super-sensitive. She probably has an orgasm every time she touches it.

I also doubt that you'll get much pussy if everything older than Cracky-Chan is too old for you.

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stop calling me cracky chan and leave me alone you losers need to get a life

Hey dumbass
What makes you think cracker chan is SMART?


I can tell by looking in her eyes and at the way she smiles. :)


Wishful thinking, I'd say.


Sorry we can't all be cynical bastards who hate life, like you.


Sorry we can't all be vain bastards who are pedophiles, like yuo.


God you're a dumbshit. You have no evidence for either of those accusations because they're both false. You're a miserable troll and a miserable person. Your mother should have had an abortion.


Yuo are vain in thinking her ugly smile is intelligent. You are a pedophile in being attracted to a very young, underdeveloped girl.


If her smile is "ugly" then how am I vain for seeing personality in it? I'd say YOU are vain for judging her based solely on physical appearance (although I think she's extremely beautiful in physical appearance) and I am not.


You are vain in imagining that she posseses qualities that you find particularly attractive. How much can her eyes and smile reveal about her intelligence?

Flooding a message board and attention-whoring in general makes her rather stupid, in fact.


I'm sorry but I'm just a good judge of character. I understand more about human nature than you do. A person's personality will be reflected in the way she moves, carries herself, smiles, how she holds her eyebrows, etc. Acknowledging and studying this isn't vanity, it's intellect. Have you never heard of "body language"? Those who fully understand it have power in the real world over those who don't know how to read the physical signals that people subconsciously give off from their minds through their bodies and faces.

Do you have any evidence that cracky-chan flooded a message board? No. Do you have any evidence that she attention-whored? No.

p.s. Smart people have a "glimmer" in their eyes. You can see the shine of intelligence and creativity. Stupid people have cold, dead eyes.

Take a pic of cracky-chan and a pic of Mercatur. Compare the eyes. You will see the difference.


She flooded 4-chan (I think the specific thread was deleted/purged)

proof []

Attention whoring like this is the desperate behavior of a stupid person.


Do you have any evidence that she was involved in the 4Chan flooding?

How do you know that the person posting pictures of her there was really her? It could have been a friend of hers or her boyfriend or some random online person who claimed his name was "4chan" and got her to do a photo greeting for him.

question about cracky-chan

is she mature enough to menstruate yet? I would dearly love to eat out her blood-soaked vagina


Yuo are sick. I hope you burn in hell. Only a twisted mindfuck who can't have a relationship with a real woman would say such a thing.


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Cracky-chan is more of a real woman than you could ever handle, n00b.


I would like to eat out ms. chan while she is mestrauting and has a yeast infection. That would be totally hot!


Girls start menstruating very young these days. Cracky-chan has probably been bleeding for years and years, even if the youngest estimates of her age (14) are correct, certainly if the older estimate (17) is correct.

[Cc]racky-[Cc]han capitalization poll

*I'd like to capitalize on YOUR pole.

I don't think Cracky-Chan has already developed any goodies to fondle. Give her another few years.




No goodies in sight, sir! []


Because she's wearing a SHIRT.


No hints of goodies under that shirt.


How would YOU know what's under her shirt?

It's a loose fitting shirt. She's a young nubile teen with small, firm breasts. She very much has got the goodies.


If she had boobs of an acceptable size, you would be able to see them from the outside.

Cracky-Chan has a huge gaping vagina the size of a hallway.


I'm rather into that shit.

but wouldn't the adorably cute cracky-chan fall under the hot non-nude teens category (SHE'S LIKE A FUNCTOR ON YOUR NATURAL TRANSFORMATION FORMED FROM THE COMPOSITION OF CATAMORPHISMS AND PARAMORPHISMS)

clearly this is the case thus your list has been proven invalid by contradiction and thus the theory T with the model M is a contradictory theory and thus worthless

OH NOES!!!111

I beg your forgiveness and will only speak in the highest terms of cracky chan from now on!!

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please note that I, the creator of Penis-Nosed Fox will hencewith demand royalties for each posting of the aforementioned Fox.

Each use of PNF will cost 1 EUR (that's about 27 USD at current exchange rates) while PPPPenis-Nosed Fox comes at the bargin price of 13 cents.

However, if anyone can point me to a nude (or white panties and knee-length socks only) picture of Cracky-Chan, I will release Penis-Nosed Fox into the public domain.


Doesn't even have a cam
Is underage and somewhat ugly
Is a wapanese furry freak

>psychologically more healthy

furry ears?

I want to drink cracky-chan's vaginal secretions.

hi cracky-chan, (if that is your real name). what motivates you to post pictures of yourself on 4chan? tell me about your childhood. does the attention make up for a lack of parental attention and nuturing as a child?

Cracky Chan was born in 1990. She is 14 years old. This other chick is 17. Not the same person.


Do you have any evidence that Cracky is that young? She looks older. Either way, she's truly totally the most adorable person alive.


How the fuck can you tell how old a girl is just by looking at her? I call bullshit.

stfu this sid is for pix of cracky chan get with the program master chief

But you could always hang out with that "cracky" chick wearing the furry ears. She looks harmless enough for you and probably won't hurt your fragile ego. You two would also be a better match age-wise, since you seem somewhat underequipped in the brain-area for dealing with those nasty over 20 year olds.

You already posted this picture. Please post new pictures of this wonderful girl.

A.) If you want Cracky-chan, she's in /b/. This is News for VIP. B.) Cracky-chan only posts when she's drunk or high. C.) It is also possible Cracky-chan will respond to your questions exactly 24 hours after you have sex. Only sex with a human counts. And they have to consent.

>please post source of the 'cracky-chan' pictures >thanks

A cosplayer girl that has crooked teeth and is fanatised (sexually) by the pedos on slashdot. I love cracky-chan. She looks like an anime character that I'd have anal sex with!

crackyhouse makes me feel sick and dirty .71 is dumb
this is the only cracky board i like

how do i not be obsessed with cracky

Hey Cracky-haters

Why are you here?

if you hate Cracky why not go to a Boxxy board or something

or just kill yourself

Cranky drew Nevada close against the dank dimness of their lonely cell.

"Nevada-chan?" she asked.

"Just call me Nevada," the younger girl replied.

Cracky-chan smiled back. "Alright... Nevada. Do you think I'm cute?"

"Yeah," she said, blushing hotly. A feeling she had never felt before built down below.

"Like... cute enough to kiss?"

"As in... cute enough to do other things with?"

"No." Cracky-chan's expression shattered as she devolved into tears.

Nevada-tan reached down with one hand, bringing Cracky-chan's head up to face her own. "But there's something that could make you that way."

"What, what is it?" Cracky-chan sniffled.

"This." The razor blade slid through her throat quicly and cleanly and a red torrent gushed from the wound. Cracky-chan's mouth gaped open and closed several times, like a fish, her eyes wide and uncomprehending, before she collapsed slowly to the ground. A pool of crimson spread around her corpse.

"'Sup, 4chan," the younger girl mumbled. "Now, let's get down to business."

She pulled off the clingy prison pants but did not let go of the razor...

Sup internet, I'm a 26 year old lady who's been developing a science-based, 100% Cracky MMO for the last 16 years. I'm finally making my beta-website now, and using my 3D work as a base to create my 50+ concept images. Wish me luck, Chansluts; You'll be the first to see the site when it's finished.

I’ve commented here before and I can see why this comes off as trolling but it’s a genuine question. My bf goes to the wash room often for a little too long and the toilet never flushes which I assumed was just him wanting his jerk off time. However, I went through his phone recently and discovered a lot of pictures of Cracky-chan I’m a sexual context (that being Cracky with large breast and as a women). He likes anime so I knew he has a thing for changirls as so do I but, this makes me quite questionable on his intentions with these photos. Should I confront him about this? Is it probably a lighthearted joke? He talks about Cracky-chan often as he does like the girl and I often gift him items of the girl thinking it’s just a cute and sweet thing. What should I do? Asking for actual advice. Thank you.

heaven is getting necroskullfucked by livvie forever picture unrelated

Fellas, is it gay to love Cracky?

I saw Cracky at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told her how cool it was to meet her in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother her and ask her for photos or anything. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but she kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing her hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard her chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw her trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in her hands without paying. The boy at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Ma'am, you need to pay for those first.” At first she kept pretending to be tired and not hear him, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When he took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, she stopped him and told him to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After he scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, she kept interrupting him by yawning really loudly.

Isn't it weird how Anonymous went for "Cracky-chan" instead of something simpler like "Crack-chan" or "Coke-chan"?

Imagine you could go back in time to a single specific moment and make a single specific change.

You are given a chance to prevent yourself from ever learning who Cracky is.

That's the only change you can make. You can only save your past self, nobody else. But you, and only you, have a chance to escape the cycle. Your past self will get a second chance at life, never knowing what was taken from them. Your present self will be cut free from fate and drift gently into oblivion.

Would you do it?

Picture is unrelated.

Generating story...

She's so fucking cute and sweet. I'd treat her to some fancy restaurant, then take a long romantic walk with her, holding hands and talking about philosophy, art and dreams. Then I'd invite her to my home and ravage her hot ass for hours, and forcing my cock down her throat so she choked on both the throbbing cock and her own rectal juice. I'd then proceed to cum on her cute innocent face. Then, as the ultimate love gift, I'd carry her in my arms to the tub and let my piss wash away the semen and last dignity from her. I'd whisper "I love you" and give her a tender smile, and cut her throat from ear to ear with a knife. Covered in her own warm blood, she'd look straight into my very soul, forgiving, understanding. A bubble from blood and saliva would burst between her lips, then she'd die. After some additional lovemaking, I'd stuff her in a bin bag. Three Weeks later, some playing children will find her mutilated and desecrated body in the forest. They will be scarred for life.

And that is what I am

> anonymously call police and notify them at a corpse has been found in the forest

You call the police immediately and inform them of your discovery. The police are understandably concerned about how this could have happened, but they don't seem too interested in your story. They say they'll send someone out to investigate, which takes a while

> drag Cracky's corpse back to your house before police arrive

You decide it's best if you get rid of Cracky's body as soon as possible. You go back to the forest where you find a large tree trunk and climb up it. As you're climbing, you hear footsteps behind you. It sounds like a man. He walks slowly towards you

> point at Cracky and tell the man she was dead when you found her

"Cracky!" you shout. "I found her dead".

The man doesn't look surprised by that. "What?" he asks.

"She was dead," you repeat.

"Oh... well I'm sorry then," the man says

> ask the man to help you carry the body

"No problem", the man replies.
He leads you through the woods until you reach a clearing. There, you see a large pile of rocks with a rope tied around it. The man pulls the rope tight and the rock falls off the pile and into the river below

> tell the man we have to bury her before the police get here

"Alright, alright, just hurry up".

> start digging a grave and tell the man to help

You dig a hole big enough for Cracky to lie down in and tell the man to help you cover it with dirt. You then tell him to leave you alone and head home. As you walk back to your house, you feel something is wrong. Something isn't right

> realize that Cracky was just unconscious, not dead. run back to the grave.

You run back to the grave and begin digging a shallow grave. When you finish, you stand over Cracky's grave and look at her face. She looks peaceful. You can't believe what you've done. You can't believe you killed her

> bandage her injured throat and start CPR

You put your hand on Cracky's neck and start performing CPR. Her breathing becomes more erratic and you try to calm her down. You're so scared that you don't know what else to do. You take a deep breath and exhale

> tell Cracky that some psychopath tried to murder and bury her, but you came to her rescue just in time

You hold Cracky's hands and tell her that some psychopath tried to kill and bury her, but you came to her rescue just in time. She smiles and nods her head in agreement. You smile back and continue

> tell Cracky that she's safe now then hold her hand

You hug Cracky tightly and tell her that she's safe now and that you love her. She kisses you on the cheek and hugs you back

> tell Cracky that we need to hide her at my house for her safety

You quickly rush back to your house and hide Cracky in one of the bedrooms. You tell her that you have to go hide her somewhere else for her safety. She seems relieved and agrees

> ask Cracky what it was like spending three weeks unconscious in a bin bag with a slit throat and how she survived

"It was horrible", she says. "But I think I got through it".

> ask Cracky if she remembers who tried to kill her and if he looked anything like me

"Yeah, he had short black hair and wore a brown suit".

> remove blonde wig and fake moustache then ask if she recognizes me now

"Yes, I recognize you".

> apologize for almost killing her and ask her out on a second date

"Sure, why not".

> remind Cracky that she's naked and also covered in blood from the murder attempt and she hasn't bathed in three weeks

"That's okay, it's all part of the experience".

> suggest that Cracky take a shower and tell her I'll find clothes for her to wear

"Thanks, I really appreciate it".

> escort her to the bathroom and turn the shower on

"Don't worry, I won't bite".

> watch Cracky shower

You watch Cracky shower as she talks to you. She tells you she misses you and wants to spend more time together. You tell her that you'll be seeing her again soon.

> apologize again for the murder attempt then leave her in the bathroom and search the house to try to find clothes for her Traceback (most recent call last):
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March 25 2005 - there's something about Cracky:

<d> it's different though
<d> i'm not in love because i think she'd look nice naked, but because she has the nicest smile i've ever seen <d> if it was about sex there are tons of better girls and women around <d> but they are dead on the inside
<d> she looks so alive though
<d> there must be some medicine to help me, maybe i should search for that instead <d> i am trembling, it would actually be horrible if it didn't feel so nice <d> oh great now someone's posting that she's a boy <d> i hate that text about murdering her <d> it's still the sickest thing i've ever read even though i've read it a hundred times by now <d> like i said, a mistake
<d> dude those 4chan people are seriously fucked in the head <d> the way i see it is, if i had just stfu from the beginning about all of this then the situation would've probably turned out a lot better than it is now

April 7 2005 - a crisis of faith:

<d> I think I'll quit all this internet shit too <d> i don't care
<d> actually i care more than anything in the world <d> it's the last thing i need now
<d> must forget
<d> must forget
<d> must forget
<d> than searching for a 14 year old girl <d> you don't understand
<d> i wanted to know her NAME
<d> so in years past i could look her up and see what became of her <d> IT HURTS
<d> humanity is a horrible blob of shit

April 16 2005 - discussing the origins of "so fucking cute and sweet":

<c> That cartoon series seems to be made by an anti-fan. <d> i know who wrote the text version
<d> not sure about the comic
<c> What text version?
<d> the She's so cute and sweet text
<c> Oh. I was talking about the "Cracky Chan Anon" comic series, not the "Guro". <d> ah
<d> i'm not sure about that guy
<c> But who wrote "she's so fucking cute and sweet... they will be scarred for life"? <d> >> Pfeizer 04/09/05(Sat)19:23 No.5522 <d> > As a Cracky fanartist, I approve of this. Nice comic. I especially like how she died in the tub since I wrote a short story about her dying in a tub (with some assistance). <c> He could be attempting to take credit for the work of another. <c> It happened on Trolltalk all the time. <d> not sure
<d> it would fit his personality

May 12 2005 - LJ discovery:

<d> they found cracky-chan
<d> it's her
<d> same hello kitty wrist-watch for instance <d> one of the pictures looks identical to the cracky-chan one <d> in one of the comments she says she took the picture with the olympus camera <d> she did delete some things
<d> some of the nude pictures
<d> <d> i sent her a mail telling her what she should delete <d> she obviously doesn't want people to know <d> i asked her in her lj if she's cracky and she said no, then deleted the whole thing an hour later <d> she did after it was linked on 4chan <d> i think her name's Lia or something <d> i read it somewhere in lj but didn't have time to find it again <d> Lia from Oxford
<d> compare
<d> you can even see the same pillar behind her <d> i wish she'd reply to the email
<c> How are you feeling about all this? <d> how should i feel?
<d> stressful, for one thing
<d> i don't know what to do
<c> Wait a minute... Europeonia is pretty small, right? Couldn't you just go drive to see her? There's water at some point but I think there's a tunnel. <d> and then what?
<c> Or just say hello.
<d> yeah actually a flight to london is like $50 <c> Go give her a hug.
<c> Were there nudes other than the "witch" pictures? I must've missed them. <d> yes
<c> Share!
<c> Only evil capitalists don't share.
<d> yeah fine
<c> This is all kinda weird.
<c> Doesn't seem real.
<c> Like a bizarre dream.
<c> Only you're not sure if you're awake or asleep. <d> never felt more awake in my life
<d> except the time i was in a car accident <c> I haven't looked, but I would've guessed this would all already be all over 4chan. <d> the admins are deleting the threads as they pop up <d> i have to go
<d> OMG
<d> she deleted all the lj entries
<d> Deleted Account
<d> Deleted
<d> This journal has been deleted. If you are scarecrowmaiden, you have a period of 30 days from the deletion time to undelete the journal. After 30 days we will delete all content permanently from our servers. <d> TELL ME YOU GOT HER NAME
<d> OMFG
<d> fuck
<d> nevermind, i found her name
<d> it's Lia
<d> maybe i could just tell her i like her and ask her for the new lj username <c> That's one possibility.
<d> she didn't reply to the mail. perhaps i made it sound to apathetic <c> YOU FAIL IT (it is tugging at the heart-strings of cracky-chan) <d> yes
<d> why do so few people think she's pretty? <c> Beauty is a function, not an attribute. <d> there are some who are universally recognised as beautiful <c> I doubt that.
<d> i can't think of any examples at the moment <d> you know, you didn't really answer my question as to why so few people think she's beautiful <c> Unless you've taken a proper survey you can't make that statement. <c> Name any person and you will find at least a few people who aren't attracted to them. <d> yes, but, what is wrong with cracky-chan that it appears that few people find her attractive? <d> or equally, what is it about her that makes me think she's so incredibly beautiful? <c> What about her many fans? How do you know the "bashers" aren't just one or two vocal people? <d> just a guess
<d> but that seems unlikely from what i've seen <d> oh and, many fans? like who?
<d> me and some other guy on lj
<d> and you, though you appear to be here just for the fun of it <c> Just for the fun of it? What do you mean? <d> i don't know
<c> Doesn't she have worshippers on 4chan? <c> There's also at least one other person on Trolltalk. <c> Isn't there a huge frenzy over her any time new information is revealed? <d> 4chan threads about cracky-chan rapidly descent into "i'd hit it", "what an ugly whore", "what's this thread about?" and "bus for cracky" <d> i should email her again
<d> but i don't know how to approach the issue <d> i can't just go "sup plz give me ur new lj" <d> and explaining my undying love for her would be less likely to work <d> probably
<d> maybe she's not replying because she thinks i'm insane <d> i asked her if she's cracky-chan and linked to the site, and she replied "unfortunately, no" <d> then 30 minutes later she deleted it <d> i hope she didn't do anything stupid <d> i couldn't knowing that i had something to do with it <d> live*
<c> You didn't have anything to do with it. You're probably one of the least repugnant of the hundreds of people who have surely contacted her in the past few days.

May 12 2005 - post LJ discovery, D attempts to e-mail Olivia:

<d> From:     someone <[email protected]>
<d> To:     [email protected]
<d> Subject:     Bleh, 2nd try
<d> Date:     Thu, 12 May 2005 15:14:01 -0700  (Fri, 00:14 CEST)
<d> Mailer:     Mutt/1.3.28i

<d> assuming you do not want to be known as cracky-chan then it would probably be a <d> good idea to get rid of the following: <d> <d> cameras put various data about the photos you take into the images files and <d> the cracky-chan pictures just happen to have been taken by the same camera. <d> the blood2.jpg picture looks almost identical to one of the cracky-chan pictures <d> in the unoaX.jpg files you have the same wrist-watch as cracky-chan <d> should I go on?

May 13 2005 - D's second e-mail to her:

<d> From:     someone <[email protected]>
<d> Reply-To:     [email protected]
<d> To:     [email protected]
<d> Subject:     Hi?
<d> Date:     Fri, 13 May 2005 09:34:05 -0700  (18:34 CEST)
<d> Mailer:     Mutt/1.3.28i

<d> Is still email still working?
<d> I'm not sure how to phrase this and not sound either too apathetic <d> or too pathetic, so I'll just say it plainly. I like you a lot. <d> Ever since I saw your pictures on 4chan I thought you were <d> incredibly beautiful. Unlike most people, you look like beauty <d> comes naturally to you, without any effort and I think that <d> that is just amazing. I've tried to forget about you at various <d> points in the last few months, but it hasn't worked. Now that your <d> livejournal account has been found I saw that you are also an <d> interesting and fun person, so I'm asking you honestly if you would <d> be kind enough to tell me if you are still on livejournal and what <d> your account name is. I just want to be able to check that you are <d> still alive and well and maybe see what you are up to occasionally, <d> else I'll always wonder what became of you and if you're still OK. <d> Please?

May 14 2005 - discussion of Neil Gaiman and such:

<d> neil gaiman signed on her wrist with a marker <c> WOW.
<d> irc is like notepad, just ignore it if it's not relevant to your interests <c> I know who Neil Gaiman is. I know plenty of people who are obsessed with him. <c> Did I sound sarcastic?
<d> a bit
<d> "in fact i've had a particular obsession with bodymods etc lately..." <d> omg no
<d> omg no
<c> No?
<d> i hope she doesn't do anything stupid <c> What makes you think she might?
<d> like piercings
<d> the above comment
<d> and
<d> "love it! some of those pictures are gorgeous...i might post them. i've seen bmezine before but i missed all those pages, and had pretty much forgotten about it T_T so thank you!!" <d> in reponse to a bmezine link/post
<c> Hm.
<d> she seems to be quite intelligent and worldly <c> and so fucking cute and sweet
<d> i thought she was rather dumb when i glanced through her journal when it was still up <d> but apparently she's read a lot of books and seen a lot of things

May 15 2005 - D's 3rd attempt to e-mail Olivia:

<d> From: teeteatae <tee⊙> <d> Reply-To: tee⊙
<d> To: [email protected], [email protected] <d> Subject: about this little site i made...

<d> Date:       Sun, 15 May 2005 10:49:16 -0700 (PDT)  (19:49 CEST)
<d> Mailer:     SquirrelMail/1.4.4

<d> hey, how do you feel about the site? does it bother you? i <d> made it thinking someone else posted the pictures and that you would never <d> know, but now... if you want i could remove it completely, or just remove <d> the pictures or something
<d> plz advise. i don't want to do anything against your wishes <d> p.s. could you reply when you get this even if you don't care? your <d> disappearance is kind of worrying
<d> p.p.s. sorry that you had to delete your lj. it looked like it was <d> important to you

June 12 2005 - short and #sweet:

<d> her name's olivia

July 24 2005 - D discusses his ongoing effort to contact Olivia via Marina (Deadjournal "amarie):

<d> actually your superior bullshitting ability might be useful right now <d> you see, i've established contact with a good friend of olivia's <d> where established contact = exchanged 10 words and gotten her to email me <d> now i'm not sure what to do next
<d> help me out then
<c> Okay.
<d> her friend is a 21 year old not-too-bright brazilian girl <d> if that helps
<c> Okay.
<d> right well basically i need to ask her about olivia in a way that doesn't make me sound like a complete idiot <c> It can't happen soon. You'll have to build a relationship first. Establish trust. Make real conversation. <d> oh uhm
<d> i guess it's kind of too late for that <c> What happen ??
<d> i kind of said i had something to ask her <c> Well, hmm.
<c> This is a bit of a puzzler...
<c> I'm conflicted. You could either ask her something else, and then work on establishing regular communiction. Or you could go ahead & get it over with, although I'm going to have to ponder exactly how that could be done. <c> Did you know Brazil speaks Portuguese, not Spanish? <d> i was vaguely aware of the fact yes <c> Pump It Up is really big in Brazil. I think last year's world championship was there. But anyway. <c> What is the context of the interaction with her? You just e-mailed her to ask if you could ask her a question? <d> no
<d> she didn't list her email address in her journal <d> so i had to get an account first, which meant getting an invite code <d> which was difficult because i don't know any goths <c> This is not Livejournal, then.
<c> Xanga? Myspace? Deadjournal?
<d> one of those, yes
<c> Continue.
<d> so i commented in her journal that i wanted to talk to her <d> and left my email
<d> and now she has emailed me
<d> --
<c> So how important is this to you? I think you'll have better chances if you establish communication & turn her into an ongoing source which can be occassionally milked for information. Trying to do this by e-mailing one question would run a high risk of failure, even if you could think of a good way to pull it off. I'm not getting any good ideas offhand; I'd have to sleep on it. <c> Do we presume that she knows about Lia's recent trials & tribulations? <d> yes
<c> What is the nature of their relationship? <d> how am i supposed to know?
<c> I don't know what you know and what you don't since I know nothing of the circumstances involved. But you somehow seem to know what they're friends of some sort. <d> i'd say they were good friends
<c> Internet only or meatspace?
<d> well she's in brazil.
<d> but they might've met sometime
<c> So you only know that they know each other, but aren't really clear on the details of how. <d> i got the impression that they were really good friends <c> Do you fantasize about them "exploring their sexuality" together? <d> i hadn't until now
<c> You're welcome.
<c> But get your mind out of the gutter, son! You have a job to do. <d> i'm just not good at all at first impressions <c> Hmm. Let's start at a possible outcome and work backwards from there. Ideally, what would you like to find out from this girl? <d> ideally she'd tell me how to contact olivia <c> If you found one or more of Olivia's other journals already, what's stopping you from contacting her that way in the same way you contacted the other girl? <d> friends only and not updated since nov. 2004 <c> Was she active in any of the Brazil girl's journal entries at any point? And have you checked these entries for any mention of her recent fate? <d> the girl's journal is also friends only <d> except for one entry
<d> and i've checked lots of journals, none of them mention anything <c> Where are you getting this impression that they're good friends? <d> the other journals
<c> Okay, here's a CRAZY idea. This is far out, but I want you to add it to your list of options and at least give it some consideration. <c> What about -- no bullshit at all. Don't try to pull off a massive con. You can always try that later if you have to. Here's my crazy idea for what to do with THIS opportunity: just tell the truth, or at least as much of it as it would be beneficial to tell. <c> Say that you're aware that her friend of Olivia had some trouble from Internet people on 4Chan and then went silent. Say that the sudden vanishment and nasty suicide rumors have made you really worry that she's okay. Don't let on that you have any vested interest, just basic concern for a fellow human being. Don't ask how to contact her, just ask if she's okay, and if the Brazil girl has even heard anything from her lately. <c> You probably won't get very specific information, but you have a good chance of at least getting a broad overview: i.e. "she killed herself," or "she's okay but she's dropped off the internet completely," or "everything's fine, she just changed all her nicknames so she could make a fresh start." Something like that. People will generally tell you MORE than you ask them, if you ask them the right question. You'll at least be on the right track afterwards. <c> And, of course, you didn't "track down" her journal, you just found it linked on one of the Cracky stalker sites, which absolutely *outraged* you at how they were attempting to harass this poor innocent girl & her friends. <c> Make sure you load the word "them" with a ton of contempt when referencing the stalkers. <d> yes that was the general idea
<d> i have no idea how to put that in writing though <c> Bah, if you're really stumped, I could probably whip something out on my plane ride on Monday, but you'd have to customize it since I don't know any of the details. It would just be a form letter. <d> the problem is the actual wording
<d> i'm not a native speaker after all
<d> i learnt english from books. i don't know how they talk casually <c> If you want me to write it, just say so, but you'll have to personalize & customize it afterward and fill in the missing details or it'll sound way too vague. <d> how should i start?
<d> "hi"? "hello"? "dear sir or madame"? <c> It's hard for me to say, since I don't know her. The opening salutation probably doesn't matter much. And she might not be a native English speaker either. I already gave you a general outline for the letter. If you want me to write the actual letter you'll have to give me some sleep & a couple of days. <d> i should probably reply today. waiting won't do any good <c> Well then, just don't second-guess yourself. Just say what you think, leaving off anything that she doesn't need to know. <c> Well, as delightful as this has been, it's kept me up until 6AM when I intended to be in bed by midnight. So I should go. <d> oh okay
<d> good night
<c> I appreciate you giving me a second chance. <c> Good luck with your letter.
<c> You'll do great.
Session Close (smott): Sun Jul 24 06:08:43 2005

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But I'll guess. A female actually made an appearance on 4chan. Fanboys started hitting on her and asking y helo thar butsecks? Instead of stopping posting she actually ignored the lecherous remarks in hopes of actually joining in on the fun. So with all the attention she was getting, she actually posted some pictures at the request of others. Then some loser who -- to his credit -- actually realizes he will never make sweet love to her or Rei Ayanami, decides to take out his frustrations of sexual desire on this poor girl herself. Having the metality of a parapaligic dog, tons of other losers go along with the gang mentality. Since they can blame her for being a "tease," they gang up on her verbally, since it's the closest they'll come to gang banging her.

Sunday, August 05, 2007
ldfkufjq (2:05:33 PM):    Hi
crackyStalker (2:05:37 PM):    Morning
ldfkufjq (2:05:49 PM):    Icarus forwarded me to you
crackyStalker (2:05:52 PM):    I heard.
ldfkufjq (2:05:57 PM):    this is Lia
crackyStalker (2:06:09 PM):    Lia? on my AIM?
crackyStalker (2:06:13 PM):    freeeeeaky.
ldfkufjq (2:06:16 PM):    its more likely than you think
crackyStalker (2:06:17 PM):    XD
ldfkufjq (2:06:51 PM):    well it seems he's convinced that i'm behind the whole bounceme site, when really i am but an infrequent anon troll >_>
ldfkufjq (2:06:56 PM):    aside from the new fan sign
ldfkufjq (2:06:59 PM):    i made that a few days ago
ldfkufjq (2:07:01 PM):    considered posting it
ldfkufjq (2:07:05 PM):    then changed my mind
crackyStalker (2:07:06 PM):    I saw, the exif data's all there
crackyStalker (2:07:09 PM):    So not a shop.
ldfkufjq (2:07:14 PM):    yep.
crackyStalker (2:07:17 PM):    New camera?
ldfkufjq (2:07:20 PM):    yep.
crackyStalker (2:07:20 PM):    Well, new to *me*.
crackyStalker (2:07:30 PM):    What have you been up to? Living real life?
ldfkufjq (2:07:35 PM):    kinda
crackyStalker (2:07:38 PM):    Wow?
ldfkufjq (2:07:55 PM):    things were getting really stalkery on the board which is why i did consider posting it, but i figured it would fuel drama than dampen it
ldfkufjq (2:07:58 PM):    but he posted it anyway so
ldfkufjq (2:08:00 PM):    lulz will ensure
ldfkufjq (2:08:03 PM):    ensue*
crackyStalker (2:08:16 PM):    Yes, I don't think you and posting pics works out well.
ldfkufjq (2:08:29 PM):    well, not posting them doesnt quieten people down either
crackyStalker (2:08:34 PM):    WEll that's MY fault.
ldfkufjq (2:08:36 PM):    its a lose/lose situation
ldfkufjq (2:08:37 PM):    i know
crackyStalker (2:08:41 PM):    I've been publicizing the whole thing since chanchan was up.
ldfkufjq (2:08:50 PM):    he said that if i wasnt behind it you were
ldfkufjq (2:09:06 PM):    though he's rather stubbornly convinced that i know the admin, and that you are actually my boyfriend O_o
crackyStalker (2:09:11 PM):    I'm not "behind" anything more than the publicity. Most of the people down on bounceme are there because of /b/ shenanigans I've pulled.
crackyStalker (2:09:23 PM):    I'm
crackyStalker (2:09:24 PM):    lkjzg;lkgajtew
crackyStalker (2:09:27 PM):    that's hillarious XD
ldfkufjq (2:09:32 PM):    i kno rite
ldfkufjq (2:10:09 PM):    anyway i msged him last night after i saw all his posts and crap. he did more digging and not only that, but found a journal he's convinced is mine which actually isnt. i feel sorry for the girl if he pursues here.
ldfkufjq (2:10:10 PM):    her*
crackyStalker (2:10:20 PM):    mia's journal?
ldfkufjq (2:10:24 PM):    no
ldfkufjq (2:10:29 PM):    someone i don't know at all
ldfkufjq (2:10:32 PM):    though,
ldfkufjq (2:10:36 PM):    havent spoken to mia for a loooong time
crackyStalker (2:10:41 PM):    I figured as much.
ldfkufjq (2:10:51 PM):    so what's your deal?
crackyStalker (2:10:55 PM):    What's MY deal?
ldfkufjq (2:11:05 PM):    yes you!
crackyStalker (2:11:07 PM):    If this is really Miss L, the fact that you're asking is awesome.
crackyStalker (2:11:18 PM):    Slightly starstruck, excuse me.
crackyStalker (2:11:24 PM):    (just a little)
ldfkufjq (2:11:42 PM):    well if it isn't then i congratulate the guy doing a great impersonation of me
crackyStalker (2:12:24 PM):    Major bout of depression related to insane happenings in my life, and at rock bottom I saw your sup 4chan set on /b/ and I got hooked on the cuteness. I'm not sure if it's something about your pics, or just my mental state at the time, but I built up an imaginary girl that would love me and all that shit I was lacking in my life.
crackyStalker (2:12:34 PM):    So I've been obsessed and only recently weening myself away.
ldfkufjq (2:12:42 PM):    yeah, that seems to be the general consensus on the board
ldfkufjq (2:12:50 PM):    cracky chan =/= me fyi
crackyStalker (2:12:55 PM):    Yes, I know. That fact has been very helpful.
crackyStalker (2:13:02 PM):    Intro got me thinking about that at first.
crackyStalker (2:13:08 PM):    Then Faux, because she has her own cracky character.
ldfkufjq (2:13:11 PM):    good old into
ldfkufjq (2:13:13 PM):    intro*
ldfkufjq (2:13:34 PM):    i'm responsible for the pics, nothin more. everything else is you.
ldfkufjq (2:13:42 PM):    or them.
ldfkufjq (2:13:43 PM):    etc
ldfkufjq (2:13:53 PM):    its pretty interesting how the phenomena has come to life o_O
crackyStalker (2:13:56 PM):    No need to reiterate. Also, the YOU that I was learning about from archives and LJ's isn't you now. It's who you were.
ldfkufjq (2:13:59 PM):    i am no longer in control of my creation so to speak
ldfkufjq (2:14:03 PM):    indeed
ldfkufjq (2:14:05 PM):    i have changed quite a lot
crackyStalker (2:14:11 PM):    I would imagine. Everybody turns normal. Even I do.
ldfkufjq (2:14:23 PM):    lawl, true
crackyStalker (2:14:30 PM):    I voted conservative last election. wtf?
ldfkufjq (2:14:41 PM):    i'm not old enough to vote yet >.>
ldfkufjq (2:14:43 PM):    soon tho.
ldfkufjq (2:14:46 PM):    how old are you?
crackyStalker (2:14:48 PM):    19
ldfkufjq (2:14:53 PM):    17 atm
ldfkufjq (2:15:02 PM):    but birthday soon, as i'm sure you are aware
crackyStalker (2:15:07 PM):    Very aware. We're 11 days apart.
ldfkufjq (2:15:12 PM):    fancy that
crackyStalker (2:15:24 PM):    Well, your birthday has to be *sometime*, and I could count days from it no matter what it is.
ldfkufjq (2:15:29 PM):    my ex boyfriend was also an october birthday
crackyStalker (2:15:33 PM):    LIBRA 4 LIEF
ldfkufjq (2:15:40 PM):    he was a scorpio by one day >.O
crackyStalker (2:15:43 PM):    Whoah what?
crackyStalker (2:15:45 PM):    What's his bday?
ldfkufjq (2:15:49 PM):    25th
crackyStalker (2:15:58 PM):    Okay, so you believe that the day where it falls is 24 then?
ldfkufjq (2:16:04 PM):    or 24th ... i always got them mixed up and to this day am not sure
ldfkufjq (2:16:09 PM):    i could be wrong ~_~
crackyStalker (2:16:24 PM):    Alot of sources say I'm scorpio, but the 23rd is still libra I say.
ldfkufjq (2:16:33 PM):    haha, well there you go
crackyStalker (2:17:06 PM):    Faux desperately wanted to be your friend, but I think she's over it now. I think you thought she was crazier than she was.
ldfkufjq (2:17:19 PM):    come again?
ldfkufjq (2:17:26 PM):    might need to rephrase that last sentence
ldfkufjq (2:17:27 PM):    btw
ldfkufjq (2:17:36 PM):    i showed faux' cosplay to my current boyfriend and the first thing he said was
ldfkufjq (2:17:40 PM):    "she makes a better cracky than you"
crackyStalker (2:17:43 PM):    hahahaha
ldfkufjq (2:17:47 PM):    i lol'd
crackyStalker (2:17:49 PM):    I'll have to tell her that.
ldfkufjq (2:17:55 PM):    you talk to her a lot?
crackyStalker (2:18:00 PM):    Faux? Oh yeah we're good friends.
ldfkufjq (2:18:06 PM):    inneresting
crackyStalker (2:18:09 PM):    Why's that interesting?
ldfkufjq (2:18:30 PM):    hard for me to say
ldfkufjq (2:18:57 PM):    i dont even know why faux did the cosplay in the first place
ldfkufjq (2:19:01 PM):    but power to her i guess 0_o
crackyStalker (2:19:06 PM):    She loves the character.
ldfkufjq (2:19:11 PM):    heh
ldfkufjq (2:19:23 PM):    i saw a pic of the tshirt she made
crackyStalker (2:19:26 PM):    Sort of a nice comic relief for somebody who otherwise prefers artistic stuff I guess.
ldfkufjq (2:19:32 PM):    yeah, i guess so
ldfkufjq (2:20:05 PM):    the original cracky pics (not the ones pilfered from my art lj, or anything) were just cuz i was bored one night, long ago on /b/. i had no idea what would happen o_o
ldfkufjq (2:20:14 PM):    it was around nye if i recall
crackyStalker (2:20:19 PM):    nye?
ldfkufjq (2:20:23 PM):    new years eve
crackyStalker (2:20:23 PM):    ah
crackyStalker (2:20:42 PM):    There's ones with grey ears, and ones with black. I'm shocked nobody cosplays the grey eared ones.
crackyStalker (2:20:55 PM):    That'd win points just for noticing that.
ldfkufjq (2:21:02 PM):    i don't remember the grey ears pics, though i did have a pair of grey ears
crackyStalker (2:21:44 PM):    What'd you do with them?
ldfkufjq (2:21:54 PM):    uh, well i remember the black ones broke in two and i threw them away
ldfkufjq (2:21:57 PM):    grey ones i got no idea
ldfkufjq (2:22:03 PM):    they may still be in a box somewhere at my old house
crackyStalker (2:22:15 PM):    You should ebay them for charity.
crackyStalker (2:22:26 PM):    Faux makes 30 dollars for a shirt, imagine what genuine stuff would go for.
ldfkufjq (2:22:28 PM):    i have a lot of stuff i could ebay anyway.
ldfkufjq (2:22:31 PM):    haha
ldfkufjq (2:22:38 PM):    i dont need to ebay for charity FYI i'm broke as fuck >_O
ldfkufjq (2:22:42 PM):    if theres a charity
ldfkufjq (2:22:46 PM):    its the DONAET TO LIA charity
crackyStalker (2:23:00 PM):    Well people would buy it anyways. I was trying to push the philanthropy angle.
ldfkufjq (2:23:04 PM):    ha
ldfkufjq (2:23:08 PM):    idk, i mean
ldfkufjq (2:23:16 PM):    maybe i should just exploit this whole thing now
crackyStalker (2:23:18 PM):    Maybe starving biafrans would be more convincing than more moneys for you?
ldfkufjq (2:23:20 PM):    but thats not really my style
ldfkufjq (2:23:21 PM):    idk
ldfkufjq (2:23:34 PM):    its cracky, no one cares about the orphans
crackyStalker (2:23:37 PM):    hahahahah
crackyStalker (2:23:51 PM):    Cracky could be an orphan. There's alot of unwritten backstory there.
ldfkufjq (2:24:15 PM):    well since she has somewhat similar qualities to frankenstein's monster there is great potential for that
crackyStalker (2:24:28 PM):    That's an angle i hadn't considered.
ldfkufjq (2:24:31 PM):    slap a trademark on it
crackyStalker (2:24:31 PM):    Frankenstein?
ldfkufjq (2:24:37 PM):    i'm the Dr :P
ldfkufjq (2:24:44 PM):    i made her but she got a life of her own >.>
ldfkufjq (2:25:10 PM):    btw, im pretty offended that some random chav girl bears any resemblance at all to me.
crackyStalker (2:25:20 PM):    Wait, who?
ldfkufjq (2:25:29 PM):    the pic on bounceme of the chick with the black braids
crackyStalker (2:25:30 PM):    OH
ldfkufjq (2:25:35 PM):    cornrow crap
crackyStalker (2:25:42 PM):    Yeah I was like, "no way." and closed the browser.
ldfkufjq (2:25:52 PM):    seems icarus isnt the only person trolling the place
ldfkufjq (2:26:04 PM):    although to be fair, i started posting anon in the past week or two for kicks
ldfkufjq (2:26:10 PM):    mostly out of curiousity i guess
crackyStalker (2:26:19 PM):    Cracky stalking cracky? WTF
ldfkufjq (2:26:27 PM):    brain asplode
ldfkufjq (2:26:47 PM):    before that, i didnt read it much, though someone i know who is an ex cracky stalker told me about it
ldfkufjq (2:26:58 PM):    but things are really creepy lately and then icarus came in O_O
ldfkufjq (2:27:45 PM):    so, what do you thinks going to happen now? i'm not sure myself whether to leave it be and let them continue the wank/drama fest over the pics or wut
crackyStalker (2:28:14 PM):    Well, alot of the drama is because of me and my "crew" stirring shit up. I think we're known collectively as the "circlejerk" down there.
ldfkufjq (2:28:29 PM):    funny you should mention, thats one of my favorite words
crackyStalker (2:28:30 PM):    So I might be able to convince them to lay off and live happy lives?
ldfkufjq (2:28:51 PM):    maybe, but seems people will always be interested , especially the more you tell them to lay off, reverse psychology much?
ldfkufjq (2:28:59 PM):    and since many seem totally obsessed with cracky, well...yeah
crackyStalker (2:29:16 PM):    True enough. Actually they've mostly been laying off of bouceme for a while. Gone to wish
ldfkufjq (2:29:19 PM):    what i dont get is, they are trying to drag and internet fantasy into rl with all this stalking crap. when my rl has nothing to do with what they idolise.
ldfkufjq (2:29:28 PM):    wish seemed pretty dead to me, is there a secret board?
crackyStalker (2:29:43 PM):    yeah, there is but it's open to registered users only.
ldfkufjq (2:29:51 PM):    i see
crackyStalker (2:30:03 PM):    I could bring you up for membership? That'd be funny.
ldfkufjq (2:30:09 PM):    haha, it would
ldfkufjq (2:30:13 PM):    what now bitches!
crackyStalker (2:30:20 PM):    "I guess we win? Let's go home"
ldfkufjq (2:30:25 PM):    right, its like
ldfkufjq (2:30:40 PM):    congrats, you stalked me, i'm here. find something else to do now.
crackyStalker (2:30:55 PM):    I have been. School, job.
crackyStalker (2:31:05 PM):    gah. Life.
ldfkufjq (2:31:06 PM):    in the general sense, not you specifically
ldfkufjq (2:31:14 PM):    something icarus seems to be lacking
crackyStalker (2:31:14 PM):    Oh thank god. I thought you were getting hostile or something.
ldfkufjq (2:31:26 PM):    no, i'm generally not one for passive aggressiveness
crackyStalker (2:31:32 PM):    That's what I'm all about.
ldfkufjq (2:31:38 PM):    ha
ldfkufjq (2:32:54 PM):    anyway i think icarus is frustrated that his glorious theory that me, the admin and my boyfriend are all in on the site is being denied.
ldfkufjq (2:33:10 PM):    my boyfriend was not aware of the site until i showed it to him a few weeks ago >.>
crackyStalker (2:33:17 PM):    What'd he think?
ldfkufjq (2:33:27 PM):    he thought it was full of lulz <.<
ldfkufjq (2:33:40 PM):    i've known him 4~ years so he knew about most things.
crackyStalker (2:34:01 PM):    I guess there goes the rumour you were homosexual.
ldfkufjq (2:34:13 PM):    sorry to rain on your parade there
crackyStalker (2:34:31 PM):    Not my parade, but alot of people read too much (and then not enough) into that dopaminetrapeze gal I have on my friends list.
ldfkufjq (2:34:45 PM):    hm?
crackyStalker (2:35:13 PM):    Just a girl I have friended on my livejournal. She's all heartbroken about a girl name L_____ from Oxford.
ldfkufjq (2:35:22 PM):    i see
crackyStalker (2:35:21 PM):    Except she slipped and mentioned the name is Lauren halfway through.
ldfkufjq (2:35:36 PM):    sucks for her
crackyStalker (2:35:52 PM):    Sure does.
ldfkufjq (2:36:02 PM):    got any other questions before i log?
ldfkufjq (2:36:11 PM):    i'm not sure why or what icarus wanted me to talk to you about
ldfkufjq (2:36:16 PM):    or what he was hoping to achieve via it
crackyStalker (2:36:29 PM):    Beats me. Apparently you're not thrilled by my company though XD
ldfkufjq (2:36:56 PM):    i'm in a rather unimpressed mood with the prospect of him plastering my RL info all over the internets.
crackyStalker (2:37:34 PM):    Yeah, that makes enough sense. Really though, the fandom's out my MY control now too. Maybe six months ago if you told me to stop, nobody who's obsessing now would be because the heavy /b/ saturation wouldn't have happened.
ldfkufjq (2:37:56 PM):    i was hoping it would die down actually, but it seems the flames have kept burning
crackyStalker (2:38:18 PM):    Well I'll do what I can I suppose. Stalkers though. Hard to convice.
ldfkufjq (2:38:23 PM):    meh
ldfkufjq (2:38:36 PM):    worse comes to worse-
ldfkufjq (2:38:39 PM):    FBI
crackyStalker (2:38:46 PM):    SAS
ldfkufjq (2:38:51 PM):    RAF
ldfkufjq (2:38:52 PM):    etc
ldfkufjq (2:39:14 PM):    i'm pretty sure he's doing something illegal by spreading personal information of mine 0_0
crackyStalker (2:39:38 PM):    Well, it's Criminal Harassment once he becomes aware you know his actions are bothering you. But that's Canadian law.
ldfkufjq (2:39:49 PM):    britain prolly has something equiv
crackyStalker (2:39:51 PM):    likely.
crackyStalker (2:40:15 PM):    Anyways, if I don't ask I'll be quizzed about this my whole life. Could you have intro confirm that it is indeed YOU I spoke with?
ldfkufjq (2:40:34 PM):    aliasobfuscate?
crackyStalker (2:40:33 PM):    I won't ask for a pic because you've had bad experiences with them.
crackyStalker (2:40:37 PM):    Yeah.
ldfkufjq (2:40:39 PM):    indeed.
ldfkufjq (2:40:45 PM):    sure do you talk to him alot/at all?
crackyStalker (2:40:58 PM):    Yeah, I do. He reminds me of myself, in 20 years.
ldfkufjq (2:41:12 PM):    ok well last i msged him he was away, when he's back i'll ask him to
crackyStalker (2:41:19 PM):    I'd appreciate it very much.
ldfkufjq (2:41:24 PM):    ok
ldfkufjq (2:41:27 PM):    well thats sorted then
ldfkufjq (2:41:29 PM):    over and out
crackyStalker (2:41:32 PM):    Goodbye!
ldfkufjq signed off at 2:41:37 PM

English? It's going to take a while. First, you have to come up with a topic that other people know about. Like, let's say you're hanging out with your friends and one of them says that they're hungry. You could make this your topic. Say something like, WHAT ABOUT BEING HUNGRY GUYS? See, already you're communicating because you're listening. Now lets suppose he says, Yeah I'm hungry, let's go to Taco Bell. What he's really saying is, Taco Bell is an option for him. Now, the most efficient thing is to say what is an option for you. So, you could say OK TACO BELL IS COOL BY ME or you could say TACO BELL IS FOR LOSERS (btw, loser="You Fail It" guy). On the other hand, you could say something like TACO BELL IS ON A SPOKE/OFF IN SOME WEEDS but this doesn't really say what you think; it doesn't necessarily hurt, but it makes the conversation longer and if there are any girls in the room they will probably look at you funny.


I will try to explain.

In >>1, we see a picture of Lena and Yulia, of the Russian musical duo t.A.T.u.. Famed for their lesbian-themed songs, videos, and stage relationship, they are in fact not lesbians, but rather using the fictional lesbian relationship as a sex-based marketing strategy. >>1 was posted as part of a crapflood of seemingly unrelated images.

The poster of >>2 corrects identifies the duo, and links to a Wikipedia article at which you can learn more. This was posted perhaps in an attempt to prematurely defuse any fruitless speculation as to what the image is of. The "no" may be an indictment of the poster for making an off-topic thread.

In >>3, we see a photograph of a room with a t.A.T.u poster in the wall, circled for emphasis. Perhaps this wall is present somewhere in our corpus of Cracky-related photographs; I don't recognize it offhand, but why not go through your collection to check?

In >>4, we are reminded that the due are not, in fact, lesbians.

In >>5, Anonymous is angry at the Original Poster (OP) for stirring up his disappointment over not being with Cracky-chan as he's long desired to be. Perhaps >>5 envisions himself as Yulia in the photograph, tenderly shoving a spoon into the mouth of Cracky-chan, represented by fellow redhead Lena in the photograph.

Then >>6, possibly samefag, mocks >>5 for his anguished emo-like display of unrequited love.

In >>7, you express a desire to know WTF is goin on in dis thead guize.

In >>8, I attempt to explain my interpretation of this thread.

Finally, in >>9, someone posts a never-before-seen Cracky rare and we forget about everything above.

I had a thought a few days ago. The thought ("death is a social construct") is probably useless. But the thought got me thinking. I Googled the thought to see if anyone else had thought the thought before, and it turned out that many people had. Interdasting.

And that got me thinking: pre-internet, if you had a thought, it was really hard to know if you were the first person to have that thought or if it was actually a super common thought. Now it's slightly easier, because maybe you can find instances of your thought indexed online. Of course only a tiny fraction is indexed. But regardless it got me thinking.

There's so much 'social networking' based on common interests, but perhaps there would be greater value / utility in linking up people who have independently had the same thought/idea.

Imagine a website / social network / app different than anything out there because people can only link up with each other through one specific mechanism. When someone has a thought/idea, they type it in and this service's database is searched to determine if anyone else has ever entered that thought/idea before, using some kind of fuzzing / advanced pattern matching because different people could word the thought in completely different ways.

If you're truly the first person to enter your thought/idea into the database (which would be more common early on), then you eventually get notified if there's a match in the future.

If others have in fact had your thought/idea before, then you get linked up with them in a group. All communication via this social network is to these thought-groups that you're a member of, either to an entire group or private messaging to someone in one of your groups. Nothing is public. No invitations. No manually linking up with someone specific. Everyone you link up with is likely to be a stranger but with similar thought patterns to you. No communication with anyone you haven't established a link with but having a mutual thought/idea.

You can of course be in more than one of these thought-groups -- the idea is that you enter as many thoughts / ideas / opinions as possible, some of which will never match you with anybody (congratulations on your unique thought!) but some will.

So you can communicate with your different thought-groups independently or blast something out to all your groups. But no communication between any two people who haven't been dynamically matched by having the same thought / idea / opinion.

It's possible (and desirable) that you might get matched with the same person multiple times by having more than one thought in common. So you end up in more than one thought-group with them. This "thoughtmate" status would signify people you might have a lot in common with.

Need some kind of enforcement mechanism to encourage people to enter only thoughts they genuinely arrive at on their own. Entering a thought you found online = fucking banned. But how to enforce.

What to call all this?

Possible this social network could function as a dating app as well?

Just a silly idea... but maybe an idea someone somewhere else has already had. And if it existed, I could find them.

i do still take pictures, just very, very rarely of myself. i always did it for my own amusement and it very quickly ceases to be amusing when i have my privacy raped because of it. i had no idea that people would take pictures this seriously - to me it was just like playing pretend, being different personas etc. and pictures of me have little to do with who i actually am.

suicide eh? tempting as it may be, i'm not some kind of deity who demands virgin sacrifices.

i don't care what you do with any existing images.

all i ask is that could you leave me alone, and stop trying to invade my privacy.

[06:34] Introperv: but like I said obviously people are drawn to the works, just check the hit counter on crackypedia [06:34] TAFKACC: crackypedia?
[06:34] Introperv: uh… yeah [06:35] Introperv: uh sorry wrong addr
[06:35] Introperv: [06:35] TAFKACC: ………
[06:35] TAFKACC: wow.
[06:35] Introperv: don’t tell me you didn’t know [06:36] Introperv: has been up for months and months [06:36] TAFKACC: i had no idea.
[06:36] Introperv: oh alsa will be interested to hear that I think [06:36] TAFKACC: ….
[06:36] Introperv: alsa chides us “hardcore” stalkers all the time for going to far [06:37] TAFKACC: i don’t know what to say.

I kind of feel bad for Suede.

9:20:11 PM thelastmerovin: HOLY FUCK EPIC 9:20:24 PM mikosutoka: i trying to invite her in 9:20:26 PM thelastmerovin: add everyone 9:20:26 PM mikosutoka: if she would like to 9:20:28 PM mikosutoka: i dunno how to
9:20:32 PM mikosutoka: so please add as see fit 9:20:34 PM mikosutoka: im trying to
9:20:36 PM mikosutoka: its hard
9:20:42 PM thelastmerovin: ok
9:21:27 PM ldfkufjq: zomg
9:21:32 PM mikosutoka: hello i hope it helps 9:21:35 PM mikosutoka: so you can only be in one window 9:21:42 PM mikosutoka: inviting everyone 9:22:27 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Appreciated, Merovingian. 9:22:27 PM comradelunar: Jitters.
9:22:29 PM q4tlqbvyhk: *nod*
9:23:04 PM thelastmerovin: Just like old times 9:23:26 PM comradelunar: There's backstabbing going on in here? OR is this a different set of old times? :-D 9:23:54 PM daisukexkun: I don't have a clue. 9:24:01 PM mikosutoka: *dazed and confused* 9:24:05 PM daisukexkun: Very
9:24:06 PM mikosutoka: o_O
9:24:10 PM lastxkveqxztoc: We are all dazed and confused. 9:24:12 PM necrolich666: Hello everyone 9:24:15 PM daisukexkun: Evening Necro
9:24:19 PM comradelunar: Y halo thar.
9:24:24 PM ldfkufjq: my eyes x_X
9:24:30 PM daisukexkun: Oh, the font.
9:24:31 PM daisukexkun: Yeah
9:24:39 PM necrolich666: agh
9:24:41 PM daisukexkun: My friend actually has the same color. 9:24:47 PM comradelunar: Space lime.
9:25:19 PM ldfkufjq: lime green is okay, black background makes shit hard to read 9:25:35 PM daisukexkun: Really?
Usually the lime green hurts eyes.
9:25:42 PM necrolich666: I like it ;;
9:26:06 PM comradelunar: It's nice, in its own special way. 9:26:12 PM thelastmerovin: lol
9:26:22 PM daisukexkun: Oh lord, two?
9:26:22 PM necrolich666: ....:( like the special kids.. 9:26:33 PM mikosutoka: i cant see the fonts everyone has the same font on my client .
.;; 9:26:36 PM thelastmerovin: HA HA, OH WOW 9:26:46 PM ldfkufjq: feel special miko
9:26:51 PM daisukexkun: I'm using an online service for this and it doesn't support colored backgrounds. 9:26:52 PM mikosutoka: *passes around the anti depressants and anxiety pills* 9:27:04 PM thelastmerovin: yes, I'll take 10 9:27:06 PM daisukexkun: Not today Miko
9:27:09 PM comradelunar: Just imagine a lime suspended in a vacuum. 9:27:16 PM daisukexkun: I had an energy drink earlier. 9:27:28 PM daisukexkun: And I lost my hyperness. 9:27:40 PM ldfkufjq: i had soup :|
9:27:44 PM necrolich666: hoorah
9:27:48 PM ldfkufjq: it was pretty gross 9:27:51 PM necrolich666: :(
9:27:55 PM comradelunar: Prawn cocktail crisps. 9:27:56 PM ldfkufjq: but all the food i got in my house atm 9:27:56 PM daisukexkun: What was it anyway? 9:28:00 PM thelastmerovin: You know guarana, the powder they put in V and Red Bull? 9:28:08 PM daisukexkun: What type of soup I mean? 9:28:18 PM ldfkufjq: noodle and something that was allegedly chicken 9:28:21 PM thelastmerovin: My friend at Uni had a kilo of pure powder, he would snort it like cocane 9:28:27 PM comradelunar: Is he dead now? 9:28:28 PM daisukexkun: Good lord.
9:28:30 PM thelastmerovin: he wouldn't sleep for days 9:28:34 PM ldfkufjq: wow o_O
9:28:56 PM comradelunar: Was his online name Ripper? 9:29:03 PM comradelunar: And was he hardcore? 9:29:10 PM thelastmerovin: something like that 9:29:46 PM ldfkufjq: my ex used to go robotripping. 9:30:01 PM ldfkufjq: snorting guarana beats it though 9:30:19 PM thelastmerovin: lol ever seen the movie 'crank'? 9:30:28 PM mikosutoka: robotripping
9:30:30 PM comradelunar: Vinnie Jones?
9:30:32 PM mikosutoka: worse 8 hours in a porta potty EVAR 9:30:44 PM daisukexkun: I'm sorry to hear that. 9:30:47 PM ldfkufjq: havent seen it
9:30:53 PM ldfkufjq: and yeah robotripping: shit sucks 9:31:47 PM mikosutoka: i hear like
9:31:49 PM mikosutoka: heavy breathing
9:31:51 PM mikosutoka: in the silence
9:32:01 PM daisukexkun: Oh, that's me
9:32:02 PM necrolich666: ugh I'm roasting in my room 9:32:02 PM daisukexkun: Sorry
9:32:05 PM necrolich666: it's terrible
9:32:08 PM mikosutoka: you two are like twins 9:32:16 PM necrolich666: O.o
9:32:20 PM daisukexkun: Wha
9:32:23 PM necrolich666: huh
9:32:24 PM mikosutoka: LOL
9:32:32 PM comradelunar: Suddenly, confusion. 9:32:34 PM thelastmerovin: Insomnia = fail 9:32:55 PM comradelunar: Ten minutes ago I was set to collapse. Wide-awake now, oh lawd. 9:33:16 PM daisukexkun: Ten minutes ago, I was bouncing off the walls. 9:33:20 PM necrolich666: I haven't slept in a while, I've been getting up at 5:00pm and falling asleep 8:00 am 9:33:20 PM daisukexkun: And then the post came 9:33:24 PM ldfkufjq: so, when's that Cracky chan person going to join us? 9:33:30 PM mikosutoka: lol XD
9:33:32 PM ldfkufjq: <<
9:33:36 PM comradelunar: loldongs.
9:33:36 PM daisukexkun: lol
9:33:38 PM necrolich666: :3
9:33:51 PM q4tlqbvyhk: that was great <3 9:34:07 PM ldfkufjq: huh, someone deleted the thread 9:34:08 PM ldfkufjq: mod?
9:34:13 PM mikosutoka: ooh D:
9:34:14 PM comradelunar: Someone linked bounceme on /b/. 9:34:18 PM ldfkufjq: i see
9:34:19 PM ldfkufjq: figures
9:34:24 PM ldfkufjq: dramaz
9:34:26 PM daisukexkun: Good thing
9:34:27 PM comradelunar: "LOL FGTS LUK AT THIS" 9:34:30 PM q4tlqbvyhk: oh god damnit
9:34:32 PM mikosutoka: hi lol damien
9:34:33 PM daisukexkun: Before a shitstorm came 9:34:42 PM q4tlqbvyhk: in b4 shitstorm. 9:34:52 PM comradelunar: Brace for impact. 9:34:53 PM mikosutoka: no one cares 4chan = newfags 9:34:59 PM mikosutoka: they don't even recognize you 9:35:02 PM daisukexkun: Oh yeah
9:35:04 PM necrolich666: ;
9:35:04 PM mikosutoka: which is good thing 9:35:04 PM ldfkufjq: i know haha
9:35:07 PM ldfkufjq: indeed it is
9:35:08 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i can get thread deleted 9:35:09 PM thelastmerovin: invisible dictator 9:35:10 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i have pocket mods 9:35:12 PM q4tlqbvyhk: jussec
9:35:16 PM mikosutoka: lol pocket mods ftw 9:35:18 PM comradelunar: Hey, therwe's plenty of oldfags who don't. 9:35:19 PM daisukexkun: Do it.
9:35:29 PM daisukexkun: They usually lurk now. 9:35:32 PM q4tlqbvyhk: link to thread
9:35:43 PM comradelunar: On /b/? Long dead, I think. 9:35:46 PM mikosutoka: i had it a second ago crap 9:35:47 PM q4tlqbvyhk: oh good
9:36:02 PM mikosutoka: sent
9:36:02 PM thelastmerovin: fucking 4chan >< 9:36:02 PM daisukexkun: Nope, I still lurk. 9:36:06 PM necrolich666: just got done watching Otakon video, moot has a cute voice... 9:36:13 PM necrolich666: >-<
9:36:17 PM thelastmerovin: I'm actualy one of the few that came from LJ as opposed to the Chans 9:36:22 PM daisukexkun: The newfags have killed a lot for me. 9:36:26 PM necrolich666: Ditto
9:36:35 PM comradelunar: EDiot first, here. 9:36:43 PM mikosutoka: i come from the internet 9:36:45 PM mikosutoka: ;
9:37:08 PM thelastmerovin: No, you come from Portugal 9:37:09 PM necrolich666: Anyone seen any good movies lately?.. 9:37:17 PM mikosutoka: you think so *ryan* ? 9:37:18 PM mikosutoka: :P
9:37:20 PM comradelunar: Clown-chan. Clown-chan. Clown-chan. 9:37:23 PM daisukexkun: Y'know, I actually found out about... Actually, I hate addressing you as "Cracky", hwo should I adress you? 9:37:30 PM daisukexkun: Address*
9:37:31 PM thelastmerovin: lol @ stolen identity 9:37:32 PM ldfkufjq: you can call me Lia, thats my nick 9:37:35 PM q4tlqbvyhk: ok
9:37:37 PM ldfkufjq: Cracky originated because 9:37:37 PM daisukexkun: Alright
9:37:38 PM ldfkufjq: some guy went
9:37:44 PM ldfkufjq: she musta snorted a lot of crack 9:37:45 PM comradelunar: Stop snorting stuff up your nose. 9:37:47 PM ldfkufjq: right
9:37:48 PM q4tlqbvyhk: etc
9:37:48 PM necrolich666: ;;
9:37:50 PM daisukexkun: Yes.
9:37:52 PM mikosutoka: yeah
9:37:53 PM comradelunar: lolz.
9:38:07 PM q4tlqbvyhk: this is the part where we give her a history less on herself. 9:38:13 PM q4tlqbvyhk: er rather
9:38:15 PM q4tlqbvyhk: on cracky
9:38:22 PM daisukexkun: Rather
9:38:25 PM ldfkufjq: well you all seem to have a ph.d in Crackology 9:38:28 PM daisukexkun: How we found out. 9:38:31 PM daisukexkun: Well Lia, I actually found out about you in a random thread on /b/ where everyone was posting pictures. 9:38:33 PM thelastmerovin: LOL
9:38:34 PM comradelunar: Comes with the obsessive lunatic territory. 9:38:39 PM mikosutoka: lunartic
9:38:43 PM necrolich666: xD
9:38:45 PM comradelunar: ohsnap.
9:38:54 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Yeah, it was the same with me, Daisuke. 9:38:55 PM daisukexkun: I saw some art, a link to bounceme, and I've been there since. 9:39:13 PM comradelunar: I got into Crackology by getting sent to the Cracky-Chan page on ED. 1 in a million chance, lol. 9:39:21 PM daisukexkun: lol
9:39:25 PM mikosutoka: on ED you make me terribly sad lunar 9:39:25 PM ldfkufjq: Dental Holocaust.
9:39:32 PM q4tlqbvyhk: hehehe
9:39:34 PM thelastmerovin: Damn, I wish I had this personal army 9:39:35 PM daisukexkun: Oh lord.
9:39:35 PM necrolich666: I found cracky from /b/ asked who she was found ED, link to Bounceme and crackypedia 9:39:36 PM comradelunar: I do?
9:39:37 PM necrolich666: etc
9:39:47 PM necrolich666: I agree with Merovin 9:39:54 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i was around for the 420shitstorm 9:40:10 PM comradelunar: I missed the whole thing. Shame. 9:40:18 PM daisukexkun: I actually lurked for a bit on 4chan a year before 9:40:23 PM mikosutoka: the 2nd coming was posted all over just now and no one is getting it 9:40:24 PM necrolich666: Same
9:40:27 PM daisukexkun: Never saw anything related to her 9:40:29 PM lastxkveqxztoc: I must ask...I have heard claims that you straightened your teeth. Is this true? 9:40:43 PM ldfkufjq: nope
9:40:43 PM necrolich666: I came around right as rabbit chan started to die down 9:40:43 PM thelastmerovin: lol @ suede
9:40:47 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Thank God.
9:40:48 PM ldfkufjq: my teeth still suck thanks 9:40:50 PM comradelunar: *shocked sharp intake of breath* 9:40:56 PM q4tlqbvyhk: take pride in bad teeth 9:40:56 PM lastxkveqxztoc: I like them, for the record. 9:40:59 PM comradelunar: I emote'd.
9:41:01 PM mikosutoka: i like your teeth 9:41:08 PM mikosutoka: that came out creepier sounding then intentioned 9:41:13 PM q4tlqbvyhk: lol
9:41:14 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Heh.
9:41:15 PM daisukexkun: It's alright Mikp. 9:41:17 PM comradelunar: I could imagine Hannibal lecter saying that. 9:41:18 PM thelastmerovin: DENTAL HOLOCAUST 9:41:18 PM daisukexkun: Miko*
9:41:19 PM necrolich666: in b4 90000 "I like your teeth" >> 9:41:26 PM daisukexkun: Christ, I almost typed in mudkip. 9:41:27 PM thelastmerovin: Nobody was spared, not even the children 9:41:37 PM comradelunar: I herd u liek cracky 9:41:37 PM loldamien: I remember, in a time looong ago, when /b/ was kinda~ fun? I saw these threads where some pics of a chick were being posted. And people were going apeshit over it spamming Cracky-chan. 9:41:41 PM q4tlqbvyhk: so far, this conversation is funy. not creepy. 9:41:47 PM loldamien: Then word filters came and posting it became ban-able. 9:41:48 PM comradelunar: Just give it time. 9:41:49 PM q4tlqbvyhk: /b/ was never good. 9:41:54 PM loldamien: oh 2005
9:42:05 PM daisukexkun: Damien, could you change your font color by any chance? 9:42:07 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i think that it becoming ban-able 9:42:12 PM comradelunar: I miss the PENIS filter. 9:42:13 PM q4tlqbvyhk: was a problem.
9:42:14 PM daisukexkun: I can't read it with this forever white background. 9:42:19 PM loldamien: Sure no problem
9:42:19 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i think that fueled 9:42:21 PM q4tlqbvyhk: the drama
9:42:24 PM necrolich666: penis filter was the best 9:42:25 PM daisukexkun: Oh yes.
9:42:32 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i'll ask snacks about it 9:42:36 PM q4tlqbvyhk: he's in florida
9:42:42 PM daisukexkun: Oh yes
9:42:45 PM daisukexkun: I saw the video 9:42:46 PM comradelunar: Goddamn snacks. 9:42:51 PM loldamien: my favorite was iraqi-chan. That one was clever <3 9:42:51 PM daisukexkun: *mudkip paint job* 9:42:55 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i'm in the otakon video T
T 9:43:02 PM loldamien: Me too :D
9:43:08 PM necrolich666: D: I'm not
9:43:09 PM daisukexkun: Thank you Damien 9:43:11 PM thelastmerovin: So's Faux
9:43:14 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i won't say who i am. 9:43:19 PM mikosutoka: shes not in the video she left early 9:43:22 PM mikosutoka: at least thats what i thought 9:43:23 PM comradelunar: Ack. Faux.
9:43:25 PM daisukexkun: I'm not old enough to actually enter to be honest 9:43:27 PM q4tlqbvyhk: cuz this conversation is likely to be seen by the internet... 9:43:30 PM daisukexkun: in b4 underage b& 9:43:30 PM ldfkufjq: i saw her cosplay
9:43:37 PM ldfkufjq: me too daisuke
9:43:37 PM necrolich666: me neither D:
9:43:39 PM comradelunar: Verdict?
9:43:43 PM thelastmerovin: she's in the video, you can see her leaving for the GUNDAM panel in a wide angle shot 9:43:43 PM q4tlqbvyhk: neither was um
9:43:44 PM q4tlqbvyhk: like
9:43:48 PM q4tlqbvyhk: maddeth
9:43:49 PM q4tlqbvyhk: or
9:43:50 PM ldfkufjq: better cracky than mine 9:43:56 PM comradelunar: oh lawdy.
9:43:57 PM q4tlqbvyhk: alyson
9:43:59 PM q4tlqbvyhk: or
9:44:03 PM daisukexkun: I believe I asked Icarus this earlier, but what do you think of Faux? 9:44:06 PM q4tlqbvyhk: idk, lots of people got in who were underage b7'd 9:44:18 PM q4tlqbvyhk: you could just take red tape, put it on your wrist, and they'd let you in. 9:44:29 PM daisukexkun: Yeah, that was the way around it 9:44:34 PM ldfkufjq: she's funny
9:44:34 PM daisukexkun: Also unfortunate for me 9:44:46 PM q4tlqbvyhk: cracky's friend stalks snacks. 9:44:49 PM daisukexkun: Was that I was nowhere near Otakon 9:44:54 PM q4tlqbvyhk: true story.
9:45:03 PM necrolich666: I stalked snacks 9:45:08 PM necrolich666: but he got all mean D: 9:45:10 PM comradelunar: </3 snacks.
9:45:12 PM mikosutoka: why would anyone want to even be near that grease ball 9:45:17 PM q4tlqbvyhk: spoilers: snacks is always mean. 9:45:23 PM ldfkufjq: you don't say
9:45:30 PM comradelunar: Snacks looks a bit like a weasel. 9:45:32 PM daisukexkun: Snacks' significant other did not make a good Suiseiseki to be honest. 9:45:39 PM q4tlqbvyhk: that's not his significant other 9:45:41 PM q4tlqbvyhk: that's maddeth.
9:45:44 PM mikosutoka: lia have you ever made a sound clip 9:45:45 PM daisukexkun: Well
9:45:49 PM daisukexkun: Yeah
9:45:49 PM ldfkufjq: yep
9:45:55 PM q4tlqbvyhk: they're friends is all. 9:45:58 PM daisukexkun: Ah
9:46:05 PM mikosutoka: like i dunno i might be asking too much but could we hear your voice like a tiny little saying maybe like a hello 9:46:07 PM mikosutoka: or something
9:46:13 PM q4tlqbvyhk: yeah at one point, there was lots of wonder as to what you sound like 9:46:18 PM daisukexkun: ED and wikichan have failed me again. 9:46:30 PM necrolich666: what do you expect? 9:46:32 PM comradelunar: ED is only good if you're looking for "LOL BRITISH TEETH" 9:46:32 PM q4tlqbvyhk: british accent, etc 9:46:49 PM ldfkufjq: i sound like an english person 9:46:54 PM comradelunar: Regional accent? 9:46:54 PM ldfkufjq: case closed
9:46:56 PM ldfkufjq: no
9:47:03 PM mikosutoka: sorry i asked >< 9:47:06 PM ldfkufjq: no regional accent 9:47:08 PM comradelunar: Damn. I was hoping for geordie cracky. 9:47:14 PM ldfkufjq: or cockney
9:47:23 PM thelastmerovin: Hey, that juice clip, was it ever longer than the 2 second version? 9:47:31 PM daisukexkun: It was 6 I believe 9:47:39 PM thelastmerovin: someone cut it up 9:47:41 PM necrolich666: I think we should just be thankful she's here? 9:47:46 PM necrolich666: amirite?
9:47:48 PM comradelunar: Seconded.
9:47:50 PM daisukexkun: Yes
9:47:57 PM ldfkufjq: uh i dunno
9:48:01 PM ldfkufjq: i made it for my friend 9:48:07 PM ldfkufjq: then some guy found where i was storing my files 9:48:14 PM loldamien: Lia, would you get a recording of a black englishman. I refuse to believe they exist. 9:48:16 PM mikosutoka: i am, i dont mean to offend im just curious of nature please do not answer anything miss l you dont want to D: 9:48:23 PM thelastmerovin: ok
9:48:28 PM ldfkufjq: i'm in doubt to their existence myself damien, and i live here 9:48:37 PM necrolich666: xD
9:48:37 PM loldamien: haha
9:48:37 PM ldfkufjq: =P
9:48:40 PM daisukexkun: lol
9:48:45 PM comradelunar: I saw at least 3 black englishmen, and I live in yorkshire, homogeny central. 9:48:53 PM lastxkveqxztoc: If it makes you feel any better, I would have asked the same thing, mikosutoka. 9:48:56 PM ldfkufjq: wow lots of britfags in here o.O 9:48:57 PM mikosutoka: how did you do that, you never go outside i thought 9:49:02 PM thelastmerovin: English- is not a prefix 9:49:04 PM daisukexkun: Ah England, I've always wanted to live there. 9:49:11 PM comradelunar: I passed a church on my nightly stroll, lulz. 9:49:15 PM thelastmerovin: Well, I was born there 9:49:21 PM daisukexkun: I'm an Amerifag, just so you know. 9:49:21 PM thelastmerovin: I miss the motherland 9:49:30 PM necrolich666: AMERIKKKA
9:49:35 PM daisukexkun: Exactly
9:49:37 PM comradelunar: FUCK YEAH, etc. 9:49:46 PM daisukexkun: Except without the KKK, etc. 9:49:50 PM mikosutoka: i swear necro + daisuke = twins seperated at birth 9:49:53 PM daisukexkun: Northeasterner here 9:50:04 PM thelastmerovin: Cracky should visit my lonely islands 9:50:07 PM daisukexkun: What?
9:50:08 PM daisukexkun: HJow?
9:50:08 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Me too. New Hampshire. 9:50:11 PM ldfkufjq: what islands?
9:50:11 PM daisukexkun: How*
9:50:14 PM thelastmerovin: because nobody else does 9:50:26 PM thelastmerovin: New Zealand
9:50:30 PM comradelunar: Have a natural disaster. You'll have people swarming. 9:50:32 PM thelastmerovin: >
9:50:40 PM ldfkufjq: heh
9:50:40 PM mikosutoka: I see what you did thar merovin 9:50:40 PM necrolich666: wutImiss?
9:50:44 PM daisukexkun: Oh yes
9:50:55 PM daisukexkun: And also claims of terrorism 9:50:58 PM daisukexkun: etc
9:51:09 PM comradelunar: Terrorists did tidal wave. 9:51:15 PM daisukexkun: Exactly
9:51:19 PM necrolich666: xD....
9:51:20 PM q4tlqbvyhk: midwest
9:51:21 PM daisukexkun: Speaking of water 9:51:25 PM q4tlqbvyhk: us
9:51:38 PM daisukexkun: Lia, did the flooding near Oxford affect you in anyway? 9:51:45 PM ldfkufjq: i got a bit damp.
9:51:47 PM comradelunar: Northeastern England: WE HAVE SHEEP AND TEXTILE MILLS. 9:51:58 PM necrolich666: awesome
9:52:05 PM ldfkufjq: sounds familiar lunar 9:52:16 PM thelastmerovin: the Transformers sequal has a transforming aircraft carrier causing tidal waves = WIN 9:52:18 PM comradelunar: Ohh-arrr.
9:52:21 PM loldamien: Oh, since there are brits in this chat, does anybody remember a childrens tv show that had two alien "muppets" on it? I think it was a morning show or something called "The Breakfast Club"?? 9:52:27 PM loldamien: Ring a bell, anyone? D: 9:52:32 PM ldfkufjq: before my time or something 9:52:32 PM comradelunar: Zig and Zag, or somesuch? 9:52:39 PM ldfkufjq: i never watched much tv though 9:52:47 PM comradelunar: I remember a jelly drink sold by TV muppet things. 9:52:48 PM loldamien: I saw it a loooong time ago when I was in london on vacation D: 9:52:49 PM q4tlqbvyhk: yeah fuck tv
9:52:50 PM ldfkufjq: my parents think babar the elephant is a violent show 9:52:57 PM necrolich666: :(
9:52:59 PM daisukexkun: Whoa
9:53:01 PM q4tlqbvyhk: fucking, quote.
9:53:09 PM q4tlqbvyhk: that quote
9:53:17 PM q4tlqbvyhk: is actually going to go to Cracky-chan 9:53:18 PM q4tlqbvyhk: ldfkufjq: my parents think babar the elephant is a violent show 9:53:19 PM mikosutoka: qfw
9:53:23 PM daisukexkun: Yes
9:53:26 PM q4tlqbvyhk: she will say that in the book. 9:53:29 PM q4tlqbvyhk: or movie.
9:53:29 PM thelastmerovin: Dr. Who is superior 9:53:30 PM mikosutoka: movie
9:53:31 PM q4tlqbvyhk: version. of all this. 9:53:36 PM daisukexkun: Ah, Dr. Who
9:53:36 PM comradelunar: Dr Who=win.
9:53:47 PM daisukexkun: My brother got into that for a while. 9:53:52 PM daisukexkun: And I kept watching. 9:53:52 PM thelastmerovin: The old series, none of this new faggotry 9:53:52 PM comradelunar: Everyone has a soft spot for Tom baker. 9:53:54 PM daisukexkun: He stopped.
9:54:08 PM necrolich666: never got into it ;; 9:54:19 PM comradelunar: Once he travelled through time... Now he sells batteries. 9:54:25 PM daisukexkun: Oh yes
9:54:27 PM necrolich666: xD
9:54:33 PM comradelunar: Duracell is SUPERIOR. 9:54:39 PM necrolich666: to what?
9:54:42 PM necrolich666:
9:54:46 PM comradelunar: All other batteries. 9:54:59 PM necrolich666: I was thinking potatoes 9:55:00 PM loldamien: Huge Duracell fan here. 9:55:10 PM mikosutoka: ... batteries
9:55:14 PM thelastmerovin: Put a group of psudo-nerds and crackyfans into a room together, and look what happens. 9:55:15 PM q4tlqbvyhk: batteries? wth!
9:55:20 PM daisukexkun: Potatoes are yummy. 9:55:22 PM q4tlqbvyhk: let's talk about um 9:55:22 PM q4tlqbvyhk: idk
9:55:24 PM q4tlqbvyhk: music
9:55:30 PM comradelunar: John Entwistle ftw. 9:55:31 PM mikosutoka: what kind of music do you like now lia 9:55:34 PM q4tlqbvyhk: btw, she's going to quietly leave, and we'll all keep talking 9:55:38 PM daisukexkun: I'm a Dir en grey person. 9:55:41 PM ldfkufjq: that's the plan q
9:55:44 PM ldfkufjq: not into DEG
9:55:49 PM necrolich666: mmmm aphex twin 9:55:49 PM daisukexkun: in b4 persicution 9:55:57 PM ldfkufjq: aphex twin is win
9:55:58 PM thelastmerovin: by the way, Silverchair = WIN, I lived next door to their drummer. 9:56:01 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i've been listening to entirely too much Justice and Uffie 9:56:02 PM ldfkufjq: really?
9:56:03 PM q4tlqbvyhk: and that kind of shit. 9:56:16 PM loldamien: Lia do you like Lazytown Music :D? 9:56:22 PM necrolich666: PIRATE
9:56:23 PM daisukexkun: lollazytown
9:56:25 PM comradelunar: Good god. I apparently have old man taste before my 20s. Sad. 9:56:31 PM daisukexkun: Meh
9:56:33 PM q4tlqbvyhk: if so, i'll send you a video of damien singing a lazytown song 9:56:36 PM daisukexkun: It's alright.
9:56:38 PM ldfkufjq: it's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake...? 9:56:45 PM loldamien: lol
9:56:45 PM mikosutoka: O.O
9:56:46 PM necrolich666: if the way is hazy 9:56:47 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i just gigglesnorted like a homeschool kid. 9:56:50 PM daisukexkun: Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free 9:56:54 PM daisukexkun: You are a pirat 9:56:55 PM daisukexkun: e
9:56:58 PM necrolich666: pirat
9:57:03 PM loldamien: pirat
9:57:03 PM comradelunar: French pirate... Maybe. 9:57:05 PM necrolich666: parrot
9:57:05 PM mikosutoka: do you like boa (the english group from lain theme) 9:57:30 PM ldfkufjq: i used to
9:57:32 PM ldfkufjq: not anymore really 9:57:44 PM mikosutoka: i see.. the new cd does kinda suck 9:58:20 PM comradelunar: Silence. I see electronic tumbleweed. 9:58:23 PM lastxkveqxztoc: I feel kind of left out here. I don't know any of these bands. 9:58:28 PM daisukexkun: Same here Last
9:58:36 PM comradelunar: Me neither. We can sit int he corner or something like that. 9:58:41 PM daisukexkun: =(
9:58:43 PM necrolich666: lol
9:58:44 PM ldfkufjq: ha.
9:58:52 PM necrolich666: how abouttt... 9:59:10 PM comradelunar: So I herd that young lad Mozart is making a new release soon. 9:59:13 PM necrolich666: indie musik?
9:59:17 PM thelastmerovin: Anyone like trance? 9:59:24 PM necrolich666: :D
9:59:27 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Trance is good, but I don't have much of it. 9:59:29 PM thelastmerovin: I have 120GB of the stuff :/ 9:59:31 PM comradelunar: UNTISS UNTISS UNTISS UNTISS 9:59:31 PM daisukexkun: Mero, there's a Source server I go to 9:59:32 PM mikosutoka: trance is lieked 9:59:36 PM ldfkufjq: i like trance.
9:59:38 PM necrolich666: lol @ lunar
9:59:47 PM mikosutoka: yay ;D
9:59:50 PM daisukexkun: There's a plug-in where you can play music during the match 9:59:53 PM thelastmerovin: I'm going to Sensation White next year in Amsterdam :D 9:59:55 PM comradelunar: I don't really know what trance is, give me a break. I listen to stadium rock. D: 9:59:57 PM daisukexkun: And it has a trance channel 10:00:05 PM daisukexkun: Best combination ever 10:00:10 PM thelastmerovin: has the best trance channel 10:00:11 PM ldfkufjq: what the fuck is stadium rock? 10:00:13 PM mikosutoka: lia do you listen to any 80s music like joy division or duran duran 10:00:15 PM comradelunar: Think The Who. 10:00:19 PM ldfkufjq: nope miko.
10:00:28 PM comradelunar: Also big hair bands. 10:00:34 PM daisukexkun: Yeah
10:00:38 PM thelastmerovin: THE PROCLAIMERS 10:00:44 PM necrolich666: lol
10:00:53 PM necrolich666: Kraftwerk <#
10:00:55 PM daisukexkun: I actually grew up on that music because of my father. 10:00:56 PM comradelunar: I WOULD WALK FIVE HUNDRED MILES AND I WOULD WALK FIVE HUNDRED MORE 10:01:01 PM loldamien: Lia, whats been going on with these horrible london floods I keep seeing pictures of at D: 10:01:02 PM thelastmerovin: I'm on my way, from misery to happiness tadey! aha aha aha aha 10:01:11 PM daisukexkun: And then I heard Dir en grey's Gauze album 10:01:20 PM daisukexkun: Whoa
10:01:21 PM comradelunar: Build a city by a river, expect the water to rise sometime. 10:01:23 PM lastxkveqxztoc: OH GOD WHAT 10:01:26 PM q4tlqbvyhk: love is over. ;
; 10:01:28 PM necrolich666: ;;
10:01:29 PM mikosutoka: what did he do
10:01:30 PM thelastmerovin: fail
10:01:32 PM daisukexkun: =(
10:01:32 PM comradelunar: OH SHIT
10:01:38 PM mikosutoka: maybe she accidently closed the window 10:01:41 PM mikosutoka: D:
10:01:41 PM comradelunar: I propose a murder-suicide pact. 10:01:48 PM q4tlqbvyhk: but damien died also 10:01:50 PM lastxkveqxztoc: SHe's still on AIM. 10:01:51 PM daisukexkun: To be honest, I was gonna ask what do to after all this 10:01:56 PM daisukexkun: At the end
10:02:01 PM mikosutoka: who is that
10:02:03 PM ldfkufjq: whoa wut x
10:02:06 PM necrolich666: whew...
10:02:06 PM mikosutoka: welcome back !
10:02:06 PM daisukexkun: Kinda like into or something 10:02:07 PM comradelunar: phew.
10:02:08 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Welcome back. 10:02:09 PM ldfkufjq: LOL
10:02:10 PM mikosutoka: wow
10:02:11 PM q4tlqbvyhk: someone set you up the bomb. 10:02:11 PM comradelunar: Aneurysm averted. 10:02:15 PM daisukexkun: Yes
10:02:15 PM ldfkufjq: idk what just happened. 10:02:19 PM daisukexkun: So to speak
10:02:20 PM thelastmerovin: lol Aimpoint, you just missed it 10:02:24 PM comradelunar: Gremlins.
10:02:30 PM loldamien: what the shit
10:02:32 PM ldfkufjq: anyway, @ damien. its a sign of the End Times. 10:02:32 PM daisukexkun: Oh, hello Aimpoint 10:02:37 PM necrolich666: my text is skinny 10:02:39 PM loldamien: D:
10:02:41 PM mikosutoka: you lost weight 10:02:42 PM comradelunar: sammich.
10:02:44 PM kilo1185: aw
10:02:49 PM kilo1185: fuck that
10:02:53 PM q4tlqbvyhk: how about the dresden dolls, lia 10:03:03 PM ldfkufjq: i used to like them a lot 10:03:07 PM ldfkufjq: but cant listen to them anymore 10:03:13 PM q4tlqbvyhk: !
10:03:14 PM ldfkufjq: they make me emo
10:03:17 PM kilo1185: sup
10:03:32 PM daisukexkun: Colin Hay actually makes me do that. 10:03:33 PM q4tlqbvyhk: I would describe my opinion of them as exactly the same. 10:03:34 PM comradelunar: Oh god, has anyone thought to try and contact whatbandages? 10:03:39 PM mikosutoka: hes at work
10:03:42 PM mikosutoka: he said no txting 10:03:42 PM q4tlqbvyhk: since i associate it with a very specific time in my life. 10:03:45 PM kilo1185: daisucke my CAL match went 16-11 us fyi 10:03:52 PM daisukexkun: Nicely done
10:03:54 PM kilo1185: daisuke*
10:03:55 PM ldfkufjq: i already talked to wb anyway 10:04:01 PM q4tlqbvyhk: etc, etc.
10:04:01 PM comradelunar: o lawd.
10:04:10 PM mikosutoka: lunar i couldnt tell you nothing 10:04:14 PM mikosutoka: cause i thought you'd asplode 10:04:19 PM comradelunar: I would, lolz. 10:04:23 PM ldfkufjq: icarus gave me his sn for some reason, not sure what he wished to achieve 10:04:31 PM daisukexkun: Yeah
10:04:33 PM comradelunar: Icarus is a pleasant fellow. 10:04:40 PM daisukexkun: I was talking to him earlier and yesterday 10:04:47 PM mikosutoka: what's icarus sn 10:04:48 PM daisukexkun: Somewhat of an odd fellow 10:04:53 PM loldamien: Lia, even though its only been a little over a month- how do you feel about Gordon Brown as the Prime Minister? 10:04:55 PM daisukexkun: He's not on
10:04:58 PM comradelunar: The only time I talked to him he gave me a jab in the back. 10:05:01 PM q4tlqbvyhk: someone tell me who this icarus is, since i have no clue 10:05:07 PM ldfkufjq: i couldn't care less, politicslol. 10:05:11 PM loldamien: lol
10:05:12 PM comradelunar: Shockhorror.
10:05:14 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:05:22 PM comradelunar: Politics is srs bsns. 10:05:29 PM ldfkufjq: also, if by "pleasant" you mean "crazy asshole" then yes. 10:05:49 PM comradelunar: He tried to get wb's irl information off me, lulz. 10:05:55 PM mikosutoka: saguine = icarus 10:05:55 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:05:58 PM q4tlqbvyhk: that description is good enough for me. 10:05:58 PM necrolich666: weird
10:06:15 PM necrolich666: Ew LHP...
10:06:18 PM ldfkufjq: he msged me this morning to tell me the jig was up and that he'd found out that it was me running bounceme all along. 10:06:24 PM ldfkufjq: which came as a rather big surprise 10:06:24 PM mikosutoka: LOL
10:06:25 PM comradelunar: Haha, oh wow. 10:06:29 PM ldfkufjq: also i'm apparently dating whatbandages 10:06:32 PM comradelunar: XD
10:06:37 PM mikosutoka: wb must have blushed 10:06:37 PM comradelunar: Better tell him. 10:06:38 PM ldfkufjq: and he's leaking shit to the website and playing you all 10:06:43 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:06:45 PM mikosutoka: he already knows 10:06:46 PM comradelunar: I can hear him fapping. 10:06:51 PM q4tlqbvyhk: that makes so much sense now. 10:06:52 PM necrolich666: ew
10:06:55 PM daisukexkun: Yes
10:06:56 PM ldfkufjq: and the admin is a dude named gary who is his bff 10:07:14 PM necrolich666: bffe lol
10:07:23 PM ldfkufjq: he may be right about the admin, idk. the other stuff is news to me. 10:07:23 PM comradelunar: idk, my bff gary 10:07:25 PM ldfkufjq: hahaha
10:07:28 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:07:39 PM necrolich666: people are strange 10:07:44 PM comradelunar: when you're a stranger. 10:07:45 PM daisukexkun: Yes
10:08:10 PM daisukexkun: Well, my buzz has completely dissapated 10:08:16 PM daisukexkun: Since I can breathe normally now. 10:08:20 PM q4tlqbvyhk: the doors are my favorite band to mock. 10:08:26 PM necrolich666: whys that ;; 10:08:31 PM comradelunar: You mock the doors? Oh, harsh. 10:08:41 PM necrolich666: I painted a picture of Jim morrison 10:08:42 PM comradelunar: Who could mock a pretentious drug-addled hippie? 10:08:43 PM necrolich666: it sucks
10:09:10 PM daisukexkun: I'm neutral towards The Doors 10:09:24 PM comradelunar: I used to spend a lot of time singing along to them. 10:09:33 PM necrolich666: I have all their vinyls, or a good chunk 10:09:52 PM q4tlqbvyhk: oh boy. in before doors circlejerk. 10:09:53 PM daisukexkun: Lunar, that's me with the older Dir en grey songs. 10:09:59 PM necrolich666: :(
10:10:02 PM mikosutoka: .
10:10:09 PM necrolich666: K enough about the doors 10:10:09 PM comradelunar: WEIRD SCENES INSIDE THE GOLDMINE 10:10:16 PM ldfkufjq: o_O
10:10:22 PM ldfkufjq: the doors are okay. 10:10:28 PM comradelunar: The end.
10:10:38 PM comradelunar: 12 minutes of droning. 10:10:47 PM thelastmerovin: A Perfect Circle > All 10:10:50 PM q4tlqbvyhk: what amuses me is the mob of people who think doors lyrics are deep 10:10:53 PM thelastmerovin: That is all 10:10:54 PM necrolich666: I cut my nails for the first time in a while 10:11:02 PM daisukexkun: Oh lord
10:11:05 PM necrolich666: about a week ago 10:11:05 PM comradelunar: A Quick One>all. 10:11:08 PM daisukexkun: A Perfect Circle 10:11:11 PM comradelunar: Nails? Mmm. Nails. 10:11:18 PM mikosutoka: im eating away my finger tips 10:11:24 PM necrolich666: I cut them again yesterday after dnd 10:11:26 PM thelastmerovin: lol
10:11:36 PM necrolich666: I'm trying to keep them short again 10:11:39 PM comradelunar: I put on my robe and wizard hat. 10:11:43 PM mikosutoka: lol XD
10:11:45 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:11:49 PM necrolich666: stfu :(
10:11:51 PM necrolich666: lol
10:12:11 PM comradelunar: Well this is a little odd. 10:12:16 PM daisukexkun: ?
10:12:21 PM thelastmerovin: I play the piano so I'm always cutting mine :( 10:12:38 PM necrolich666: I wanted to start playing "Piano" but meh 10:12:43 PM comradelunar: I play the bass so they get ripped off eventually. 10:12:48 PM necrolich666: I'm a lazy good for nothing 10:12:58 PM daisukexkun: I've been raised on Clarinet 10:13:04 PM daisukexkun: My father played 10:13:07 PM mikosutoka: lia do you like the violin 10:13:17 PM kilo1185: aw cheer up
10:13:17 PM comradelunar: I think she's gone. We may have killed her with this intense chat. 10:13:18 PM daisukexkun: And the day I was born, he bought a Clarinet and played for me. 10:13:28 PM ldfkufjq: i used to play the violin 10:13:31 PM mikosutoka: really??
10:13:32 PM mikosutoka: :O
10:13:34 PM ldfkufjq: yeah but
10:13:37 PM ldfkufjq: not because i wanted to 10:13:38 PM ldfkufjq: when i was a kid
10:13:42 PM ldfkufjq: my mom made me go to lessons 10:13:42 PM daisukexkun: I actually still have that clarinet 10:13:46 PM ldfkufjq: i hated it >>
10:13:48 PM necrolich666: i don't think anyone wants to 10:13:49 PM daisukexkun: Ahh
10:13:55 PM mikosutoka: :( yeah i tried to play 10:13:56 PM mikosutoka: but I sucked
10:13:57 PM necrolich666: It's a childhood experience 10:13:58 PM mikosutoka: so I quit
10:14:07 PM comradelunar: Lord, most kids just get a recorder pressed on them. 10:14:17 PM necrolich666: we had to play that in school 10:14:18 PM daisukexkun: I grew up with music 10:14:20 PM necrolich666: it sucked
10:14:22 PM necrolich666: Lucky
10:14:26 PM daisukexkun: I enjoyed playing ever since 10:14:28 PM necrolich666: I'd give my arm for that 10:14:29 PM kilo1185: forced?
10:14:37 PM daisukexkun: Nope
10:14:39 PM kilo1185: i was forced to play the pian when i was 6 10:14:43 PM kilo1185: sad stuff
10:14:52 PM daisukexkun: My father and I bonded because of it. 10:14:54 PM q4tlqbvyhk: Lia, how would you describe your religion 10:15:01 PM thelastmerovin: Same with me, I hated piano lessions with a fury, but I can appreciate it now now. When I'm feeling like shit I go along to an abandoned cathedral down the road and play my heart out. 10:15:03 PM comradelunar: I feel left out. I have no tales of childhood musical slavery. 10:15:22 PM daisukexkun: You mean us calling her a goddess and whatnot q? 10:15:27 PM kilo1185: 8 PM
10:15:32 PM kilo1185: i got all the time in teh world 10:15:34 PM loldamien: My mom tried to get me to do drum lessons. Ended quickly as I can't keep a steady beat, lol 10:15:40 PM q4tlqbvyhk: no i meant how would she, herself, describe her own belief structure 10:15:43 PM daisukexkun: Ah
10:15:44 PM ldfkufjq: neutral
10:15:44 PM q4tlqbvyhk: er whatever.
10:15:45 PM necrolich666: I want to be a drummer 10:15:53 PM necrolich666: I want do something other then draw 10:15:58 PM daisukexkun: OP here, disreguard that. I suck cocks 10:16:07 PM necrolich666: O.o
10:16:15 PM mikosutoka: Lia do you ever get cool dreams 10:16:16 PM kilo1185: only thing that i listen to is trance 10:16:18 PM comradelunar: lol, what.
10:16:20 PM mikosutoka: like do you still try to lucid dreams 10:16:54 PM necrolich666: *cricket*
10:16:56 PM ldfkufjq: no, i dont dream much these days 10:17:04 PM daisukexkun: Due to the insomia? 10:17:06 PM loldamien: that sucks
10:17:08 PM kilo1185: you dont want any 10:17:16 PM thelastmerovin: lucid dreaming... wow. 10:17:17 PM daisukexkun: Jeez, I can't type right today 10:17:21 PM daisukexkun: well*
10:17:31 PM necrolich666: I've only been dreaming when I sleep 10:17:34 PM ldfkufjq: i just suck at it 10:17:49 PM daisukexkun: At least you don't have cryptic ones 10:17:56 PM daisukexkun: Worst things ever 10:18:08 PM kilo1185: chickens are nice 10:18:16 PM ldfkufjq: i mainly have bad ones 10:18:21 PM necrolich666: ;
10:18:22 PM daisukexkun: =(
10:18:24 PM mikosutoka: :(
10:18:25 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i have fucking amazing lucid dreams where i fly around like superman and construct cities with my mind. 10:18:27 PM daisukexkun: I'm sorry to hear that. 10:18:34 PM ldfkufjq: eh
10:18:43 PM necrolich666: Lucid dreaming is over rated 10:18:44 PM thelastmerovin: lol
10:18:44 PM comradelunar: Ever read The Star Fraction? I used to dream about living in that book. Weird stuff. 10:18:45 PM loldamien: I have those too, q4 :D! 10:18:47 PM necrolich666: I need my book back 10:18:50 PM q4tlqbvyhk: bad dreams about random 4chan people obsessing over her 10:19:12 PM ldfkufjq: @ lunar no and @ q tends to be worse than that 10:19:12 PM q4tlqbvyhk: then you wake up to find that it's real ;; 10:19:15 PM ldfkufjq: hahahaa
10:19:20 PM kilo1185: well im lagging so all my messages are 5 seconds late 10:19:22 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:19:31 PM thelastmerovin: fuckin 4chananoids 10:19:35 PM comradelunar: You're getting the CNN live feed, Kilo. 10:19:40 PM comradelunar: crap.
10:19:44 PM thelastmerovin: they are everywhere 10:19:54 PM mikosutoka: when you least expect them 10:19:55 PM thelastmerovin: I saw a 'longcat' grafitti yesterday 10:19:55 PM ldfkufjq: hm?
10:19:58 PM ldfkufjq: omg
10:20:02 PM thelastmerovin: I was like WOAH 10:20:04 PM thelastmerovin: I was like WOAH 10:20:04 PM ldfkufjq: longcat?
10:20:10 PM comradelunar: he's long.
10:20:14 PM mikosutoka: very looooong
10:20:15 PM thelastmerovin: yeah :p
10:20:16 PM ldfkufjq: in MY city?
10:20:27 PM comradelunar: more likely than you'd think. 10:20:38 PM daisukexkun: Took the words right out of my mouth Lunar 10:20:50 PM loldamien: did you get a picture :O? 10:20:55 PM comradelunar: Fastest memes in the west. 10:21:07 PM thelastmerovin: I'm out of film 10:21:11 PM q4tlqbvyhk: hi kilo
10:21:15 PM thelastmerovin: I don't use digital 10:21:21 PM thelastmerovin: 35mm ftw
10:21:23 PM kilo1185: hello
10:21:27 PM kilo1185: i lagged out
10:21:30 PM kilo1185: fucking internet
10:21:41 PM necrolich666: I wish I had a camera 10:21:49 PM necrolich666: I had a good picture idea the other day 10:21:50 PM daisukexkun: I have one, but it's crap. 10:21:56 PM daisukexkun: I need something better. 10:22:03 PM necrolich666: It would've had to of been a good res though 10:22:04 PM comradelunar: I have one, and it turned me into a myspace whore. 10:22:09 PM loldamien: Lol, one of my artmajorfriends swears by real cameras instead of digital. He's shown me comparisons... you two are right. 10:22:10 PM daisukexkun: Meh
10:22:14 PM kilo1185: lol
10:22:16 PM ldfkufjq: myspace sucks
10:22:20 PM necrolich666: ;
10:22:22 PM mikosutoka: im glad you think that :) 10:22:32 PM thelastmerovin: :)
10:22:36 PM comradelunar: Oh but I CRAVE APPROVAL. Ahem. 10:22:37 PM daisukexkun: I block people like wildfire on that site. 10:23:04 PM ldfkufjq: lunar, just put on some makeup and cat ears and go to 4chan for that.... 10:23:05 PM comradelunar: Out of 7 freidns on that site, two are most likely sex offenders. 10:23:17 PM kilo1185: i dont use myspace at all, lol myspace 10:23:19 PM mikosutoka: i got lunar's cracky pics :3 10:23:20 PM necrolich666: lol @ lia
10:23:24 PM comradelunar: oh lawd
10:23:27 PM daisukexkun: I mainly have my friends from school on that site. 10:23:30 PM daisukexkun: That's it.
10:23:33 PM comradelunar: say no more or I'll use your POWERWORD: IRL NAME. 10:23:46 PM mikosutoka: .. pssht
10:23:57 PM kilo1185: tom?
10:24:01 PM comradelunar: Most embarassing picture ever, taken when I QUITE THE INTERNETS FOREVER. 10:24:05 PM daisukexkun: I don't think anyone actually know my RL name 10:24:05 PM q4tlqbvyhk: starts with an E 10:24:08 PM comradelunar: eh, QUIT.
10:24:09 PM daisukexkun: What
10:24:18 PM q4tlqbvyhk: :P
10:24:20 PM daisukexkun: q, what do you know? 10:24:21 PM daisukexkun: >
10:24:37 PM necrolich666: starts with P 10:24:38 PM loldamien: Everyone knows my irl name .. 10:24:40 PM ldfkufjq: blackmail off
10:24:45 PM necrolich666: its penis monger ok? 10:24:47 PM mikosutoka: /blackmail
10:24:47 PM thelastmerovin: Hahaha, stalking the stalkers. 10:24:54 PM ldfkufjq: i know where suede lives. 10:25:01 PM comradelunar: A fair industrial city. 10:25:03 PM mikosutoka: everyone knows that though D: 10:25:06 PM necrolich666: lol
10:25:10 PM daisukexkun: Yes
10:25:11 PM lastxkveqxztoc: They do?
10:25:11 PM necrolich666: I son't ;
10:25:16 PM necrolich666: *d
10:25:24 PM comradelunar: I'd give out my home adress just to see what'd happen. 10:25:27 PM kilo1185: i know suedes name :O 10:25:40 PM comradelunar: 'suede S. Suederson'. 10:25:40 PM q4tlqbvyhk: I KNOW MY OWN NAME 10:25:43 PM necrolich666: I know my name :D 10:25:47 PM ldfkufjq: well aren't you special 10:25:47 PM necrolich666: damnit
10:25:51 PM q4tlqbvyhk: hey
10:25:54 PM q4tlqbvyhk: damnit.
10:25:58 PM necrolich666: beat me to it 10:26:02 PM q4tlqbvyhk: bea
10:26:06 PM q4tlqbvyhk: fuck
10:26:06 PM necrolich666: tch?
10:26:07 PM thelastmerovin: ...
10:26:08 PM thelastmerovin: Everyone knows that too... 10:26:12 PM necrolich666: me?
10:26:22 PM comradelunar: And lo, the conversation fell into confusion. 10:26:26 PM thelastmerovin: holy fuck lagg. aimexpress ftl 10:26:27 PM daisukexkun: Oh yes
10:26:34 PM mikosutoka: sigh ..
10:26:35 PM q4tlqbvyhk: everything lags 10:27:02 PM mikosutoka: i was almost half expecting the world to end now 10:27:06 PM mikosutoka: like a metor comes down 10:27:12 PM necrolich666: Lia where did you get the name Scarecrowmaiden? 10:27:13 PM comradelunar: Send me my embarassing pictures plz M. 10:27:26 PM daisukexkun: I'm actually expecting to wake up. 10:27:28 PM ldfkufjq: from a game
10:27:30 PM daisukexkun: To be honest
10:27:38 PM necrolich666: I lost the game :( 10:27:43 PM daisukexkun: Shit
10:27:46 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Damn you, necro. 10:27:47 PM daisukexkun: I lost
10:27:47 PM q4tlqbvyhk: ijltg
10:27:51 PM ldfkufjq: heh
10:27:57 PM kilo1185: well i won the game 10:28:05 PM mikosutoka: who are you .
. 10:28:07 PM comradelunar: oh goddamn you. 10:28:12 PM necrolich666: stfu
10:28:13 PM lastxkveqxztoc: You can't win the game. it's in the rules. 10:28:17 PM necrolich666: kilo
10:28:26 PM daisukexkun: Yes
10:28:29 PM q4tlqbvyhk: winning is whenever you're nto thinking of it 10:28:40 PM lastxkveqxztoc: That's not losing. 10:28:44 PM daisukexkun: Technically, that's playing the game 10:28:47 PM daisukexkun: Shit
10:28:48 PM daisukexkun: I lost
10:28:51 PM q4tlqbvyhk: oktru
10:28:52 PM comradelunar: YYou win if you die not thinking of it. 10:28:53 PM ldfkufjq: Game plays you.
10:28:56 PM necrolich666: Who here keeps a diary? 10:29:02 PM comradelunar: Me, kinda.
10:29:08 PM daisukexkun: Ahhhhhhhhhhh Motherland 10:29:17 PM q4tlqbvyhk: my diary is the fact that i log every chat i ever have online. 10:29:20 PM q4tlqbvyhk: so it's all searchable. 10:29:22 PM q4tlqbvyhk: it is my diary 10:29:24 PM thelastmerovin: I keep a private journal 10:29:25 PM kilo1185: oh shit son
10:29:28 PM kilo1185: fuck
10:29:31 PM kilo1185: i lost on lvl 2
10:29:33 PM loldamien: D: Now I lost the game, thanks guys~ 10:29:36 PM thelastmerovin: Note; in a BOOK, not online. 10:29:43 PM daisukexkun: Enought about the game. 10:29:48 PM mikosutoka: if i could write on paper i would merovin 10:29:56 PM comradelunar: I downloaded an enigma machine sim for the lulz, and now write stuff down with that. 10:29:58 PM daisukexkun: I used to
10:30:00 PM kilo1185: same here
10:30:13 PM kilo1185: i only log my xfire convos though 10:30:36 PM daisukexkun: Whoa
10:30:38 PM daisukexkun: I'm crashing
10:30:40 PM necrolich666: Lol I keep a diary of all the girls I sued to like... 10:30:47 PM necrolich666: *used
10:30:55 PM daisukexkun: Ahh, my head hurts 10:30:57 PM comradelunar: I only log chats I could use for blackmail purposes. Maybe. 10:31:03 PM daisukexkun: /b/, does this rule? 10:31:13 PM necrolich666: I log chats that I win an arguement over 10:31:24 PM kilo1185: ???
10:31:27 PM mikosutoka: 10:31:28 PM daisukexkun: This site logs everything except chats 10:31:47 PM necrolich666: That's cruel XD 10:31:49 PM comradelunar: lollolol
10:31:52 PM mikosutoka: lol XDD
10:31:53 PM daisukexkun: Yep
10:32:03 PM ldfkufjq: omg wut
10:32:10 PM comradelunar: in that thread the final humiliation of Lunarsandwich. 10:32:13 PM comradelunar: :-D
10:32:18 PM mikosutoka: i didnt post tempura 10:32:18 PM mikosutoka: though
10:32:20 PM mikosutoka: :3
10:32:21 PM ldfkufjq: he's cute
10:32:59 PM thelastmerovin: Ahaha
10:33:03 PM kilo1185: wow
10:33:09 PM comradelunar: I'm hardcore. lolz 10:33:13 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:33:16 PM necrolich666: I've been wearing my warlock shirt for 3 days 10:33:17 PM kilo1185: someone made a counter strike source map with cracky picutres 10:33:19 PM thelastmerovin: Lunar won the game 10:33:20 PM necrolich666: I'm hardcore XD 10:33:22 PM kilo1185: looks gay
10:33:29 PM mikosutoka: a gay is fine too 10:33:35 PM daisukexkun: a lunar is fine too 10:33:44 PM ldfkufjq: my boyfriend plays cs, it would be pretty funny if he say cracky tags online. 10:33:47 PM ldfkufjq: saw*
10:33:56 PM mikosutoka: *boom headshot* 10:34:03 PM necrolich666: owch
10:34:05 PM mikosutoka: x_x
10:34:09 PM daisukexkun: Y'know, I actually know that guy 10:34:17 PM necrolich666: what guy?
10:34:35 PM daisukexkun: See: Miko's reply 10:34:50 PM necrolich666: k
10:35:02 PM daisukexkun: He was a regular on a clan forum my brother's friend is a mod at. 10:35:04 PM q4tlqbvyhk: do you play video games, lia? 10:35:10 PM comradelunar: Faux is wanting to get into the chat, btw. 10:35:11 PM daisukexkun: After the video was made public, he stopped. 10:35:15 PM necrolich666: she plays runescape 10:35:18 PM daisukexkun: He comes to the server from time to time. 10:35:20 PM necrolich666: it's obvious
10:35:29 PM ldfkufjq: i do q
10:35:31 PM kilo1185: that guy
10:35:38 PM comradelunar: how do i invited people. 10:35:56 PM thelastmerovin: give me her s/n and I will 10:35:58 PM daisukexkun: Actually, post her SN and I'll invite 10:36:00 PM daisukexkun: damn
10:36:02 PM daisukexkun: beat me to it. 10:36:17 PM mikosutoka: ._. *growl*
10:36:22 PM daisukexkun: ?
10:36:27 PM comradelunar: lol, seconded. 10:36:32 PM daisukexkun: Not a fan of faux? 10:36:43 PM kilo1185: i have a ss of me knifing someone with the name Cracky-chan... 10:36:51 PM daisukexkun: Oh lord
10:36:57 PM kilo1185: cant find it in a folder with 241 files 10:37:09 PM necrolich666: :(
10:37:13 PM mikosutoka: use search function 10:37:22 PM ldfkufjq: knifing? me? @@
10:37:28 PM necrolich666: nuuuuuuu
10:37:34 PM comradelunar: enjoy ur stabbing. 10:37:38 PM thelastmerovin: >
10:37:45 PM mikosutoka: -10 hp
10:37:54 PM necrolich666: psh he crited 10:37:58 PM necrolich666: *crit'd
10:38:09 PM comradelunar: I think I already did the robe and wizard hat thing. 10:38:11 PM daisukexkun: In the back using right click 10:38:14 PM necrolich666: daggers are x2 10:38:16 PM daisukexkun: Yes you did actually. 10:38:24 PM necrolich666: yeah
10:38:29 PM daisukexkun: *cast Mark*
10:38:32 PM comradelunar: A second time would be too much. 10:38:40 PM daisukexkun: Why did I just tyype that? 10:38:45 PM necrolich666: i cast magik missle at the darkness 10:38:46 PM daisukexkun: I'm not playing Morrowin 10:38:46 PM ldfkufjq: i cast magic missile? 10:38:49 PM ldfkufjq: beat me
10:38:52 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:38:55 PM necrolich666: lol
10:39:02 PM comradelunar: You are eaten by a grue. 10:39:06 PM necrolich666: :(
10:39:08 PM thelastmerovin: Lunar, does faux want in the chat or not? 10:39:11 PM necrolich666: I is not grue 10:39:15 PM necrolich666: I is a boy
10:39:17 PM comradelunar: Yes, she does. 10:39:20 PM daisukexkun: Stand up. You were dreaming 10:39:21 PM q4tlqbvyhk: you type /invite Faux 10:39:24 PM q4tlqbvyhk: then she's in
10:39:24 PM daisukexkun: What's your name? 10:39:25 PM mikosutoka: im doing it
10:39:36 PM thelastmerovin: IM me her screen name 10:39:43 PM comradelunar: She probably posted a throwaway on bounceme. 10:39:52 PM mikosutoka: invited.
10:40:08 PM daisukexkun: Wait fot it.
10:40:09 PM daisukexkun: for*
10:40:13 PM necrolich666: fot
10:40:19 PM comradelunar: zoq-fot-piq
10:40:20 PM thelastmerovin: fail
10:40:22 PM daisukexkun: I'm not typing well today 10:40:23 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:40:30 PM necrolich666: I think I did that to you earlier 10:40:36 PM comradelunar: pirat
10:40:42 PM daisukexkun: Morrowin
10:41:02 PM mikosutoka: there she goes
10:41:02 PM necrolich666: aw didn't catch morrowin 10:41:03 PM ldfkufjq: oblivion is cool
10:41:08 PM ldfkufjq: hi 2 u
10:41:13 PM comradelunar: Oh, god. Oblivion. 10:41:13 PM necrolich666: my friend plays it too much 10:41:16 PM daisukexkun: Hello there
10:41:19 PM necrolich666: hai
10:41:19 PM redskiesofyou: hi
10:41:26 PM comradelunar: I would play it but apparently you need a computer that can run things properly. 10:41:33 PM daisukexkun: I wish I had a rig good enough for Oblivion 10:41:37 PM ldfkufjq: yeah, my computer crashes whenever i alt tab oblivion 10:41:38 PM daisukexkun: Or a 360
10:41:41 PM ldfkufjq: or just when it feels like it -- 10:41:45 PM daisukexkun: a 360 is fine too 10:41:46 PM necrolich666: he has a 360
10:41:48 PM necrolich666: ew
10:41:52 PM comradelunar: I got the collector's edition, got all revved up... And it ran like treacle. 10:42:01 PM comradelunar: At least I got that stupid coin. 10:42:02 PM necrolich666: loli haet 360 10:42:02 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i played morrowind 10:42:05 PM q4tlqbvyhk: a lot.
10:42:11 PM daisukexkun: You and me both q 10:42:15 PM comradelunar: I lost half my life to that. 10:42:20 PM necrolich666: Morrowind lagged to hell 10:42:21 PM q4tlqbvyhk: same.
10:42:22 PM comradelunar: Well, mnaybe less. Still, awesome game. 10:42:27 PM daisukexkun: I raised enough money to make one spell 10:42:29 PM necrolich666: Now.. DIABLO
10:42:31 PM daisukexkun: That ate up all my mp 10:42:36 PM necrolich666: That's where teh stuff is 10:42:45 PM ldfkufjq: i never played diablo >
< 10:42:45 PM daisukexkun: it was a combo of paralyze and fireball 10:42:48 PM daisukexkun: All maxed our
10:42:50 PM daisukexkun: out*
10:42:55 PM ldfkufjq: expensive daisuke 10:42:56 PM q4tlqbvyhk: hmm. maybe there was some secret code in morrowind that programmed all of us, leading us all up to this conversation. 10:42:58 PM comradelunar: Sixth House Mod. Epic mod. Better than the default ending. 10:42:59 PM daisukexkun: Oh yes
10:43:16 PM daisukexkun: I still need to download that. 10:43:23 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i think we could convince icarus of this 10:43:32 PM comradelunar: I love being one of those elephant guys. 10:43:32 PM necrolich666: theres no necromancy in morrowind or Oblvion how lame 10:43:34 PM daisukexkun: After buying that spell, I was left with 2 drakes 10:43:44 PM comradelunar: Oblivion has that staff. 10:43:51 PM necrolich666: woopty doo..
10:43:52 PM ldfkufjq: oblivion has summoning undead and crap 10:44:12 PM necrolich666: I hate that staff... It doesn't suffice 10:44:16 PM comradelunar: It's a shame oblivion generic'd everything up. 10:44:17 PM necrolich666: and is hard to get :( 10:44:24 PM comradelunar: Zombies instead of bonewalkers? Pffft. 10:44:25 PM kilo1185: hey, who here is running windows vista? 10:44:32 PM daisukexkun: I wish
10:44:35 PM necrolich666: ditto
10:44:35 PM ldfkufjq: hahahaha
10:44:36 PM redskiesofyou: +back with milk+ 10:44:39 PM ldfkufjq: vista.
10:44:40 PM necrolich666: who want's shadowrun? 10:44:40 PM redskiesofyou: vista blows
10:44:41 PM ldfkufjq: no.
10:44:42 PM daisukexkun: Because then I could actually run Source well 10:44:47 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i run mac osx, ubuntu feisty fawn, and xp 10:44:49 PM redskiesofyou: i have to run it at work, its awful 10:45:00 PM ldfkufjq: where do you work faux? 10:45:03 PM daisukexkun: Sadly, I'm stuck with a Dell that has no AGP slot 10:45:12 PM ldfkufjq: also, you're not dating the mudkip guy are you? 10:45:22 PM redskiesofyou: hahaha i wish 10:45:24 PM necrolich666: my friend is a total dumbass and got Suse and now he can't access the internet 10:45:27 PM redskiesofyou: i work at a venue 10:45:34 PM ldfkufjq: ah
10:45:36 PM redskiesofyou: so i help put on local rock shows and run an interwebs 10:45:38 PM q4tlqbvyhk: the store in the mall? 10:45:41 PM daisukexkun: Nice
10:45:41 PM q4tlqbvyhk: oh ok
10:46:00 PM thelastmerovin: lol @ the mudkip guy 10:46:06 PM daisukexkun: Oh man
10:46:12 PM redskiesofyou: basicly i keep their site running, music video database, and take photos at concerts 10:46:19 PM necrolich666: what happened to miko? 10:46:25 PM comradelunar: ?
10:46:26 PM daisukexkun: I saw a pic of him and I immediatly went O_o 10:46:26 PM ldfkufjq: maybe he fell asleep. 10:46:35 PM redskiesofyou: ?
10:46:36 PM kilo1185: none of you should be running vista 10:46:36 PM thelastmerovin: she..
10:46:40 PM ldfkufjq: ah
10:46:48 PM mikosutoka: ?
10:46:49 PM comradelunar: Off grinding her teeth, I think. 10:46:49 PM kilo1185: and source = best game engine 10:46:51 PM mikosutoka: ._.;
10:47:03 PM daisukexkun: Ah, I love source but I hate my rig 10:47:08 PM necrolich666: I grind my teeth when I sleep 10:47:09 PM redskiesofyou: im distracted between here and #/m/ 10:47:30 PM thelastmerovin: fuck I'd love to see all you people in a room together 10:47:30 PM kilo1185: you run the interwebs? 10:47:42 PM thelastmerovin: That would be the source of some epic lulz 10:47:42 PM mikosutoka: in a ROOM together, this is a room 10:47:44 PM daisukexkun: Mero, I'd be the shortest one 10:47:45 PM comradelunar: Liar. Faux is not AL Gore. 10:47:47 PM ldfkufjq: that would be pretty entertaining mero 10:47:49 PM daisukexkun: Telling you now. 10:47:54 PM kilo1185: do you not know that the interwebz are a series of tubes and that its not a big truck? 10:47:59 PM redskiesofyou: i told my boss that 10:48:00 PM necrolich666: IRL?
10:48:02 PM daisukexkun: And more than likely the youngest 10:48:03 PM redskiesofyou: when our net shut off 10:48:05 PM redskiesofyou: yep
10:48:06 PM mikosutoka: party in the TRUCK 10:48:06 PM thelastmerovin: No, it's a yellow van 10:48:12 PM daisukexkun: oh lord
10:48:13 PM comradelunar: BOOM
10:48:20 PM redskiesofyou: he was like "whu? sorry i got distracted thinking about big titties" 10:48:24 PM redskiesofyou: hes realllly weird 10:48:28 PM daisukexkun: Wow
10:48:29 PM ldfkufjq: natural reaction
10:48:29 PM comradelunar: Inevitable collapse into a meme singularity. 10:48:32 PM lastxkveqxztoc: in b4 hackers on steroids 10:48:33 PM necrolich666: Ew
10:48:43 PM ldfkufjq: internet hate machine 10:48:44 PM necrolich666: Wow
10:48:44 PM mikosutoka: 10:48:47 PM thelastmerovin: Yes Necro, there is something out there otherwise known as the 'real world' 10:48:51 PM comradelunar: Liar.
10:48:51 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i propose crackycon 10:48:54 PM necrolich666: :(
10:48:57 PM daisukexkun: Oh lord no
10:48:58 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:49:01 PM mikosutoka: Oh dear god NO
10:49:03 PM redskiesofyou: where i love is nothing but /b/tards and camwhores, you can understand the explosion that caused here 10:49:04 PM ldfkufjq: x_X
10:49:06 PM redskiesofyou: live*
10:49:07 PM redskiesofyou: hah
10:49:07 PM kilo1185: party van?
10:49:09 PM q4tlqbvyhk: hahahahaha
10:49:11 PM necrolich666: I propose we all pitch in for money for a plane ticket for cracky at otakon next year 10:49:15 PM necrolich666: :D
10:49:16 PM q4tlqbvyhk: no
10:49:18 PM q4tlqbvyhk: she would need
10:49:20 PM q4tlqbvyhk: bodyguards.
10:49:22 PM daisukexkun: Ohhh lord no
10:49:22 PM thelastmerovin: NO
10:49:24 PM redskiesofyou: one of my friends is under house arrest cuz he got partyvanned due to 4chan 10:49:24 PM necrolich666: Just kidding.. 10:49:25 PM q4tlqbvyhk: and none of us are fit. 10:49:25 PM necrolich666: :(
10:49:26 PM mikosutoka: no a SHARK TANK PROTECTOR 10:49:26 PM ldfkufjq: hahahahaa
10:49:29 PM kilo1185: fuck fox11
10:49:34 PM necrolich666: lol
10:49:35 PM q4tlqbvyhk: yeah.
10:49:36 PM redskiesofyou: pope-mobile
10:49:36 PM ldfkufjq: tazer.
10:49:38 PM q4tlqbvyhk: shark tank protector 10:49:39 PM daisukexkun: Sharks with lazer beams 10:49:45 PM mikosutoka: Lol
10:49:45 PM comradelunar: Curtains and a dog. 10:49:49 PM thelastmerovin: Optimus Prime 10:49:51 PM daisukexkun: Oh yes
10:49:54 PM daisukexkun: That solves everything 10:49:57 PM q4tlqbvyhk: do you have a ds, lia? 10:50:02 PM comradelunar: +phone tracker system. 10:50:05 PM daisukexkun: Pogeymanz
10:50:05 PM mikosutoka: lets play some mario kart 10:50:05 PM kilo1185: she will get shot 10:50:07 PM redskiesofyou: like... padme & her mass of handmaidens. we need more cracky-likes 10:50:12 PM ldfkufjq: no i don't q
10:50:17 PM daisukexkun: Ah, I wish I still had Mario Kart 10:50:17 PM q4tlqbvyhk: T_T
10:50:26 PM q4tlqbvyhk: no mario kart with cracky-chan 10:50:26 PM ldfkufjq: lunar can be my first handmaiden 10:50:28 PM q4tlqbvyhk: love is over.
10:50:29 PM necrolich666: I wish I had moneh 10:50:31 PM comradelunar: I've done my MANLY MAN part for the cause. Ahem. 10:50:33 PM kilo1185: do you know 4 FBI agents are assigned to montitor 4chan? 10:50:40 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:50:41 PM mikosutoka: 4 for 4chan
10:50:43 PM ldfkufjq: seriously kilo?
10:50:50 PM daisukexkun: To investigate the epic lulz 10:50:51 PM redskiesofyou: hahah
10:50:52 PM kilo1185: she will need curtains and a dog 10:50:54 PM kilo1185: FUCK YOU
10:50:56 PM comradelunar: So that's who posts all those damn chris hansen threads. 10:50:57 PM kilo1185: DAMMIT
10:50:58 PM loldamien: best job in the world 10:51:03 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:51:04 PM necrolich666: yeah!
10:51:09 PM redskiesofyou: i want to work for chris 10:51:10 PM necrolich666: lol notrlly
10:51:15 PM q4tlqbvyhk: do you know that i used to work for a major united states federal agency and got fired from that job for surfing 4chan? 10:51:15 PM redskiesofyou: like be the girl on the phone 10:51:16 PM thelastmerovin: Kilo, you know the FBI actualy has a backdoor into the server? They use it to grab IP's when someone posts a threat, they have immediate access. 10:51:20 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i don't want to say which one... 10:51:25 PM comradelunar: NSA
10:51:27 PM comradelunar: NSA
10:51:27 PM comradelunar: NSA
10:51:31 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:51:31 PM mikosutoka: .... o shi
10:51:36 PM q4tlqbvyhk: no it wasn't hte nsa 10:51:37 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i wish.
10:51:42 PM daisukexkun: Ahh damn, my head hurts 10:51:46 PM redskiesofyou: 'perverted justice' or whatever their team is 10:51:46 PM comradelunar: Federal Geological Survey 10:51:52 PM ldfkufjq: go to bed daisuke? o.o 10:51:56 PM kilo1185: yes
10:52:00 PM thelastmerovin: lol
10:52:03 PM kilo1185: they dont appear to do their jobs thou 10:52:10 PM daisukexkun: Too early
10:52:15 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i think it's raining 10:52:18 PM kilo1185: i think they are in it for the CP 10:52:19 PM daisukexkun: And I suffer from insomnia 10:52:20 PM q4tlqbvyhk: yay rain
10:52:26 PM ldfkufjq: 4am here now heh
10:52:27 PM comradelunar: choclit reign 10:52:30 PM ldfkufjq: o god
10:52:34 PM ldfkufjq: i turned on radio one yesterday 10:52:37 PM daisukexkun: oh lord
10:52:39 PM necrolich666: There's a red light that keeps popping up in my house :( 10:52:40 PM ldfkufjq: and they were playing choklit reign 10:52:43 PM ldfkufjq: i died a little inside 10:52:44 PM comradelunar: Oh god.
10:52:46 PM kilo1185: yup
10:52:46 PM mikosutoka: .. wtf.
10:52:47 PM loldamien: ! on the radio?
10:52:49 PM ldfkufjq: yes
10:52:50 PM daisukexkun: He's skyrocketted to fame 10:52:50 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i recorded the video of snacks, moot, maddeth and rj singing that. 10:52:51 PM comradelunar: It happened.
10:52:54 PM lastxkveqxztoc: That is amazing. 10:52:57 PM comradelunar: We wilol welcome the end, soon. 10:53:00 PM comradelunar: will
10:53:01 PM kilo1185: USPS
10:53:05 PM mikosutoka: *looks to the sky* 10:53:13 PM daisukexkun: The sky's the limit! 10:53:13 PM comradelunar: LOOK FOR THE BRON CLOUDS. 10:53:16 PM comradelunar: brown
10:53:18 PM q4tlqbvyhk: I HELD THAT CAMERA 10:53:19 PM ldfkufjq: tinfoil hats
10:53:19 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:53:25 PM necrolich666: I want a wii
10:53:26 PM kilo1185: its 8:53 here
10:53:28 PM kilo1185: PM
10:53:30 PM ldfkufjq: wii is fun
10:53:31 PM comradelunar: 3:53
10:53:32 PM redskiesofyou: oh gosh chocolate rain was on tv today 10:53:34 PM necrolich666: 10:53 PM
10:53:35 PM comradelunar: AM
10:53:35 PM redskiesofyou: my life hurts 10:53:36 PM ldfkufjq: but totally stupid 10:53:40 PM loldamien: Was it a legit radio station? Or some sort of university/college thing? 10:53:48 PM comradelunar: Radio 1 is legit as it gets. 10:53:49 PM daisukexkun: Warioware Smooth Moves is good for laughs 10:53:50 PM ldfkufjq: bbc radio one
10:53:52 PM kilo1185: they play it on the radio? 10:53:54 PM kilo1185: wtf
10:53:55 PM loldamien: wowzers
10:53:56 PM mikosutoka: you have satelite 10:53:57 PM mikosutoka: radio
10:54:00 PM mikosutoka: miss L
10:54:03 PM comradelunar: Well, I hope one day to hear it on Radio 4 instead of Sailing By. 10:54:04 PM q4tlqbvyhk: no they did a bit on the local rock station hear about tay zonday 10:54:07 PM ldfkufjq: i listen to it on the net 10:54:10 PM daisukexkun: Ah
10:54:20 PM mikosutoka: if you listen to sirus i like ch 22. 10:54:26 PM ldfkufjq: don't know it
10:54:37 PM comradelunar: I used to sleep with my digital radio. In a totally non-weird way. 10:54:53 PM daisukexkun: I actually sleep with my iPod on 10:54:54 PM kilo1185: wildfires ftl
10:55:02 PM necrolich666: eewww ipods... 10:55:08 PM ldfkufjq: i have an ipod mini >
> 10:55:09 PM comradelunar: Careful nobody steals it. 10:55:13 PM q4tlqbvyhk: nyoro~n
10:55:17 PM necrolich666: lol Ipods steal your soul 10:55:17 PM daisukexkun: What color Lia? 10:55:21 PM ldfkufjq: green
10:55:23 PM necrolich666: yay!
10:55:27 PM daisukexkun: We have the same one 10:55:27 PM ldfkufjq: best color
10:55:29 PM comradelunar: I pretend to hate iPods but I'm just jealous of the rich kids. XD 10:55:35 PM ldfkufjq: omg we're totally soulmates 10:55:35 PM redskiesofyou: everyone has those hererr 10:55:37 PM kilo1185: so daisuke and necro = east coaters? 10:55:38 PM daisukexkun: =o
10:55:45 PM daisukexkun: Seems like it
10:55:46 PM redskiesofyou: i just got an mp3 phone cuz i like black gadgets 10:55:50 PM necrolich666: yeah NY here
10:55:54 PM daisukexkun: Jersey here
10:55:58 PM necrolich666: w00t
10:55:59 PM mikosutoka: wb is gonna shoot lunar when he hears that quote 10:55:59 PM loldamien: PA here lol
10:55:59 PM daisukexkun: Wow
10:56:00 PM kilo1185: XM satellite radio fools 10:56:04 PM daisukexkun: Even a stae away 10:56:04 PM redskiesofyou: jersey all tha wayyy 10:56:06 PM comradelunar: Which quote?
10:56:07 PM daisukexkun: state*
10:56:12 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i'm in the nation's high-five 10:56:15 PM comradelunar: WB is going tos hoot me anyway. 10:56:15 PM daisukexkun: Wow, I can't type today 10:56:23 PM necrolich666: stae xD
10:56:24 PM mikosutoka: ldfkufjq
omg we're totally soulmate
10:56:25 PM kilo1185: i use my PSP....... 10:56:29 PM comradelunar: He gave me strict instructions never to use this AIM, lol. 10:56:30 PM kilo1185: dont kill me plz
10:56:39 PM mikosutoka: I know
10:56:45 PM comradelunar: He is the boss of me. 10:56:53 PM mikosutoka: I told him to get video of lunar beating 10:56:54 PM mikosutoka: later
10:57:03 PM kilo1185: WHAT?!?!
10:57:05 PM comradelunar: What.
10:57:07 PM kilo1185: pink is so ftw
10:57:08 PM mikosutoka: BDSM
10:57:09 PM ldfkufjq: kinky?
10:57:16 PM lastxkveqxztoc: What is going on. 10:57:23 PM daisukexkun: Whoaaaa
10:57:25 PM necrolich666: wtf
10:57:26 PM mikosutoka: aim hiccup AGAIN 10:57:27 PM daisukexkun: That was bad
10:57:28 PM q4tlqbvyhk: internets broke. 10:57:28 PM comradelunar: wttttf
10:57:31 PM lastxkveqxztoc: lulz
10:57:36 PM comradelunar: A whole tube just collapsed. 10:57:36 PM necrolich666: CORRUPTION
10:57:41 PM redskiesofyou: WHAT
10:57:45 PM mikosutoka: AIM HICCUP :(
10:57:46 PM necrolich666: lulz @ lunar
10:57:48 PM loldamien: what the shit
10:57:49 PM ldfkufjq: thanks
10:57:52 PM q4tlqbvyhk: yw
10:57:53 PM ldfkufjq: o_o
10:57:53 PM mikosutoka: welcome back
10:57:56 PM comradelunar: don't lulz at me, punk. 10:57:58 PM ldfkufjq: idk why i keep getting kicked 10:58:01 PM daisukexkun: Wow
10:58:05 PM mikosutoka: aim hiccups everyone got kicked 10:58:05 PM daisukexkun: That was really bad 10:58:09 PM q4tlqbvyhk: because aim sucks 10:58:16 PM daisukexkun: Yes
10:58:18 PM necrolich666: meh its the best imo 10:58:23 PM necrolich666: I hate msn and yahoo 10:58:26 PM comradelunar: Best AIDS.
10:58:27 PM necrolich666: too fancy
10:58:30 PM necrolich666: xD
10:58:35 PM daisukexkun: lol
10:58:38 PM comradelunar: That damn bleeping, gawd. 10:58:41 PM q4tlqbvyhk: using aim on anything other than aim client 10:58:45 PM q4tlqbvyhk: good.
10:59:13 PM redskiesofyou: color changes 10:59:15 PM redskiesofyou: are better now. 10:59:21 PM necrolich666: wut..
10:59:24 PM daisukexkun: How so?
10:59:26 PM redskiesofyou: the usernames... 10:59:29 PM daisukexkun: Ahh
10:59:32 PM mikosutoka: yeah not using aim client 10:59:33 PM redskiesofyou: changed color when everyone came back in 10:59:36 PM daisukexkun: Same
10:59:36 PM q4tlqbvyhk: with how i have this chat set up, all your text is black, and regular arial font... but the backgrounds 10:59:37 PM mikosutoka: havent gotten kicked once don't see annoying colors 10:59:40 PM q4tlqbvyhk: are like a crayon box 10:59:42 PM q4tlqbvyhk: it's awesome
10:59:46 PM redskiesofyou: i'm getting some very pretty yellows and purples here 10:59:53 PM necrolich666: weird
10:59:56 PM necrolich666: I has a green 11:00:08 PM daisukexkun: I'm in a sort of orange/gold 11:00:17 PM comradelunar: Snotgreen.
11:00:18 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i'll upload cap and link jussec 11:00:24 PM necrolich666: MEATBREAD
11:00:31 PM necrolich666: needz more dakka 11:00:38 PM mikosutoka: ... what
11:00:40 PM comradelunar: dakka?
11:00:41 PM comradelunar: orkz
11:00:42 PM daisukexkun: I don't know
11:00:43 PM ldfkufjq: pastel.
11:00:43 PM daisukexkun: lol
11:00:45 PM necrolich666: YEAH!
11:00:47 PM comradelunar: ORK ORKZ ORKZ ORKZ 11:00:47 PM necrolich666: orkz
11:00:48 PM q4tlqbvyhk: lia, you said you don't watch tv. do you watch any shows like, by downloading? 11:00:53 PM comradelunar: WE IZ DA ORKZ, AND YOU IS NOT 11:01:01 PM ldfkufjq: yes i do q.
11:01:10 PM redskiesofyou: torrrrent?
11:01:13 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i need to be specific, huh. what shows? 11:01:27 PM q4tlqbvyhk: 11:01:30 PM ldfkufjq: lost, heroes, battlestar galactica 11:01:37 PM comradelunar: Galactica? New or old? 11:01:40 PM mikosutoka: rainbow colors
11:01:40 PM redskiesofyou: that reminds me i need to find a torrent of gurren lagann, its hard since it got licensed 11:01:41 PM loldamien: woah colors
11:01:42 PM daisukexkun: Heroes is amazing 11:01:45 PM necrolich666: I never saw the pull of those shows 11:01:52 PM daisukexkun: Gundam 00
11:01:53 PM daisukexkun: =D
11:01:57 PM q4tlqbvyhk: yeah see, my chat looks beautiful :) 11:01:59 PM comradelunar: pewpew robots 11:02:02 PM daisukexkun: I can't wait for it. 11:02:04 PM ldfkufjq: new one
11:02:11 PM necrolich666: Meh
11:02:14 PM daisukexkun: Been a Gundam fan since I was younger 11:02:15 PM necrolich666: gundam wing > all 11:02:17 PM q4tlqbvyhk: lol
11:02:21 PM comradelunar: I shat brix ovre female starbuck. 11:02:22 PM ldfkufjq: never seen gundam 11:02:28 PM daisukexkun: I liked 0083: Stardust Memory 11:02:30 PM necrolich666: Ahhhh!!1.. endless waltzzzzzz 11:02:30 PM redskiesofyou: aw im a gundam girl 11:02:31 PM ldfkufjq: kara thrace is pretty hot 11:02:36 PM redskiesofyou: i'm watching Turn A now 11:02:37 PM necrolich666: <333 my first anime love 11:02:38 PM q4tlqbvyhk: remember when they showed evangelion on cartoon network? 11:02:41 PM q4tlqbvyhk: lol mtv
11:02:42 PM daisukexkun: Oh yes
11:02:45 PM comradelunar: Agreed. Also whoever it is plays Apollo. 11:02:46 PM daisukexkun: That one day
11:02:50 PM q4tlqbvyhk: mtv lol
11:02:53 PM loldamien: How about the new Rebuild of Evangelion, excited about that Lia? :O 11:03:01 PM mikosutoka: 11:03:05 PM ldfkufjq: i actually hadnt heard about that damien, i dont really watch anime any more 11:03:24 PM daisukexkun: I can see my Kyo picture 11:03:25 PM q4tlqbvyhk: anime for me: i'm not trying to get into anything new. but the stuff i like, is the stuff i like. 11:03:30 PM necrolich666: eveyone has cool icons :( 11:03:31 PM q4tlqbvyhk: which is basically eva. 11:03:32 PM daisukexkun: Exactly
11:03:47 PM comradelunar: I don't get anime. 11:03:48 PM loldamien: For your reference then. 11:03:54 PM daisukexkun: I've seen Eva so many times it's not even funny 11:03:55 PM comradelunar: It's all cartoons to me, like mickey mouse. 11:04:00 PM q4tlqbvyhk: is this a legit trailer? 11:04:17 PM loldamien: The three new songs by Utada Hikaru have been leaked, FYI 11:04:19 PM loldamien: Yeah thats legit 11:04:38 PM necrolich666: anyone read deathnote? 11:04:41 PM ldfkufjq: looks pretty cool o.o 11:04:46 PM ldfkufjq: not a death note fan. 11:04:50 PM q4tlqbvyhk: omfg...
11:04:51 PM necrolich666: ;-;
11:04:51 PM redskiesofyou: i dont get the popular stuff 11:04:53 PM mikosutoka: deathnote sucks 11:04:58 PM redskiesofyou: deathnote fangirls are scary 11:05:08 PM necrolich666: thx guyz /wrists 11:05:11 PM comradelunar: It all sucks, in my learned and not at all generalised opinion. 11:05:12 PM daisukexkun: I'm a Death Note fan 11:05:16 PM loldamien: Yeah, I can't wait to see it! The first movie will be shown sometime in September~ search around then for fansubs... I'm sure a bajillion people will sub it :D 11:05:24 PM comradelunar: Criminals!
11:05:25 PM daisukexkun: I actually bought a notebook at AnimeNext 11:05:33 PM q4tlqbvyhk: yeah they should be smarter 11:05:34 PM thelastmerovin: Death Note, what the fuck? 11:05:35 PM q4tlqbvyhk: and release it in the us 11:05:40 PM q4tlqbvyhk: simultaneously 11:05:46 PM q4tlqbvyhk: er, worldwide
11:06:10 PM redskiesofyou: hahah at Otakon all I did was buy gundams. i skipped the 4chan panel for gundam panel. 11:06:11 PM daisukexkun: Jeez Necro, we MUST have been separated at Birth 11:06:12 PM q4tlqbvyhk: lol new animus 11:06:19 PM necrolich666: I know right Daisuke? 11:06:25 PM comradelunar: lol at animu elitism. 11:06:26 PM daisukexkun: I wish I had enough for model kits 11:06:31 PM mikosutoka: 11:06:32 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i wish to draw gundoms from my naked imagination 11:06:36 PM redskiesofyou: i have like a wall of them ;____; 11:06:42 PM loldamien: I bought my first gundam model kit at Otakon... what kid of paints should I use for it? 11:06:50 PM daisukexkun: And yet, I never saw one model of Sazabi or GP-02 11:06:51 PM mikosutoka: good paint
11:06:52 PM q4tlqbvyhk: fucking hell this looks good. 11:06:53 PM redskiesofyou: i just posted hi-res of my custom Zudah on /m/ yesterday 11:06:55 PM thelastmerovin: I have officialy lost all interest in this conversation 11:07:01 PM necrolich666: I only has a few models and deh bork 11:07:02 PM redskiesofyou: get an airbrush if you're seriousss 11:07:02 PM ldfkufjq: wow, people nerdier than me 11:07:05 PM thelastmerovin: Gundams FTL 11:07:10 PM loldamien: Yeah, my friend has an airbrush 11:07:12 PM necrolich666: more likely then you think 11:07:14 PM q4tlqbvyhk: gundoms
11:07:16 PM loldamien: Any brands of paint you recommend? 11:07:17 PM daisukexkun: It's more likely than you thing Lia 11:07:21 PM comradelunar: gundoms? Ew.
11:07:23 PM daisukexkun: think*
11:07:24 PM redskiesofyou: not reallyyy 11:07:29 PM daisukexkun: Christ, my typing's off 11:07:30 PM thelastmerovin: whatever
11:07:37 PM redskiesofyou: i dont use an airbrush, i use brushes :( 11:07:48 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i keep watching this rebuild of evangelion thingggggg 11:07:49 PM redskiesofyou: i need to get around to it 11:07:52 PM loldamien: k
11:07:57 PM loldamien: isn't it awesome :D 11:07:58 PM redskiesofyou: i'd go back and repaint everything too 11:08:03 PM daisukexkun: I wish I could find a model of Sazabi 11:08:04 PM loldamien: I'll find the music torrent, one sec 11:08:06 PM q4tlqbvyhk: eva makes me... cry. 11:08:14 PM redskiesofyou: gundamstoreandmore? 11:08:16 PM redskiesofyou: HLJ?
11:08:17 PM comradelunar: Which makes me die a little inside. 11:08:32 PM necrolich666: Lia ever heard of the Vaselines? 11:08:37 PM daisukexkun: Well, somewhere close to where I live at least 11:08:53 PM redskiesofyou: for my zudah, i used a beaten metal textured spray paint (plastic bond sort) 11:08:55 PM ldfkufjq: nope necro
11:08:58 PM mikosutoka: wonder what'd happen if we all went to a bar together 11:09:04 PM redskiesofyou: internets is close to you, obviously 11:09:05 PM daisukexkun: Uhh
11:09:08 PM daisukexkun: True
11:09:09 PM necrolich666: oh they're quite nice :P 11:09:12 PM loldamien: Should go really fast. The new Fly me to the moon is lovely <3 11:09:13 PM daisukexkun: But I don't feel like shipping 11:09:18 PM comradelunar: A couple of people people would get chucked out. 11:09:24 PM redskiesofyou: but stores rip you off 11:09:25 PM daisukexkun: Right here
11:09:29 PM daisukexkun: *underage b&*
11:09:33 PM redskiesofyou: they more than take for "shipping" 11:09:39 PM daisukexkun: As long as I get one, I'm fine 11:09:52 PM necrolich666: I wanna listen to some.....Savage garden... 11:09:56 PM redskiesofyou: haha guys at otakon/4chan asked where i stole my wristband 11:10:00 PM mikosutoka: how old are you, isnt there like bars in England that allow 16 for drinking 11:10:01 PM necrolich666: -.- don't judge me 11:10:04 PM mikosutoka: @ daisuke
11:10:04 PM daisukexkun: lol
11:10:08 PM daisukexkun: Actually
11:10:12 PM ldfkufjq: no, legal drinking age is 18 11:10:13 PM daisukexkun: I turn 16 in September 11:10:14 PM comradelunar: 18 nationwide just for drinking. 11:10:20 PM redskiesofyou: 18 in russias too 11:10:23 PM necrolich666: I am 16
11:10:23 PM comradelunar: I think after 15 you can order a drink with food. 11:10:36 PM ldfkufjq: maybe. my local store never ids me when i buy liqor. 11:10:36 PM mikosutoka: can you just be there if you dont drink 11:10:44 PM daisukexkun: Depends
11:10:44 PM ldfkufjq: not sure
11:10:48 PM redskiesofyou: usually
11:10:49 PM comradelunar: Fun with drunk people. 11:10:57 PM thelastmerovin: LEGAL DRINKING AGE OF 18 FTW 11:11:00 PM loldamien: Wow, you guys are young. I'm 23 D: 11:11:08 PM necrolich666: I don't drink or smoke 11:11:09 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i quit drinking. 11:11:11 PM comradelunar: Oh, you old man. 11:11:14 PM daisukexkun: I've been somewhat turned off to drinking because of my mother and my brother 11:11:14 PM redskiesofyou: in new jersey, you'll find upset children tagging along with their trailor trash hooker moms in bars 11:11:18 PM ldfkufjq: smoking, kinda grody. 11:11:27 PM ldfkufjq: i dont drink a lot 11:11:27 PM necrolich666: yeah my father died from Sirrosis 11:11:27 PM comradelunar: I can get drunk off the possibility of alcohol. 11:11:29 PM ldfkufjq: only socially
11:11:33 PM q4tlqbvyhk: and on the internet 11:11:35 PM loldamien: Smoking is disgusting. 11:11:36 PM redskiesofyou: >__> sXe here. 11:11:40 PM comradelunar: lol
11:11:45 PM daisukexkun: I used to do it. 11:11:49 PM q4tlqbvyhk: <-- wore X's on his hands in high school. 11:11:50 PM daisukexkun: Because of my whore of an ex 11:11:51 PM q4tlqbvyhk: true story.
11:11:51 PM necrolich666: What's wrong with being sXe? 11:11:58 PM thelastmerovin: I smoke when I'm stressed out 11:11:59 PM redskiesofyou: well
11:12:01 PM loldamien: And I have too much fun getting drunk people to do stupid stuff on camera~ so i'm not much a drinker either. 11:12:02 PM comradelunar: It's lulzy.
11:12:05 PM thelastmerovin: which is often 11:12:16 PM redskiesofyou: my friends thought it was lame til i had to take one of them to the hospital after a drug overdose 11:12:19 PM mikosutoka: lol damien
11:12:21 PM mikosutoka: have we met before 11:12:23 PM q4tlqbvyhk: here's what's wrong with sXe: the need to make it a big cause. 11:12:23 PM mikosutoka: in some weird hotel 11:12:24 PM mikosutoka: ..
11:12:32 PM necrolich666: O.O
11:12:32 PM mikosutoka: i swear your sn sounds familiar 11:12:34 PM loldamien: D:?
11:12:41 PM ldfkufjq: hahahaha
11:12:45 PM loldamien: Hmmmm, iunno!
11:12:48 PM redskiesofyou: no i never preach, i hang with all sorts of crazies and i never bothrer them as long as thei dont bother me 11:12:59 PM redskiesofyou: people can do whatever they want :/ 11:13:04 PM necrolich666: I know right
11:13:23 PM comradelunar: Alcohol just makes me think of the song Pick me up Big Chicken. 11:13:34 PM necrolich666: O.o
11:13:39 PM necrolich666: big cock...
11:13:39 PM mikosutoka: what song is that 11:13:40 PM necrolich666: xD
11:13:45 PM comradelunar: D:
11:13:50 PM necrolich666: sorry immaturity showing 11:13:55 PM comradelunar: Never mind. Never mind. : | 11:13:59 PM daisukexkun: Don't worry about it. 11:14:02 PM redskiesofyou: x3
11:14:09 PM comradelunar: It's only a CLASSIC! :-D 11:14:20 PM comradelunar: Also, I have shit taste in music. 11:14:29 PM daisukexkun: You and me both Lunar 11:14:52 PM necrolich666: lies
11:15:01 PM necrolich666: ok maybe
11:15:06 PM mikosutoka: omg shotas
11:15:10 PM mikosutoka: .
. take pics
11:15:10 PM comradelunar: Bom-bom-bom-ba-dum-bom-bom. 11:15:11 PM mikosutoka: >>
11:15:12 PM mikosutoka: <
11:15:14 PM comradelunar: Wait, what?
11:15:21 PM daisukexkun: I actually have pics 11:15:26 PM redskiesofyou: wutttt
11:15:28 PM mikosutoka: zomg
11:15:29 PM daisukexkun: Just regular crap 11:15:30 PM comradelunar: Why don't you take a seat here? 11:15:32 PM mikosutoka: LOL
11:15:33 PM daisukexkun: No shota
11:15:33 PM daisukexkun: lol
11:15:44 PM necrolich666: wut stop making me do bad things on cam 11:15:44 PM q4tlqbvyhk: what the fuck is going on 11:15:49 PM necrolich666: D:
11:15:49 PM redskiesofyou: oh geez i forgot, i was gonna take pics today now that my hair matches my car. 11:15:50 PM comradelunar: pedophilia.
11:15:56 PM necrolich666: is a way of life 11:16:00 PM q4tlqbvyhk: facepalm
11:16:02 PM daisukexkun: lol
11:16:04 PM mikosutoka: male moe
11:16:07 PM comradelunar: Anonymous says: LOL MOAR. 11:16:16 PM daisukexkun: OP says lolno
11:16:25 PM loldamien: curtains match the wheels hrrrrrrrr 11:16:25 PM comradelunar: sage this shit, etc 11:16:28 PM mikosutoka: nevermind necro he's not your twin at all..... he's an evil twin 11:16:33 PM mikosutoka: ..
11:16:45 PM daisukexkun: /soap opera
11:17:03 PM necrolich666: ah
11:17:05 PM comradelunar: oh god, spider 11:17:12 PM necrolich666: *diminished chord!* 11:17:21 PM redskiesofyou: oyea my car is bright turquoise 11:17:29 PM ldfkufjq: good color.
11:17:34 PM loldamien: coolness!
11:18:27 PM necrolich666: *chirp chirp chirp* 11:18:29 PM necrolich666: so
11:18:33 PM mikosutoka: so
11:18:34 PM necrolich666: how bout them sabres 11:18:44 PM q4tlqbvyhk: so how bout them uh 11:18:46 PM q4tlqbvyhk: internets
11:18:51 PM comradelunar: CAVALRY SABRES. 11:18:53 PM comradelunar: TALLY-HO!
11:18:54 PM q4tlqbvyhk: tubes
11:18:55 PM mikosutoka: thats it im shutting off the internets 11:18:57 PM q4tlqbvyhk: youtubes.
11:19:00 PM mikosutoka: -starts pulling cords out of her arm- 11:19:06 PM comradelunar: Oh, you ass.
11:19:06 PM q4tlqbvyhk: NO LAIN NO
11:19:08 PM necrolich666: oh fuck shee's serious 11:19:20 PM mikosutoka: ;
; alice haets me 11:19:24 PM comradelunar: Somebody sedate her. 11:19:33 PM necrolich666: *Shoot horse tranqulizer* 11:19:45 PM comradelunar: Immobilon+people=blarg im ded 11:19:46 PM daisukexkun: Don't dawdle Alice, we're very late indeed! 11:20:14 PM necrolich666: I wish I was a sunfish 11:20:23 PM comradelunar: I wish I was a slime mould. 11:20:30 PM daisukexkun: I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Wiener 11:20:34 PM necrolich666: stfu
11:20:36 PM comradelunar: Ohsnap.
11:20:38 PM loldamien: .
11:20:41 PM mikosutoka: lia
11:20:43 PM mikosutoka: did she pass out 11:20:44 PM daisukexkun: =P
11:20:47 PM ldfkufjq: x_x
11:20:51 PM necrolich666: oh noes
11:20:52 PM q4tlqbvyhk: she's all lurkin 11:20:53 PM daisukexkun: Apparently not 11:20:53 PM q4tlqbvyhk: readin
11:20:59 PM comradelunar: lurk less
11:20:59 PM mikosutoka: head on keyboard 11:21:04 PM ldfkufjq: getting coffee.
11:21:06 PM daisukexkun: Commenting on how weird we are 11:21:08 PM daisukexkun: yeah
11:21:08 PM comradelunar: facepalm.jpg
11:21:20 PM q4tlqbvyhk: oh, btw, i'm behind the dovesoap thing on 4chan /b/ 11:21:21 PM q4tlqbvyhk: in fact
11:21:24 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i'm going to start it right now 11:21:25 PM loldamien: jpalm.face
11:21:27 PM q4tlqbvyhk: to prove it's me 11:21:28 PM comradelunar: Get cancer.
11:21:29 PM necrolich666: my thumb is big enough to twist my upper lip with its joint and go in my nose 11:21:29 PM mikosutoka: lol XD
11:21:47 PM daisukexkun: What
11:21:47 PM mikosutoka: nice to know ._< 11:21:48 PM daisukexkun: lol
11:21:51 PM loldamien: soap :D
11:22:03 PM q4tlqbvyhk: 23:21:56: Post 1 to No.35213920 (page 10) done. 11:22:04 PM comradelunar: All soapspammers should get the kind where they have to remove the entire contents of the abdomen. 11:22:06 PM q4tlqbvyhk: lolol
11:22:06 PM necrolich666: ow ow ow ow
11:22:19 PM mikosutoka: hes the only soap spammer 11:22:20 PM q4tlqbvyhk: like 1/2 of the soapspammers are in this room 11:22:21 PM daisukexkun: Apply directly to the foreead I see 11:22:22 PM mikosutoka: lol
11:22:24 PM q4tlqbvyhk: no there's 4
11:22:26 PM daisukexkun: forehead*
11:22:28 PM daisukexkun: Chrst
11:22:31 PM daisukexkun: Chirst*
11:22:31 PM loldamien: :)
11:22:35 PM daisukexkun: Christ******
11:22:36 PM lastxkveqxztoc: I would look at that link but I'm banned. 11:22:42 PM ldfkufjq: soapspam wtf
11:22:44 PM q4tlqbvyhk: how do i evaded ban 11:22:52 PM q4tlqbvyhk: okay i'll explain spamming soap: 11:22:56 PM comradelunar: take a walk in the torpark 11:22:57 PM q4tlqbvyhk: 4chan needs a distraction. 11:22:58 PM q4tlqbvyhk: something to hate. 11:22:59 PM q4tlqbvyhk: and
11:23:06 PM q4tlqbvyhk: it would be good if it were itself. 11:23:06 PM daisukexkun: Other than the newfags 11:23:08 PM q4tlqbvyhk: yes.
11:23:12 PM comradelunar: <3 newfags.
11:23:16 PM q4tlqbvyhk: so i thought, "what's the least funny thing ever" 11:23:20 PM necrolich666: gtfo newfags
11:23:21 PM mikosutoka: protip: lunar =/= newfag 11:23:23 PM daisukexkun: *soap*
11:23:26 PM q4tlqbvyhk: and i was taking a piss. and i looked over at soap. 11:23:31 PM q4tlqbvyhk: and i thought "soap. an ad for soap" 11:23:32 PM necrolich666: lunar = oldfag 11:23:37 PM necrolich666: tripfag
11:23:38 PM mikosutoka: lol soap
11:23:39 PM necrolich666: etc
11:23:44 PM comradelunar: lunar=fag
11:23:47 PM q4tlqbvyhk: so dialsoap was born. 11:23:47 PM daisukexkun: I'm just an oldfag 11:23:48 PM comradelunar: I mean... SHit. 11:23:50 PM necrolich666: XD
11:24:29 PM mikosutoka: fucking alizee. 11:24:33 PM comradelunar: whut
11:24:37 PM q4tlqbvyhk: lol
11:24:38 PM mikosutoka: nothing ._.
11:24:45 PM q4tlqbvyhk: alizee has quite the posterior 11:24:49 PM q4tlqbvyhk: just sayin.
11:24:56 PM necrolich666: I keep not seeing lia's name in the chat list and freaking out :( I feel lame 11:25:00 PM mikosutoka: i had to dictionary that word Q 11:25:11 PM comradelunar: goddamnit I feel left out of this. 11:25:14 PM ldfkufjq: i'm a bit tired not very chatty >.> 11:25:17 PM comradelunar: Posterior chat? zomg. 11:25:23 PM daisukexkun: Wow
11:25:24 PM comradelunar: lolololol
11:25:29 PM mikosutoka: omg who keeps burping aim 11:25:30 PM comradelunar: Brace for impact. 11:25:32 PM daisukexkun: idk
11:25:36 PM loldamien: what the shit
11:25:36 PM mikosutoka: welcome back lia 11:25:37 PM daisukexkun: Wow
11:25:40 PM daisukexkun: That always happens 11:25:42 PM comradelunar: wb lia
11:25:45 PM daisukexkun: And before you left 11:25:57 PM daisukexkun: it's understandable that you're tired and not very chatty. 11:26:16 PM comradelunar: half of this room is desperate to keep this up with mindless crap, lulz. 11:26:16 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:26:18 PM ldfkufjq: well i just had a coffee x_x 11:26:18 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:26:23 PM daisukexkun: Whoaaa
11:26:23 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:26:24 PM mikosutoka: what the hell merovin relog 11:26:25 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:26:27 PM comradelunar: lol
11:26:27 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:26:28 PM q4tlqbvyhk: what happen
11:26:28 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:26:31 PM daisukexkun: Ohgod
11:26:32 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:26:33 PM ldfkufjq: merovin possessed 11:26:34 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:26:34 PM comradelunar: someone set up us the bomb 11:26:35 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:26:35 PM q4tlqbvyhk: what's going on 11:26:35 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:26:36 PM mikosutoka: damnit i dont have kick function 11:26:38 PM ldfkufjq: hahahaha
11:26:42 PM necrolich666: Lol lia is pink 11:26:42 PM daisukexkun: Ohhh dear god
11:26:46 PM q4tlqbvyhk: oh wtf
11:26:56 PM daisukexkun: This happened in another chat I'm a regular at 11:26:56 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:26:59 PM daisukexkun: It was baddd
11:27:00 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:27:04 PM loldamien: [System Message] User is not available. 11:27:04 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:27:05 PM mikosutoka: merovin RELOG
11:27:05 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:27:06 PM comradelunar: ohlawd
11:27:06 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:27:07 PM q4tlqbvyhk: who is breaking the internet. 11:27:07 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:27:07 PM daisukexkun: TheLastMerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:27:10 PM necrolich666: wtf
11:27:10 PM loldamien: [System Message] User is not available. 11:27:16 PM q4tlqbvyhk: daisukexkun: TheLastMerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:27:18 PM mikosutoka: ok thats it everyone to crackybounceme2 11:27:18 PM daisukexkun: Damien too
11:27:20 PM daisukexkun: What
11:27:21 PM redskiesofyou: ??huh
11:27:22 PM loldamien: sup
11:27:23 PM comradelunar: Tubes broked
11:27:30 PM ldfkufjq: the sky is falling 11:27:31 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:27:36 PM daisukexkun: Oh lord
11:27:36 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:27:39 PM necrolich666: the fall is skying 11:27:39 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:27:40 PM comradelunar: chicken licken 11:27:40 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:27:41 PM daisukexkun: Man the harpoons 11:27:41 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:27:48 PM necrolich666: Harpoon the mans 11:27:48 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:28:02 PM comradelunar: someone called the other day, said old teddy greenstreets passed away. 11:28:03 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:28:03 PM loldamien: Poon the Harmans 11:28:03 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:28:06 PM q4tlqbvyhk: the pokemans
11:28:06 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:28:14 PM comradelunar: They buried him on saturday, they said it was a lovely way to go. 11:28:14 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:28:15 PM ldfkufjq: let them show you me? 11:28:15 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:28:26 PM comradelunar: also dongs.
11:28:26 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:28:28 PM necrolich666: :(
11:28:28 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:28:34 PM necrolich666: stupid system message 11:28:34 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:28:46 PM necrolich666: how do I stop message 11:28:46 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:28:49 PM comradelunar: needs new room that doesn't have the AIDS 11:28:49 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:30:09 PM necrolich666: where are we going? 11:30:09 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:30:13 PM mikosutoka: crackybounceme2 11:30:13 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:30:18 PM mikosutoka:

crackybounceme2 < join chat
11:30:18 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:30:24 PM comradelunar: HOWWW
11:30:24 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:30:30 PM mikosutoka: click join chat 11:30:30 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:30:34 PM redskiesofyou: what
11:30:34 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:30:34 PM mikosutoka: I invited you
11:30:35 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:30:36 PM q4tlqbvyhk: where did we go 11:30:37 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:30:39 PM redskiesofyou: stop that
11:30:39 PM thelastmerovin: [System Message] User is not available. 11:52:52 PM necrolich666: omg
11:52:57 PM necrolich666: if my internet runs out 11:53:02 PM mikosutoka: what did i miss 11:53:02 PM necrolich666: I'm going to fucking cry 11:53:03 PM mikosutoka: ._.
11:53:04 PM comradelunar: Run out of tubez. 11:53:06 PM q4tlqbvyhk: nothing
11:53:11 PM q4tlqbvyhk: lia's quiet
11:53:12 PM mikosutoka: i was tucking my baby away 11:53:13 PM comradelunar: You missed mean things. 11:53:15 PM q4tlqbvyhk: so nothing important. 11:53:16 PM q4tlqbvyhk: yes and
11:53:23 PM q4tlqbvyhk: there's some kind of 11:53:24 PM ldfkufjq: theres not much of great excitement going on guys =P 11:53:28 PM q4tlqbvyhk: lol
11:53:32 PM q4tlqbvyhk: okay let's step it up 11:53:49 PM loldamien: give it some soul 11:53:53 PM necrolich666: lets play dnd 11:53:54 PM comradelunar: Oh god.
11:53:55 PM mikosutoka: LOL
11:53:56 PM necrolich666: necrolich666 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 6 11:54:01 PM necrolich666: AWESOME
11:54:08 PM comradelunar: I'm a half-elf rogue, srs. 11:54:08 PM loldamien: /roll 1d6
11:54:10 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Heh...I forget how to do that. 11:54:23 PM q4tlqbvyhk: um
11:54:26 PM necrolich666: I can only roll 2d6 though :( 11:54:26 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i'll DM
11:54:33 PM mikosutoka: i dont know how to play DnD 11:54:33 PM q4tlqbvyhk: ...
11:54:35 PM q4tlqbvyhk: YOU ALL DIE
11:54:36 PM comradelunar: Somebody make this stop. :| 11:54:37 PM necrolich666: psh I have lair of the spider queen 11:54:39 PM q4tlqbvyhk: BECAUSE
11:54:40 PM q4tlqbvyhk: LIA
11:54:42 PM q4tlqbvyhk: EXPLODES
11:54:48 PM q4tlqbvyhk: idk.
11:54:49 PM comradelunar: lol, singularity. 11:54:50 PM ldfkufjq: ohshi-
11:54:51 PM q4tlqbvyhk: /end rp.
11:54:52 PM necrolich666: wait wu.....
11:54:54 PM mikosutoka: i was gonna say 11:54:56 PM thelastmerovin: ?
11:54:59 PM mikosutoka: lets all meet up at a gay bar in second life 11:55:02 PM mikosutoka: but they still wont unban me 11:55:03 PM ldfkufjq: omg lets.
11:55:04 PM kilo1185: ...
11:55:04 PM necrolich666: LOL
11:55:08 PM mikosutoka: xD
11:55:09 PM loldamien: second life...
11:55:09 PM comradelunar: Second Life is made of lag and horrible failure, 11:55:11 PM comradelunar: Also furries. 11:55:17 PM necrolich666: let's make furries 11:55:19 PM necrolich666: XD
11:55:22 PM mikosutoka: i havent played cause my bf made a terroirst 11:55:23 PM ldfkufjq: omg great idea
11:55:24 PM comradelunar: I can never get past the first bit. 11:55:25 PM mikosutoka: and he attacked a furry club 11:55:29 PM mikosutoka: THE ZOOKEEPER HAS COME 11:55:30 PM mikosutoka: etc
11:55:32 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i have a character on second life 11:55:33 PM q4tlqbvyhk: named
11:55:34 PM mikosutoka: and they permabanned my computer 11:55:35 PM q4tlqbvyhk: Crackych An
11:55:38 PM q4tlqbvyhk: swear to god.
11:55:50 PM comradelunar: I used to be Nigra Fapp. My 40-foot penis tower was awesome. 11:55:55 PM ldfkufjq: i've seen a lot of online avatars with Crackychan as the name 11:55:57 PM mikosutoka: the best thing in SL i danced with speedy cat 11:56:11 PM ldfkufjq: i've never played SL tbqh, nearly did but i was saved at the last minute 11:56:21 PM q4tlqbvyhk: yeah it's full of furfaggotry 11:56:22 PM comradelunar: Somebody did you a great service. 11:56:23 PM loldamien: Sorry Lia, I got crackychan banned from Habbo Hotel :( 11:56:27 PM ldfkufjq: hahaha
11:56:32 PM necrolich666: LMFAO
11:56:39 PM q4tlqbvyhk: There has to be a way thta you can profit from the phenomenon 11:56:45 PM q4tlqbvyhk: like buy 11:56:47 PM comradelunar: Merchandise.
11:56:48 PM q4tlqbvyhk: and have ads.
11:56:48 PM ldfkufjq: trademark?
11:56:50 PM q4tlqbvyhk: merchandise yes 11:56:51 PM redskiesofyou: more shirt runs 11:56:52 PM q4tlqbvyhk: trademark.
11:56:54 PM q4tlqbvyhk: shirts.
11:57:01 PM comradelunar: Jam.
11:57:02 PM ldfkufjq: cracky anime imo
11:57:02 PM q4tlqbvyhk: um
11:57:05 PM kilo1185: start up a buisness 11:57:05 PM necrolich666: who wants cheese 11:57:06 PM redskiesofyou: i'll donate more designs XD; 11:57:06 PM thelastmerovin: lol yes
11:57:07 PM q4tlqbvyhk: rabbit
11:57:07 PM necrolich666: OMFG
11:57:10 PM q4tlqbvyhk: designed a shirt 11:57:11 PM necrolich666: CRACKY ANIME!!! 11:57:12 PM redskiesofyou: facial stickers. 11:57:12 PM q4tlqbvyhk: caitlin
11:57:17 PM thelastmerovin: I want another shirt Faux 11:57:17 PM loldamien: 11:57:20 PM q4tlqbvyhk: she made a shirt. sold a bunch of htem 11:57:32 PM comradelunar: Rabbit= win and fail. 11:57:33 PM q4tlqbvyhk: i'll find link to rabbit-chan's shirt 11:57:34 PM redskiesofyou: she knows ;o 11:57:43 PM necrolich666: Rabbit is all fail no win 11:57:45 PM ldfkufjq: i heard about the shirts 11:58:11 PM ldfkufjq: brb a sec guys, gotta feed my cat. 11:58:20 PM necrolich666: awwww kitty :3 11:58:24 PM kilo1185: at 4 in the morning? 11:58:28 PM mikosutoka: kittyyy
11:58:30 PM q4tlqbvyhk: it's half cat, half fox 11:58:31 PM q4tlqbvyhk: AMIRITE
11:58:35 PM mikosutoka: nekofox
11:58:39 PM redskiesofyou: ew rabbit is fug sorry guysss 11:58:49 PM lastxkveqxztoc: I have to agree with that. 11:58:56 PM q4tlqbvyhk: btw
11:58:58 PM q4tlqbvyhk: who owns the sky 11:59:04 PM loldamien: THRUST VECTORING 11:59:08 PM lastxkveqxztoc: Cracky-chan? 11:59:18 PM kilo1185: let me guess
11:59:21 PM kilo1185: the us air force
11:59:29 PM mikosutoka: TEH REI
11:59:33 PM mikosutoka: teh rei owns you ALLZ 11:59:35 PM redskiesofyou: snacks?
11:59:56 PM ldfkufjq: he gets testy
11:59:59 PM ldfkufjq: i have two cats
12:00:01 AM ldfkufjq: one is anorexic
12:00:03 AM ldfkufjq: the other one has coe 12:00:08 AM kilo1185: coe?
12:00:09 AM loldamien: coe
12:00:16 AM ldfkufjq: compulsive over eating 12:00:21 AM kilo1185: oh
12:00:23 AM thelastmerovin: the cat has coe 12:00:24 AM loldamien: I guess that equals out 12:00:26 AM thelastmerovin: the cat has coe 12:00:30 AM redskiesofyou: like my mom
12:00:34 AM redskiesofyou: oooooooooooh 12:00:40 AM q4tlqbvyhk: rabbit-chan t-shirt 12:00:41 AM q4tlqbvyhk: 12:00:56 AM redskiesofyou: ?
12:01:01 AM q4tlqbvyhk: i'm amused how xx-large is sold out 12:01:06 AM mikosutoka: $317.00
12:01:06 AM ldfkufjq: ehehe
12:01:09 AM q4tlqbvyhk: there's a lot of REALLY FAT GUYS out there 12:01:13 AM q4tlqbvyhk: with rabbit chan shirts. 12:01:16 AM loldamien: squids don't breath soda 12:01:24 AM mikosutoka: i hate those kind of shirts 12:01:57 AM thelastmerovin: dude, what the fuck 12:02:04 AM kilo1185: ?
12:02:22 AM thelastmerovin: rabbit chan is a dog 12:02:28 AM ldfkufjq: i'm not even sure who rabbit chan is 12:02:35 AM ldfkufjq: i feel so out of touch 12:02:35 AM loldamien: whoops, i mean jellyfish. I doubt they breathe it either D: 12:02:43 AM q4tlqbvyhk: k jussec i'll show you the pic 12:02:46 AM q4tlqbvyhk: where she has a knife 12:02:49 AM ldfkufjq: why is she called rabbit chan? 12:02:50 AM q4tlqbvyhk: pointed at cracky chan 12:02:50 AM loldamien: rabbit chan is disgusting 12:02:51 AM lastxkveqxztoc: oh lawd
12:02:54 AM thelastmerovin: well she hates you lia. 12:02:54 AM q4tlqbvyhk: cuz she has rabbit teeth 12:02:58 AM q4tlqbvyhk: naw she doesn't hate 12:02:59 AM ldfkufjq: death match
12:03:00 AM mikosutoka: omg CC meets rabbit 12:03:02 AM q4tlqbvyhk: yes
12:03:04 AM q4tlqbvyhk: OKAY
12:03:07 AM q4tlqbvyhk: NEED TO STAGE
12:03:07 AM ldfkufjq: PVP
12:03:07 AM q4tlqbvyhk: PIC
12:03:09 AM q4tlqbvyhk: with
12:03:10 AM q4tlqbvyhk: lia
12:03:13 AM redskiesofyou: aw dude
12:03:14 AM q4tlqbvyhk: killing rabbit chan 12:03:17 AM thelastmerovin: get the 'rabbit-chan forever' image 12:03:19 AM q4tlqbvyhk: with knife
12:03:21 AM redskiesofyou: rabbit chan is like nasty fug 12:03:21 AM mikosutoka: hey can i send you a pic via tiny pic lia 12:03:21 AM loldamien: sell tickets to that chat 12:03:24 AM loldamien: make millions
12:03:24 AM mikosutoka: i think you'll find it amusing 12:03:27 AM ldfkufjq: link away
12:03:28 AM necrolich666: Who wants cheese cake 12:03:30 AM mikosutoka: kk ill go upload 12:03:37 AM q4tlqbvyhk: yes give me 30 seconds 12:04:11 AM mikosutoka: i'd love some cake 12:04:26 AM thelastmerovin: *bakes cake* 12:04:26 AM kilo1185: fucking thunderstorms dude 12:04:29 AM kilo1185: i swear to god
12:04:32 AM loldamien: delicious cake
12:04:33 AM necrolich666: *hands out cake* 12:04:35 AM q4tlqbvyhk: caek
12:04:37 AM necrolich666: there
12:04:42 AM ldfkufjq: lewl wtf miko, who is kamisori? 12:04:43 AM necrolich666: now you don't have to work for it 12:04:55 AM q4tlqbvyhk: 12:05:02 AM loldamien: Thank you necro <3 12:05:07 AM kilo1185: wtf at pic
12:05:13 AM thelastmerovin: lol
12:05:15 AM loldamien: that picture is repulsive. 12:05:17 AM redskiesofyou: what about the pic 12:05:22 AM ldfkufjq: ew
12:05:23 AM q4tlqbvyhk: 12:05:23 AM q4tlqbvyhk: and
12:05:23 AM kilo1185: A CARROT?
12:05:24 AM redskiesofyou: of her with the pic of lia? 12:05:24 AM necrolich666: lol
12:05:29 AM q4tlqbvyhk: you get it
12:05:31 AM q4tlqbvyhk: she's a rabbit
12:05:35 AM q4tlqbvyhk: but
12:05:36 AM redskiesofyou: wioops
12:05:38 AM q4tlqbvyhk: ok
12:05:39 AM redskiesofyou: my aim is sloqw 12:05:43 AM redskiesofyou: slowpoke.jpg 12:06:03 AM thelastmerovin: get the 'rabbit chan forever' picture 12:06:03 AM ldfkufjq: would that be like finding god? 12:06:09 AM necrolich666: yes
12:06:14 AM mikosutoka: link the pic again i didnt get to see i crashed 12:06:17 AM q4tlqbvyhk: 12:06:20 AM redskiesofyou: "i must see HARRY POTTER" paper in her room made me lolcringe 12:06:27 AM mikosutoka: oh i hate that picture ._. 12:06:33 AM q4tlqbvyhk: so
12:06:33 AM thelastmerovin: LOL
12:06:42 AM q4tlqbvyhk: Lia should take this picture 12:06:43 AM loldamien: That picture brings out the worst in anonymous. 12:06:45 AM q4tlqbvyhk: and stage
12:06:53 AM q4tlqbvyhk: the oh shi- divide by zero 12:06:55 AM mikosutoka: the difference between england and america 12:06:58 AM loldamien: Lia, print that picture out and take a shit on it. 12:07:01 AM redskiesofyou: i shouldnt be listening to such upbeat music before bed 12:07:02 AM mikosutoka: LOL
12:07:05 AM q4tlqbvyhk: lolololol
12:07:11 AM redskiesofyou: too much dancing instead of sleeping 12:07:20 AM ldfkufjq: oh wow
12:07:23 AM redskiesofyou: rabbit chan toilet paper 12:07:27 AM thelastmerovin: lol
12:07:37 AM q4tlqbvyhk: oh god oh god oh wow 12:07:37 AM comradelunar: thanks.
12:07:40 AM redskiesofyou: she's a jealous attention whore. none of her pics are interesting in the least 12:07:40 AM kilo1185: yes
12:07:57 AM necrolich666: I agree with red 12:08:00 AM comradelunar: who?
12:08:03 AM thelastmerovin: Nick is a fucking ugly beast 12:08:03 AM redskiesofyou: rabbit
12:08:08 AM ldfkufjq: no win without fail 12:08:11 AM comradelunar: I like Rabbit. <3 Rabbit. 12:08:14 AM redskiesofyou: >__>
12:08:20 AM comradelunar: loldongs.
12:08:20 AM redskiesofyou: makes sense
12:08:21 AM q4tlqbvyhk: rabbit has the cutest voice of any girl ever. 12:08:24 AM redskiesofyou: seeing as you hate ne XD 12:08:24 AM comradelunar: oooh.
12:08:28 AM redskiesofyou: me*
12:08:35 AM comradelunar: Two unconnected things. 12:08:40 AM thelastmerovin: everyone hates you 12:08:44 AM q4tlqbvyhk: i have nohting against any of you! 12:08:46 AM redskiesofyou: yea its fun
12:08:46 AM q4tlqbvyhk: fyi.
12:08:52 AM comradelunar: Quiet, you.
12:08:55 AM q4tlqbvyhk: also plz don't kill me 12:08:55 AM redskiesofyou: you guys matter ^__^ 12:08:59 AM necrolich666: I <3 ALL OF YOU! 12:09:03 AM necrolich666: CAKE FOR ALL
12:09:07 AM kilo1185: <3
12:09:14 AM thelastmerovin: in b4 orgy
12:09:15 AM q4tlqbvyhk: this is delicious cake 12:09:18 AM necrolich666: Ewie
12:09:24 AM necrolich666: I AM CAKE
12:09:24 AM comradelunar: orgy pls
12:09:52 AM q4tlqbvyhk: no
12:09:55 AM comradelunar: k.
12:09:56 AM q4tlqbvyhk: 12:10:00 AM kilo1185: negative
12:10:13 AM necrolich666: LOL
12:10:14 AM loldamien: lol holla
12:10:18 AM redskiesofyou: whatbandages needs to get home from work so i can sleep 12:10:40 AM mikosutoka: give or take two more hours 12:10:59 AM comradelunar: gawd, I haven't spoken to him in years. Or days. 12:11:05 AM ldfkufjq: why do you need to speak to wb faux? 12:11:53 AM redskiesofyou: cuz he needs to know i got free calls to his area now, no longer long distance 12:12:04 AM ldfkufjq: i see
12:12:08 AM redskiesofyou: new phone service yayy 12:12:13 AM redskiesofyou: he's mailing me a present shhh 12:12:18 AM mikosutoka: o.o
12:12:48 AM comradelunar: o.o
12:12:54 AM necrolich666: o.O
12:13:00 AM loldamien: o.o
12:13:00 AM lastxkveqxztoc: o.o
12:13:13 AM redskiesofyou: SHHHHHHH
12:13:15 AM redskiesofyou: SECRET
12:13:19 AM necrolich666: o.o
12:13:26 AM loldamien: lol
12:13:27 AM thelastmerovin: do not want 12:13:28 AM comradelunar: grnnnnd
12:13:41 AM necrolich666: OW POPPED A BLOOD VESSEL 12:13:44 AM redskiesofyou: lol
12:13:53 AM ldfkufjq: guys, i gotta go. phonecall. 12:13:59 AM thelastmerovin: "ugly ginger, gtfo" 12:14:11 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Go, for good? 12:14:11 AM comradelunar: rofl offal.
12:14:14 AM necrolich666: byezzzz
12:14:25 AM q4tlqbvyhk: k. love is over. :( 12:14:30 AM mikosutoka: loev
12:14:31 AM loldamien: Take care!
12:14:32 AM ldfkufjq: dunno. i'll put this on away. 12:14:34 AM q4tlqbvyhk: k
12:14:38 AM necrolich666: yay
12:14:40 AM thelastmerovin: phonecall at 4am? awesome 12:14:40 AM comradelunar: Bye.
12:14:52 AM ldfkufjq: it's my boyfriend. 12:14:58 AM ldfkufjq: bai 2 u gaiz.
12:15:09 AM kilo1185: oh shi-
12:15:15 AM necrolich666: is she away?
12:15:17 AM thelastmerovin: /wrists
12:15:19 AM thelastmerovin: /wrists
12:15:22 AM comradelunar: CUTCUTCUT
12:15:26 AM comradelunar: CRAWLING IN MY SKIN 12:15:35 AM loldamien: i'm a knife, knifing around 12:15:38 AM necrolich666: cound
12:15:46 AM necrolich666: cound
12:15:51 AM necrolich666: what's that from? 12:15:56 AM necrolich666: argh this is gonna bother me 12:16:02 AM loldamien: cound?
12:16:03 AM necrolich666: yeah
12:16:13 AM redskiesofyou: gamesgamesgamesss 12:16:14 AM mikosutoka: time for suicide 12:16:14 AM comradelunar: DSFARGEG
12:16:24 AM necrolich666: basically
12:16:32 AM comradelunar: Well, that was all unexpected. 12:16:34 AM mikosutoka: well if you will grab that charcol stove over there 12:16:36 AM loldamien: Isn't that how the seasame street count pronounced "count"? 12:16:49 AM mikosutoka: i'll get some music going 12:16:49 AM q4tlqbvyhk: cound
12:17:02 AM thelastmerovin: what a fucked up day 12:17:06 AM necrolich666: k
12:17:10 AM loldamien: and how
12:17:10 AM mikosutoka: ok be seriously honest 12:17:16 AM mikosutoka: you guys didnt say half the shit you wanted to 12:17:17 AM comradelunar: Pass the hemlock, let's have a party. 12:17:18 AM thelastmerovin: I wonder why she waited so long 12:17:26 AM mikosutoka: because you were scared of offending her? 12:17:27 AM mikosutoka: ;;
12:17:29 AM necrolich666: yeah
12:17:31 AM comradelunar: The mood was positive. 12:17:35 AM kilo1185: yes
12:17:38 AM necrolich666: definetly
12:17:38 AM mikosutoka: she's very polite and sweet 12:17:38 AM comradelunar: You don't want to be venting in a happy little chat. 12:17:42 AM q4tlqbvyhk: yes i'm glad for positive mood. 12:17:48 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I spoke with her privitely. I think I said most of what I wanted to. 12:17:49 AM q4tlqbvyhk: she seems to like this 12:17:56 AM loldamien: This was a positive chat, tom green would be pleased. 12:17:59 AM mikosutoka: we can actually be friends? 12:17:59 AM mikosutoka: D:
12:18:10 AM necrolich666: that would be AMAZING 12:18:11 AM thelastmerovin: What 'Last' said 12:18:13 AM q4tlqbvyhk: lol
12:18:18 AM necrolich666: but alas
12:18:22 AM kilo1185: i think icarus did some bad stuff to get her info 12:18:26 AM thelastmerovin: although I spoke to her yesterday 12:18:27 AM mikosutoka: he did
12:18:28 AM kilo1185: h4x
12:18:31 AM mikosutoka: lets kill him
12:18:33 AM mikosutoka: :3
12:18:35 AM comradelunar: raep.
12:18:37 AM kilo1185: :3
12:18:37 AM necrolich666: What did he do 12:18:44 AM mikosutoka: he has her IRL info 12:18:45 AM kilo1185: he found out her info 12:18:52 AM thelastmerovin: don't say
12:18:59 AM lastxkveqxztoc: He didn't do anything, according to her. Just searched really deep. 12:18:59 AM necrolich666: huh
12:19:00 AM q4tlqbvyhk: i don't want to know 12:19:03 AM mikosutoka: thats the only reason she showed up 12:19:09 AM mikosutoka: kinda
12:19:23 AM q4tlqbvyhk: *plugs ears* lalalala I GOT TO TALK TO CRACKY-CHAN 12:19:25 AM redskiesofyou: well now i sleep. and toss this sn lolamirite 12:19:32 AM thelastmerovin: sources... must... protect... them. 12:19:33 AM mikosutoka: into the trash you gooo 12:19:38 AM mikosutoka: im sorry merovin 12:19:39 AM mikosutoka: i thought you were 12:19:41 AM mikosutoka: icarus for a while 12:19:43 AM redskiesofyou: gay
12:19:44 AM mikosutoka: but now i know who is 12:19:45 AM necrolich666: this is my main :( 12:19:54 AM comradelunar: same here.
12:19:57 AM loldamien: same
12:19:57 AM q4tlqbvyhk: NOT MINE
12:20:05 AM kilo1185: i just made this... 12:20:07 AM q4tlqbvyhk: heh half the people in here 12:20:10 AM kilo1185: i dislike aim
12:20:21 AM necrolich666: we already went over this 12:20:27 AM mikosutoka: aim sucks
12:20:34 AM redskiesofyou: im out of soymilk ;o; 12:20:35 AM thelastmerovin: Miko, can't you speak in one sentance, instead of using half the screen? 12:20:41 AM mikosutoka: i don't mean to its a bad habit 12:20:57 AM redskiesofyou: full
12:20:59 AM redskiesofyou: screen
12:20:59 AM redskiesofyou: this
12:21:01 AM redskiesofyou: shit
12:21:03 AM redskiesofyou: duuuude
12:21:04 AM q4tlqbvyhk: no
12:21:16 AM loldamien: lol i see what you did there 12:21:16 AM q4tlqbvyhk: miko miko nurse 12:21:19 AM mikosutoka: ;
12:21:49 AM mikosutoka: xD
12:21:59 AM q4tlqbvyhk: hey who here has ever been to a website called 12:22:05 AM kilo1185: wuts 4chan?
12:22:08 AM loldamien: whats that
12:22:15 AM q4tlqbvyhk: it's a site about cats 12:22:16 AM thelastmerovin: never heard of it 12:22:20 AM necrolich666: .com
12:22:24 AM loldamien:
12:22:30 AM necrolich666: .gov LOL
12:22:33 AM kilo1185: lmao
12:22:36 AM loldamien: lol
12:22:39 AM comradelunar:
12:22:40 AM necrolich666: someday xD
12:22:42 AM q4tlqbvyhk: know what's cool 12:22:47 AM q4tlqbvyhk: Lia has like
12:22:52 AM q4tlqbvyhk: more internet cred 12:22:53 AM thelastmerovin: wait, don't you mean 12:22:54 AM q4tlqbvyhk: than like...
12:23:00 AM kilo1185: ray charles?
12:23:00 AM q4tlqbvyhk: 3/4's of the internet 12:23:01 AM kilo1185: yes
12:23:06 AM loldamien: lol
12:23:08 AM q4tlqbvyhk: and we talked to her. 12:23:31 AM redskiesofyou: aww arent we alll so spashial now, group hug guys XD 12:23:45 AM comradelunar: ftgo
12:23:45 AM mikosutoka: ._<
12:23:49 AM thelastmerovin: ^this
12:23:59 AM comradelunar: tofg
12:24:15 AM kilo1185: ffs, will it stop thundering? 12:24:23 AM thelastmerovin: I think half of you jack each other off sometimes 12:24:42 AM comradelunar: maybe.
12:24:48 AM redskiesofyou: yea its called humor, try sometimes maybe 12:25:03 AM kilo1185: if anyone has a log of all of this dont release it 12:25:10 AM thelastmerovin: negative, does not compute. 12:25:16 AM redskiesofyou: 1 reach up ass 12:25:16 AM comradelunar: I got maybe half of it and got bored. 12:25:20 AM redskiesofyou: 2 remove stick 12:25:22 AM redskiesofyou: 3 ?????
12:25:25 AM redskiesofyou: 4 profit
12:25:28 AM thelastmerovin: What Kilo said. 12:25:33 AM comradelunar: anyone with the log should spread it like AIDS. 12:25:36 AM loldamien: Secrets safe with me! :3 12:25:42 AM mikosutoka: lunar
12:25:43 AM comradelunar: or at least give it to me. 12:25:45 AM lastxkveqxztoc: It's not like anything interesting was devulged, honestly. Though I have no intention of releasing it anyway. 12:25:45 AM mikosutoka: i'm gonna butt raep you 12:25:51 AM mikosutoka: harrrd
12:25:53 AM mikosutoka: all night long too 12:25:57 AM q4tlqbvyhk: what Lia meant by she had a phone call 12:25:58 AM comradelunar: Can't rape the willing. 12:25:58 AM q4tlqbvyhk: was that
12:26:07 AM q4tlqbvyhk: she was going to go take a dump on rabbit picture 12:26:12 AM loldamien: YES
12:26:16 AM comradelunar: Seriously though, it';s just like WB's hoarding. Faggotry in the 1st degree. 12:26:17 AM kilo1185: o rry?
12:26:20 AM redskiesofyou: i turned my autologging off oshi- 12:26:58 AM comradelunar: where do logs go? :| 12:27:04 AM mikosutoka: Q
12:27:08 AM mikosutoka: ii cant send you ims 12:27:15 AM q4tlqbvyhk: logs go into log houses 12:27:27 AM thelastmerovin: I
12:27:30 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I see what you did there. 12:27:36 AM loldamien: so are we all going to get secret, matching tattoos to prove we were in this chat together? 12:27:44 AM kilo1185: team ????
12:27:45 AM comradelunar: YES.
12:27:46 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Yes.
12:27:50 AM lastxkveqxztoc: lulz
12:27:56 AM comradelunar: Cracky-face, and it itches or something when she summons us. 12:27:59 AM comradelunar: I just read harry potter. 12:28:04 AM kilo1185: lol?
12:28:05 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Actually, I hate tattoos, so no. 12:28:17 AM loldamien: Crackyface on some navy looking thing so we don't get our asses kicked in public D: 12:28:23 AM comradelunar: XD
12:28:26 AM kilo1185: lol
12:28:46 AM thelastmerovin: Who controls the British crown? Who keeps the metric system down? We do! We do! Who leaves Atlantis off the maps? Who keeps the martians under wraps? We do! We do! 12:28:49 AM q4tlqbvyhk: 12:28:58 AM q4tlqbvyhk: enjoy your cake 12:28:59 AM loldamien: lol
12:29:00 AM q4tlqbvyhk: bitches.
12:29:02 AM comradelunar: zomg, crackyconspiracy. 12:29:22 AM q4tlqbvyhk: crackyspiracy?
12:29:32 AM q4tlqbvyhk: WHO OWNS THE SKY 12:29:37 AM q4tlqbvyhk: she does T_T
12:29:49 AM comradelunar: The airspace is owned by the sovereign nation below it. 12:29:54 AM comradelunar: I mean, Cracky. 12:29:57 AM q4tlqbvyhk: yes
12:30:17 AM thelastmerovin: brb, ciggi & pie, yum yum. 12:30:23 AM q4tlqbvyhk: itt only like 3 people have seen me as crackylike 12:30:39 AM loldamien: i wanna see
12:30:39 AM mikosutoka: crackylike
12:30:42 AM mikosutoka: it was sooo kawaii 12:30:43 AM mikosutoka: :3
12:30:46 AM q4tlqbvyhk: k i'll show you damien 12:30:51 AM loldamien: score
12:30:55 AM thelastmerovin: there is no in without fail 12:30:56 AM comradelunar: show me, show me, plz 12:31:06 AM thelastmerovin: win*
12:31:18 AM q4tlqbvyhk: no
12:31:26 AM q4tlqbvyhk: there's a strict um 12:31:26 AM comradelunar: ):
12:31:31 AM q4tlqbvyhk: control
12:31:32 AM q4tlqbvyhk: on this
12:31:41 AM comradelunar: Well fuck you then. Pffft. 12:31:45 AM thelastmerovin: lol 1-35W bridge 12:31:47 AM q4tlqbvyhk: :)
12:31:54 AM thelastmerovin: It was those exploding vans I tell you 12:32:07 AM q4tlqbvyhk: 12:32:11 AM q4tlqbvyhk: Thoroughly amused 12:32:20 AM q4tlqbvyhk: WHICH ONE OF YOU RUNS BOUNCEME 12:32:23 AM q4tlqbvyhk: i know you're here... 12:32:29 AM necrolich666: LOL SOZ
12:33:13 AM comradelunar: Obviously you. 12:33:17 AM thelastmerovin: Ok here's a better question, how many of you know about the secret board? 12:33:20 AM q4tlqbvyhk: oh fuck.
12:33:25 AM necrolich666: what?
12:33:25 AM comradelunar: WHAT
12:33:26 AM q4tlqbvyhk: secret board on bounceme? 12:33:26 AM comradelunar: WHAT
12:33:27 AM comradelunar: WHAT
12:33:28 AM comradelunar: WHAT
12:33:30 AM necrolich666: 5?
12:33:31 AM mikosutoka: lol
12:33:37 AM comradelunar: or the faggy wish board. 12:33:39 AM q4tlqbvyhk: lol 5 pronounced "john" 12:33:48 AM kilo1185: excuse me?
12:33:55 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I like the Wish board. 12:34:05 AM q4tlqbvyhk: your mother's wish board 12:34:06 AM mikosutoka: ever heard of the practice of skinning cocks (like animal hides) 12:34:08 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I don't know if that's what he means by seekrit, though. 12:34:08 AM mikosutoka: .<
12:34:16 AM kilo1185: seekrit you say?
12:34:22 AM q4tlqbvyhk: what you say
12:34:29 AM thelastmerovin: on bounceme 12:34:44 AM comradelunar: url nao lol
12:34:58 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Yes, plz.
12:35:00 AM kilo1185: plz
12:35:04 AM kilo1185: ill give u cookies 12:35:07 AM kilo1185: and cake
12:35:28 AM q4tlqbvyhk: hmm. there's a way to do this 12:35:38 AM mikosutoka: sekret
12:36:42 AM thelastmerovin: I
12:36:53 AM comradelunar: HNNNNNNNG
12:36:57 AM thelastmerovin: ffs fucking AIM 12:38:04 AM lastxkveqxztoc: So...who thinks she'll be back? 12:38:12 AM thelastmerovin: what a fucked up day 12:38:17 AM comradelunar: Wonderful day. 12:38:27 AM mikosutoka: i was gonna ask 12:38:29 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Wonderful, but fucked up. 12:38:29 AM mikosutoka: but i forgot to 12:38:32 AM mikosutoka: if vodka was really really REALLY 12:38:35 AM mikosutoka: the reason we are here 12:38:37 AM mikosutoka: or if it was boredom 12:38:42 AM mikosutoka: ;
12:38:43 AM kilo1185: huh?
12:38:45 AM q4tlqbvyhk: you guys... i don't feel like love is over. 12:38:47 AM kilo1185: vodka?
12:38:47 AM thelastmerovin: brb ciggie
12:38:50 AM comradelunar: I'm disappointed nobody mentioned THOSE pictures. 12:38:55 AM kilo1185: THOSE pics?
12:39:01 AM mikosutoka: be more precise. 12:39:02 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Huh?
12:39:04 AM comradelunar: menstrual blood, lol. 12:39:07 AM thelastmerovin: LAWL
12:39:16 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I talked to her about those. 12:39:27 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Briefly.
12:39:37 AM kilo1185: wut she say?
12:39:38 AM kilo1185: lol?
12:39:49 AM comradelunar: your penis.
12:39:57 AM lastxkveqxztoc: She said she found them amusing because they grossed people out. 12:40:09 AM q4tlqbvyhk: she's good like that. 12:40:23 AM kilo1185: becuase it was actually... 12:40:24 AM comradelunar: 7 kinds of odd. 12:40:24 AM thelastmerovin: same with the cutting pictures apperently 12:40:25 AM kilo1185: ketchup?
12:40:43 AM comradelunar: messed-up little irl and internet. 12:40:46 AM comradelunar: troll
12:42:28 AM kilo1185: so that css map made of cracky chan pictures is on the party van server... 12:42:31 AM kilo1185: i shall find it
12:43:52 AM lastxkveqxztoc: My whole body aches. Anyone else having this problem? 12:44:01 AM comradelunar: I'm just jittery. 12:44:05 AM kilo1185: im jittery too
12:44:08 AM kilo1185: and fuck that
12:44:12 AM kilo1185: im not downloading sound files 12:44:12 AM comradelunar: Fucking fire ants in my pants. 12:44:16 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I think it's from shivering the whole time. 12:44:19 AM redskiesofyou: no i'm just sweaty. the power was out all day and the ac wont work >__< its like 90 degrees in this room. 12:44:22 AM thelastmerovin: I need a ciggie 12:44:47 AM comradelunar: You are the cancer that is killing you. 12:44:53 AM comradelunar: c whut i did thar? 12:44:59 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I saw it.
12:45:16 AM thelastmerovin: lol @ faux blocking me 12:45:26 AM redskiesofyou: fun game huhhhhh 12:45:30 AM thelastmerovin: INTERNET HATE MACHINE 12:45:36 AM q4tlqbvyhk: TheLastMerovin: lol @ faux blocking me red skies of you: fun game huhhhhh
12:45:52 AM mikosutoka: *bombs new zealand* 12:46:04 AM comradelunar: fuck, no logs. 12:46:14 AM thelastmerovin: good luck with that 12:46:21 AM q4tlqbvyhk: i has logs
12:46:32 AM comradelunar: I need logs, badly. 12:46:34 AM kilo1185: lol @ suede being away 12:46:40 AM q4tlqbvyhk: then go to the bathroom 12:46:41 AM q4tlqbvyhk: make some
12:46:46 AM comradelunar: OHSNAP
12:46:50 AM q4tlqbvyhk: oh toilet humor. you've never failed me. 12:46:50 AM kilo1185: drop the kids off at the pool plz 12:46:50 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I feel really bad for Suede. 12:46:51 AM thelastmerovin: don't spread them around plzthx 12:47:02 AM comradelunar: Sending them to someone who was there is not spreading. D: 12:47:14 AM q4tlqbvyhk: suede was the kid that like got stuck 12:47:16 AM q4tlqbvyhk: inside
12:47:21 AM q4tlqbvyhk: while all the other kids went out 12:47:24 AM q4tlqbvyhk: and enjoy the 1 day in the sun 12:47:28 AM comradelunar: haha.
12:47:38 AM loldamien: oh god
12:47:41 AM loldamien: i remember that story D: 12:47:45 AM q4tlqbvyhk: yeah
12:47:46 AM loldamien: that was so sad :( 12:47:48 AM q4tlqbvyhk: yeah
12:47:58 AM lastxkveqxztoc: wtffff
12:48:12 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I saved the thread from Bounceme and now it doesn't fucking work. 12:48:23 AM kilo1185: i took screens of it 12:48:40 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Awesome.
12:48:52 AM redskiesofyou: wow i keep forgetting im still here. goodnightttttttttttt 12:48:54 AM comradelunar: rarararar
12:48:57 AM mikosutoka: bye
12:48:59 AM kilo1185: good night
12:49:10 AM comradelunar: gtfo lol
12:49:13 AM thelastmerovin: ugly ginger, gtfo 12:49:16 AM redskiesofyou: FRIENDS FOREVER LUNARRRR 12:49:17 AM comradelunar: and by lol i mean gtfo 12:49:32 AM mikosutoka: hey lunar
12:49:34 AM mikosutoka: can you get that 12:49:35 AM mikosutoka: for me
12:49:36 AM comradelunar: Just so you know, i hope she gets cancer. 12:49:44 AM comradelunar: get whut
12:49:44 AM mikosutoka: please its over there 12:49:50 AM thelastmerovin: yes...
12:49:55 AM mikosutoka: pass it this way 12:49:58 AM comradelunar: AIDS cancer.
12:50:00 AM mikosutoka: no
12:50:02 AM mikosutoka: behind you
12:50:07 AM q4tlqbvyhk: cancer on your aids virus 12:50:24 AM comradelunar: AIDS cancer and a car crash that kills her entire family. 12:50:32 AM comradelunar: not that I have anything against Faux. 12:50:42 AM thelastmerovin: holy shit I found a ciggarette behind my bed 12:50:46 AM kilo1185: o shi-
12:50:47 AM mikosutoka: good for you
12:50:54 AM thelastmerovin: brb
12:53:52 AM mikosutoka: so is everyone just 12:53:55 AM mikosutoka: generally numb
12:54:01 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Very much so. 12:54:09 AM mikosutoka: did you cry
12:54:15 AM kilo1185: no but im numb
12:54:16 AM mikosutoka: i mean like it was like tears of joy 12:54:20 AM mikosutoka: and laughing crying 12:54:21 AM mikosutoka: same thing
12:54:26 AM comradelunar: I don't feel much right now. 12:54:43 AM comradelunar: Calm.
12:54:43 AM lastxkveqxztoc: No, I just shook a lot. 12:54:45 AM kilo1185: is she 17 or 18 now? 12:54:48 AM mikosutoka: 17
12:54:52 AM kilo1185: thats what i thought 12:55:08 AM mikosutoka: it feels like a massive headache 12:56:02 AM comradelunar: I'm tired.
12:56:24 AM kilo1185: its only 11PM here 12:56:31 AM comradelunar: Almost 6AM here. 12:56:36 AM kilo1185: lmao
12:56:45 AM lastxkveqxztoc: 1AM here.
12:56:49 AM necrolich666: 1 here too
12:58:45 AM comradelunar: I wonder what the point of that was. It wasn't half as crushing as it could've been. 12:59:04 AM necrolich666: I agree
12:59:08 AM necrolich666: Well I'm pretty crushed 12:59:15 AM kilo1185: yeap
12:59:26 AM necrolich666: the way she flings around the word boyfriend hurts me alot 12:59:36 AM comradelunar: I think that was pretty pointed. 12:59:46 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Can someone invite Daisuke back? 12:59:47 AM comradelunar: Like as 'just so you all knoiw' thing. 12:59:51 AM comradelunar: know
12:59:52 AM kilo1185: i will
1:00:16 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Lovely.
1:00:22 AM daisukexkun: Whoa
1:00:27 AM daisukexkun: My window messed up 1:00:30 AM lastxkveqxztoc: But anyway, I don't think she flung it around, really. 1:00:33 AM daisukexkun: brb
1:00:33 AM necrolich666: :(
1:00:45 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Didn't she only say it like two or three times? 1:00:54 AM necrolich666: it felt like more then that 1:00:58 AM necrolich666: but yeah
1:00:59 AM kilo1185: more like 4 or 5
1:01:00 AM comradelunar: Three A-bombs. 1:01:02 AM daisukexkun: What?
1:01:05 AM daisukexkun: I'm lost
1:01:06 AM comradelunar: But... B.
1:01:10 AM lastxkveqxztoc: lol
1:01:27 AM daisukexkun: Where'd Faux go? 1:01:30 AM kilo1185: she left
1:01:34 AM necrolich666: work etc
1:01:34 AM daisukexkun: Ah
1:01:35 AM comradelunar: Back to hades. 1:01:49 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I feel shitty. srsly 1:01:54 AM comradelunar: group hug.
1:01:58 AM necrolich666: :D
1:02:03 AM daisukexkun: I have no clue what happened 1:02:03 AM necrolich666: that didn't help :(\ 1:02:11 AM lastxkveqxztoc: :/
1:02:13 AM mikosutoka: well
1:02:19 AM daisukexkun: Anyone have it logged after I left? 1:02:19 AM necrolich666: Daisuke have you seen the new pics? 1:02:25 AM daisukexkun: Nope
1:02:29 AM necrolich666: um yeah
1:02:29 AM daisukexkun: Just the two posted earlier. 1:02:29 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I've got everything logged. 1:02:34 AM comradelunar: they will RAPE YOUR MIND 1:02:36 AM daisukexkun: Sent it please? 1:02:38 AM daisukexkun: Alright.
1:02:43 AM daisukexkun: Actually
1:02:50 AM daisukexkun: Save it to a txt file and send me the link. 1:03:00 AM kilo1185: she posted 3 new pictures 1:03:01 AM kilo1185: hmm
1:03:17 AM kilo1185: one of the dates in the EXIF was 7/14/07 1:03:23 AM daisukexkun: Wow
1:03:25 AM comradelunar: Srsly, can someone send me the log? I really need to pore over it a few hundred times. 1:03:40 AM mikosutoka: i would but you're just gonna post it 1:03:42 AM mikosutoka: and im not up for it so no 1:03:49 AM comradelunar: Oh, got o hell. Seriously. Fuck off. 1:03:53 AM daisukexkun: =/
1:03:55 AM mikosutoka: you said you were going to 1:04:00 AM mikosutoka: are you not going to now 1:04:00 AM daisukexkun: Not the time for iy. 1:04:05 AM daisukexkun: it*
1:04:10 AM comradelunar: No, I said not doing it would be like WB's hoarding faggotry. 1:04:16 AM daisukexkun: True
1:04:24 AM comradelunar: Two entirely seperate things. 1:04:29 AM mikosutoka: i don't get it
1:04:33 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Wait, aren't you Lunarsandwich? 1:04:34 AM thelastmerovin: WB is a fucking cockwit 1:04:39 AM comradelunar: Yes, I am. lol. 1:04:47 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I thought you were part of his circlejerk. 1:04:55 AM comradelunar: Not since I posted the nekoofox url. 1:04:58 AM comradelunar: nekofox
1:05:02 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Ah.
1:05:07 AM lastxkveqxztoc: What was on there, by the way? 1:05:08 AM comradelunar: Delivered, lolz. 1:05:13 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Or is it all out now? 1:05:18 AM daisukexkun: It's all out I believe 1:05:23 AM comradelunar: It's all out now, common stuff. 1:05:32 AM kilo1185: the chat log?
1:05:40 AM daisukexkun: Oh yes
1:05:43 AM daisukexkun: Please
1:05:45 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I guess that's my job? 1:05:51 AM daisukexkun: I still regret that I missed it. 1:05:58 AM kilo1185: i missed the first half of it 1:06:00 AM daisukexkun: Damn my brother for having authority over me. 1:06:00 AM daisukexkun: -.
1:06:02 AM thelastmerovin: fucking hell, nobody release the chat log publicly PLEASE. 1:06:02 AM daisukexkun: =/
1:06:06 AM daisukexkun: Of course
1:06:12 AM daisukexkun: Actually
1:06:13 AM mikosutoka: it will only make her not come back 1:06:15 AM daisukexkun: Last
1:06:21 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Yes?
1:06:21 AM daisukexkun: Upload it to my snapdrive account 1:06:23 AM comradelunar: I've got my reservations about the hoarding thing, but fhey, whatever. 1:06:27 AM necrolich666: In all seriousness 1:06:34 AM mikosutoka: its not hoarding lunar in this case its a matter of fuel 1:06:38 AM comradelunar: bullshit, on the not coming back front. 1:06:41 AM mikosutoka: you're gonna fuel the fire and cracky haet fire 1:06:47 AM comradelunar: Bullshit again. 1:06:50 AM mikosutoka: whatever
1:06:54 AM thelastmerovin: I spoke to her about it 1:06:59 AM kilo1185: what she say?
1:07:20 AM necrolich666: What does everyone want from cracky, I mean that like, I always viewed her as this perfect thing till now, but just ugh, like she just would link with me mentally perfectly 1:07:27 AM thelastmerovin: 10-15 people knowing her, etc, fine. Half of /b/ crawling up her ass = DO NOT WANT 1:07:28 AM necrolich666: I don't know it's weird 1:07:34 AM daisukexkun: Well
1:07:44 AM daisukexkun: This experience made me wanna become a buddist 1:07:46 AM daisukexkun: Somewhat
1:07:50 AM necrolich666: why's that
1:07:54 AM daisukexkun: I don't know
1:08:00 AM daisukexkun: I just feel weird 1:08:04 AM comradelunar: Fuck thisssss. 1:08:08 AM daisukexkun: It's something I can't explain. 1:08:23 AM necrolich666: what's wrong Lunar? 1:08:52 AM comradelunar: The whole thing's making me sick. 1:08:57 AM mikosutoka: then go lay down 1:08:59 AM kilo1185: im already past that 1:09:34 AM necrolich666: the whole thing makes everyone sick on different levels 1:09:39 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Ugh.
1:09:44 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I can't upload txt files? 1:09:48 AM daisukexkun: What?
1:09:52 AM daisukexkun: No way
1:09:58 AM comradelunar: RAR
1:10:11 AM daisukexkun: You should be able too. 1:10:12 AM daisukexkun: To*
1:10:13 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I'll just change the extention. Switch it back to txt when you download it. 1:10:16 AM daisukexkun: Alright
1:10:17 AM thelastmerovin: just email it to me 1:10:35 AM daisukexkun: I gave him my login info for filehosting site. 1:10:50 AM lastxkveqxztoc: ....Uh...okay. 1:10:53 AM daisukexkun: As soon as those who wanted the log have it, it's being wiped off/ 1:10:54 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I can't upload that either. 1:10:55 AM lastxkveqxztoc: wtf
1:11:00 AM daisukexkun: Christ.
1:11:06 AM kilo1185: rapidshare?
1:11:06 AM comradelunar: Just rar it up. 1:11:15 AM thelastmerovin: ok good idea Daisuke 1:11:23 AM daisukexkun: Better idea
1:11:27 AM daisukexkun: my OTHER site
1:11:29 AM kilo1185: well you can just rar or zip it 1:11:52 AM thelastmerovin: I must say, she's looking fucking cute in those new pics 1:12:04 AM lastxkveqxztoc: I zipped it. It worked. 1:12:06 AM thelastmerovin: anyone have info on her bf? Miko? 1:12:15 AM daisukexkun: Alright
1:12:30 AM comradelunar: woo.
1:12:41 AM thelastmerovin: /r/ link
1:12:52 AM daisukexkun: Hold on guys
1:13:12 AM mikosutoka: :/
1:13:48 AM daisukexkun: Whoever wants the link 1:13:49 AM daisukexkun: IM me
1:14:56 AM daisukexkun: That it?
1:15:03 AM loldamien: want what again?
1:15:09 AM daisukexkun: the chatlog
1:15:15 AM thelastmerovin: saved
1:15:21 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Oh, I have the crackybounceme2 log too, by the way, but nothing happened, really. 1:15:22 AM loldamien: I should be good
1:15:32 AM daisukexkun: The second log doesn't matter 1:15:37 AM daisukexkun: Nothing happened 1:15:44 AM daisukexkun: Just a lot of hiccups and errors 1:15:44 AM loldamien: thanks though!
1:15:48 AM daisukexkun: No problem
1:15:50 AM daisukexkun: Alright
1:15:53 AM daisukexkun: Is that it?
1:15:59 AM daisukexkun: Because I will delete it. 1:17:44 AM kilo1185: go ahead
1:17:50 AM kilo1185: i didnt miss much
1:17:54 AM kilo1185: i dont think anyone did 1:18:08 AM daisukexkun: Alright
1:18:23 AM kilo1185: i wonder how many lines are in the log 1:18:29 AM kilo1185: fucking notepad
1:18:31 AM daisukexkun: A lot
1:20:46 AM lastxkveqxztoc: crackystalker? 1:20:52 AM daisukexkun: What?
1:20:56 AM mikosutoka: i dont see
1:20:59 AM kilo1185: who?
1:21:01 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Who was that? 1:21:10 AM daisukexkun: I don't know
1:21:33 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Well, anyway...aftermath. How does everyone feel? 1:21:38 AM kilo1185: sad
1:21:45 AM daisukexkun: Yes
1:21:54 AM lastxkveqxztoc: No one feeling suicidal, I hope? 1:22:05 AM mikosutoka: er
1:22:06 AM thelastmerovin: I was loling half the time 1:22:10 AM mikosutoka: *burning charcol grills* 1:22:12 AM kilo1185: well i
1:22:16 AM kilo1185: *loads Glock*
1:22:22 AM lastxkveqxztoc: lulz
1:22:37 AM kilo1185: oh shi-
1:22:47 AM thelastmerovin: so who else got her 'non-throw-away' details? 1:22:51 AM lastxkveqxztoc: It didn't have much of an effect on me as I expected. I think it may take a while it hit me, though. 1:23:05 AM lastxkveqxztoc: You're fucking shitting me. 1:23:52 AM thelastmerovin: ?
1:23:56 AM kilo1185: wow, during the first half of the chat my messages were soo out of sync 1:23:59 AM kilo1185: by 1 to 2 minutes
1:24:09 AM daisukexkun: Same here last
1:24:17 AM lastxkveqxztoc: She gave you her real screenname? 1:24:22 AM daisukexkun: What?
1:24:23 AM daisukexkun: No
1:24:24 AM daisukexkun: =/
1:24:27 AM daisukexkun: I wish
1:24:33 AM daisukexkun: I really do want to speak to her. 1:24:42 AM lastxkveqxztoc: No, Merovingian. 1:24:46 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Or are you just fucking with me? 1:24:54 AM daisukexkun: ?
1:24:58 AM mikosutoka: ..
1:25:06 AM thelastmerovin: just asking that's all. 1:25:11 AM lastxkveqxztoc: But did you? 1:26:04 AM thelastmerovin: *sigh*
1:26:08 AM mikosutoka: .
1:26:11 AM crackystalker: There we go
1:26:15 AM crackystalker: Is whatbandages a meme yet? 1:26:23 AM mikosutoka: -- im going to kill myself 1:26:24 AM daisukexkun: lol
1:26:28 AM thelastmerovin: >
1:26:38 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Seriously. I'm not going to harrass you for it, I just want to know if you really did. 1:26:50 AM crackystalker: Weeaboo smileys? Sign me the fuck up 6_o''' 1:26:55 AM thelastmerovin: no
1:27:35 AM lastxkveqxztoc: ...I see.
1:27:42 AM daisukexkun: Yes.
1:27:55 AM loldamien: ^____________________________^ 1:28:04 AM daisukexkun: Hey last
1:28:20 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Hm?
1:28:39 AM crackystalker: Is this development on ED yet? 1:28:45 AM lastxkveqxztoc: Doubtful.
1:28:49 AM kilo1185: is it?
1:28:50 AM crackystalker: How insulted IS the cracky-dom? 1:29:04 AM thelastmerovin: for fucks sake, don't put this shit on ED 1:29:16 AM daisukexkun: Dear god no
1:29:18 AM kilo1185: dont put it on anything 1:29:22 AM kilo1185: leave it off the record 1:29:27 AM kilo1185: none of this happened 1:29:27 AM q4tlqbvyhk: i'm still
1:29:30 AM kilo1185: swamp gas my friends 1:29:31 AM crackystalker: WHO IS ALL ABOUT SECRETS NOW?


This is like 1/800 u JELLY?

From: olivia ~ <>
Date: Jul 18, 2005 10:02 AM
Subject: Re: Well...
To: corben frost <[email protected]>


yes, i got your email just now. i haven't checked it for a few days was all, i'm really sorry for making you worry about me! i should've let you known i was alright sooner but i was so pissed off.....

my father's house is in the channel islands. i haven't lived in switzerland since i was 12. i'm staying with him again now, and probably shall be until the way though, in oxford i'm actually living across the street from my family. they rented one floor of a building for me; the address is exactly the same except the house number is 42. i only got two of your the others might get returned to you unfortunately...but i really really appreciate what i managed to get.

i lost your main email and so when you didn't reply i reckoned i could perhaps find it in your journal. this was the first time i looked at your journal again, i was surprised cos i remember it was empty before!

my MSN name is [email protected] , but i prefer not to use that address for sending&receiving email. i leave it signed in all the time even when i'm not here so if i don't respond please don't think i'm being impolite.

my phone's broken again, but when it's fixed i'll see what i can do with my microphone. i am awful at singing but it makes me happy. i'll ask my friend to teach me how to sing it as i can't pronounce the russian words properly.

i've spent most of the time taking photos and making collages and drawing. i'm still totally obsessed....i don't have much of my art scanned in here but i'll show you if you're interested.

i missed the nine inch nails concert because my friend couldn't come and stay with me anymore, and i couldn't go alone since it was in london. i sold my tickets though and used the money to get some for eminem in september. i'm really excited and i really hope i'll have someone to take with me when the time comes. it sucks because the few friends i care about live in completely different countries. i have not liked any of the people i met in oxford enough to stick with them, so it feels like i'm killing time until i get to hang out with someone i do. i sleep, eat, listen to music and make pictures by myself til i can.

i feel quite wrong for not letting you know where i went. the whole thing was just way too weird.

i am really happy you are okay also, since you seem always to be in some kind of hazardous occupation...though you always seem like you can look after yourself.

tell me more about what's happened to you or ask me stuff or....anything at all, really. it'll just be cool to talk to you again.


On 7/12/05, corben frost <[email protected]> wrote:

> Hello Sunshine,
> Your timing is nothing short of incredulious. At this moment I am literally > on hold with my boss asking to take a few extra days in England so I can > stop by in Oxford to check on you. I had not checked my email before this. > My work is taking me to London for obvious reasons but I was worried about > you because I hadn't heard anything from you in 2 months. This is truly and > ironic and fated moment. I am ecstatic you are ok. It really is good to > hear from you and my boss is very happy I withdrew my request... he > mentioned something about me lacking tact and subtlety for international > tracks.
> I am very happy you got my packages. I had assumed you would be staying > with your father in Sweden (or was it switzerland) for a while and I didn't > know if had gotten any of them. I am glad you liked them. There is a 3rd > package. I sent you a package every 2 weeks so there would have been 4 by > now but I was...delayed. I didnt' know if you had a preference on manga or > anything so I just sent you range of things. There was something I did > because I wanted you to get a laugh and not feel weird or freakish or alone > or anything. I shaved my mustache. Its grown back now but people hadn't > seen me without a mustache or a goatee for years. >
> I am sorry to say that I didn't check out my yahoo email address sooner. I > keep an email address on just about every free server out there. Sometimes > I forget to check them. I have to ask how did you think to check my live > journal? Also I would very much like to hear your rendition of Moskau. If > your still up to it.
> Do you have another IM sn, I would very much like to talk. There is quite a > bit of catching up to do.
> I am very happy you are ok.

We go there and we're in front of Cracky and it's time to kill her. She's looking into our eyes, begging for her life. Rav Rav is like "KILL HER YES HAHAHA"
I have a gun pointed at Cracky.
Then I turn to Rav Rav with the gun.
"What are you doing?"
Right in the chest.
She looks stunned.
She has tears running down her cheeks.
She is looking into my eyes, looking so betrayed. She stumbles over and I catch her and hold her. I hold her face close to mine.
I kiss her as I put the gun to her chest again and fire. She collapses to her knees, shaking, shivering. She is trying desperately to speak.
I look right into her eyes as I aim at her head. BAM. Brain matter explodes out the back of her head and she falls backwards to the ground dead. Smoke is coming out of the bullet hole as she lays there staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed into space. Cracky is screaming and flipping out.
I hand her the gun.
Cracky shoots wildly hitting me in the torso several times. I stumble over to Rav Rav's dead body and collapse on top of her, holding her. Cracky comes over to us and is just looking, silently. I'm spitting up blood.
It's like she is watching a hurt animal. I tell Cracky that I love her. I tell Rav Rav's dead body that I'm sorry. Cracky raises the gun with shaking hands once again. I find this very amusing and begin laughing. She aims at my head. She goes to pull the trigger. CLICK CLICK CLICK. Her earlier, wild shooting emptied the clip. She starts crying and asks "WHY?! WHY ME?! WHY OBSESS OVER ME?! WHY DID YOU KILL THAT GIRL?! WHY DIDN'T YOU KILL ME?!" I tell her, "Because... you're already dead." She starts sobbing wildly and throws the gun at me, hitting me in the face. She runs towards me and trips.
She begins rapidly punching me in the chest while crying. At this point, I'm really not doing so well. I start to see a semi-transparent Rav Rav walk towards me. She is wearing Cracky make-up.
She's smiling.
She reaches her hand out and wants me to take it, and follow her. Somehow, I can stand. I grab her hand and stare into her eyes. We then walk off together. I have died in real life. Cracky is on her knees in front of Rav Rav and my dead bodies. She picks up the gun, puts it to her head and screams as she futily pulls the trigger many times. It won't be that easy.
There is no escape, because you are a reluctant angel. /end

Those witches, equal parts venerable, honourable and horrible, had arrayed their mindflayed flocks of men-at-arms upon the field.

"Listen here, my brothers!" I bellowed, my breastplate rang triumphantly as my chest heaved against it, "I alone will seek those three on the battlefield!"

"Alone, my Lord Jauffre?" The words were muffled through a closed Sallet. I turned to see the heraldry of my closest friend, a comrade at arms from our myriad campaigns. He was my trusted constable, the equally famed and despised knights-hospitaller, Antoni of Wut.

"So you have arrived at last from the North! Your men will be vital for the coming battle." I faced the men en-masse then.

"On the field, I will seek her on foot. Alone. For I alone am immune to their succubean magicks." My men lowered their heads, ashamed and acutely aware of their own propensity for betrayal. I paid no mind, and struck out alone across the barren, lifeless and war ravaged valley known as l'rebondissez-moi.

I met her there in the centre of the valley amongst the salted fields and burnt farmhouses. Flanked by her lesser Succubi, the Queen herself sat atop a horse with no eyes. Rodents swarmed around the horse's feet, up its legs and ran in through the horse's nose. One by one, they came scurrying out the ear.

he Sky Queen's head was down-cast, as men always claimed to see her. Her two women regarded me cooly as I approached on foot. They greeted me in unison, predictably using their wiles and angelic voices in the manner that had made so many smaller, less stoic men go mad with rapture. I dare not apply to parchment what exactly was said, for even in ink I fear it would retain its horrible power.

They watched me stand idle, unaffected by their powers. I was tired of this conflict, and moreover I was offended by the abuse they had just done to all decency with their attempts to defile this ancient, sacred custom of warriors offering one another their respect.

Tersely, I said, "Very well then. I will look for you on the battlefield."

I turned and walked away. I am no orator. I will let history write a better quote for me.

When I returned, there was no noise. No jangling of arms, no whinnying of horses. My men had stared in awe as I rejected the whores and returned maintaining my free will and sanity. My display of solidarity had bolstered their confidence.

"When the time comes, Antoni, both armies will each run down towards the valley with our soldiers behind us. As for the three? We are going for each other."

The feeling was half of relief, half of despair. No man wanted to face any of the three. No man thought that one man could defeat them all, either.

"As your advisor, I must speak out," Antoni the hospitaller who had learned to wage war over decades upon gorey decades against men, arrogant men who thought their childish scheeming and plotting were relevant to the outcome, began to council me. I allowed him to continue, "You could lure their brainless masses to attack with a feint of your own. I would lead it. Cause them to abandon their advantageous position, then call in your reserves from on the reverse slope and envelope them."

"This is not a war, this is suicide." I quietly whispered to his ear, so as to not discredit his wisdom in front of his men, "It's not a battle meant to be won."

"Well then I suggest we regroup, we wait for forces abroad to realize they are next to face the Sky Queen and enlist their aid!" He gave me more sound advice, as he had always. The suggestion was sound advice for fighting any king who had any nation behind him.

"This is each of us destroying ourselves."

"All battles are meant to be won."

"THIS IS A BATTLE FOR HONOR!" I shouted as I lost my patience with his reasoning. Our assembled lords looked on, becoming more aware of the bleakness of their circumstances.

"The victor determines what is recorded for all time. Once we smash their empty, soul-less heads upon our gauntlets, you can have your histories say you ran down the hill and fought in the valley all by yourself. None of us would care to call you a liar for it."

"What others think is irrelevant. This is for my honor. This is about Her."

"I see. You are the only man who has survived meeting any one them in person and you remain intrinsically free of their control. You have some way to protect yourself from becoming another shambling, crying, miserable pawn in their thrall. I will trust you, I will die to prevent more men from being lured into her gaze." I heard more of Antoni's words. They did not inspire me. The other men cheered and yowled. They were not aware of their luck, for they would only be putting their mortal bodies at risk.

The spirits of my men were as high as they could be. Across the valley, a beam of sunlight shone through the blackened clouds onto a singular focused spot, it shone always onto the Sky Queen. There was no point waiting any further, my men would only lose their confidence in the face of these circumstances. I lead the way into the valley. My men marched behind me. Their heavy boots shook the earth as they stomped in unison. Very effective against heathen Moors, but it would do no good against this enemy.

The mass of meat on the other side of the valley seeped slowly towards the low point in the middle, headed directly for us. As it neared, we could make out the sounds of the fallen. They moaned bleakly. Some were screaming. Most were crying as they ambled pitifully towards us.

As the mass neared, it turned into distinct men. They still bore their herarldry, only they had replaced all the original figures, human, animal or divine, with two blacks ears, a three red marks below. My men began to see their brothers and comrades within that mass. They began to understand that the only thing seperating their march of justice from this pitiful ooze was circumstance. Circumstance of not meeting one of the three.

Our triumphant march had degenerated into a chaotic racket, as though we were children playing with pots and pans. We were only larger children who had pressed our cookware into clothing and weaponry.

My valiant infants charged into the enemy. Were they still human, they would have shattered under the force. Instead we were absorbed, and any semblence of order and strategy vanished within a moment.

Amid the sounds of battle, my men screaming from physical pain along with their former brothers in their mental anguish, Antoni rode up beside me. From his vantage point high on his horse he pointed with his sword. No words were needed between us. I saw my first opponent there, the infamous Ravager of Rav.

She was armoured in goat bone. The bones had small needle like spikes pressed through them. She wore the mark of the sky-queen on her face, a red nose, with two small splotches also on her cheekbones under her eyes. It was menstrual blood. Thick chunks of uterus clung to her pores. He had a man trapped, laying on the ground in her net. She had him pegged to the ground with her spear. The Ravager laid down on top of him, her spikes pressed through his armour and into his flesh as he wailed. She squeezed him tightly in her arms, and was mouthing all manner of demonic incantations into his ear. His eyes rolled back into his head and she lost interest.

She saw me as I approached. Looking right into my eyes, she smirked.

"Jauffre." She turned and addressed me. With warmth. "It's a shame we have to meet again like this."

It was genuine warmth of course, and I could hear genuine shame in her voice. I continued to approach her, with my own weapon at my side. Implements of violence crashed into people all around us.

She readied her weaponry as I walked towards her by retrieving her spear, and untangling her net with a quickl flick of her wrist. She dug her heels into the ground in a wide, agile stance. I removed my armoured gauntlets as I came within arms reach. She retained her combatitive pose.

I slapped her. Hard. In the face. The force of my slap spun her upper body around. She turned back around partially, still blading her body away from me. She averted her eyes downwards.

"I'm sorry. About, you know, earlier. With those other two around, I had to make it look like I tried." She explained, stuttering in between each word. "I'm so sorry. I knew it wouldn't work. I tried to tell them. You're the only man it wouldn't work on."

"That's not important," I began, "You promised."

"Well, we always do though. It's part of stealing their soul, of binding them to us."

Her eyes were still facing away from me.

"Look at me." I instructed her. She turned her head slowly to meet mine. "You know when you promised me, you actually meant it. Despite what you've been telling yourself all these years since."

Tears began to well in her eyes. I carried on.

"For all the others, it was an idle promise. To lure them in. I know how you work. But the promise you made was so unlike the other ones, you promised -"

"To kill..." she cut me off and stopped. Her tears mixed with the mark of the Sky Queen and washing the reproductive detrius from her face, "To kill Cracky. The Sky Queen. With you."

She dropped her weapons and reached out to hold me, then stopped.

"You are too much of a man to care for my embrace. My feelings don't matter to you. That's all these other men, the thousands I've led astray care about, but you... you're so far above that." She fell to her knees, crying.

I turned, towards the darkened sky of the ruined valley. I began to walk deeper into the mass of the Sky Queen's zombies. The Ravager, left behind, picked up her weapons and ran to catch up with me. We carried on, protected as Antoni's knights cut a swath into the whirlwind of maddened violence. His men fought for their homes, their honour and their lives. The Sky Queen's men faught fearlessly for her love.

Antoni's knights parted ahead, allowing me and the Ravager into an opening, a barren sphere of desolation amid the carnage. The ground here was covered in brazen pyramids. I watched as a hospitaller knight charged into the field. The horse's hoof knocked the tip of a pyramid, causing the pyramid's sides to swing out over the top, catching the horse's leg. The contraption then sprung again, releasing its rended flesh in a violent spray and relatching further upon the limb. It continued climbing the horse, causing the horse to fall over into the field with its rider. The pyramids consumed the pair, covering the ground with a thin paste before resettling in their original configuration.

In the centre of this field, the Dutchess of Faux had contained a group of Antoni's soldiers from their fellows. As Antoni's men attempted to charge through, the pyramids would rend the rescuers to shreds within moments. She leapt around the isolated group of men, swinging from poleaxe shaft over to limb onto horse like a monkey, slipping her thin misericord through the eye holes in men's helmets as she passed, blinding them. After a few moments they were all writing on the ground. She lifted up her purple cloak, and removed a brush and palette from within. She ran around over the writhing bodies and removed the men's helmets. With her brush, she painted them. Onto this writhing mass as a whole, as though it were a steady canvas, she painted. She painted patterns clear over armour, over faces, over legs, limbs, and pieces of horses. Colours appeared on her palette sporadically, and as soon as she dipped her brush in them they would change to a completely other shade and hue.

The image took form. The entire wounded mass of blinded men became the image of little pale girls crying. As the men jostled each other and rolled on the ground clutching their faces, the images of little girls would sprout tears from their own great, shining bright eyes. The tears fell and mixed with blood seeping from the girl's vaginas. The mixture collected at the opposite end of this human canvas. As the stained tears filled the canvas, entire men would become submerged in the liquid image. They clutched their throats and coughed, hacking and gasping for air. Eventually they went limp. The mixture built up quickly, and the entire canvas became a pool of dark purple. Instantly, in unison, the drowned men stood up. They retrieved their weapons, and slowly filed out of the pyramid field to join the battle on the side of the Skyqueen.

The Ravager and I tiptoed cautiously through the field. The Dutchess of Faux watched her canvas disperse into the battle. We came to the centre of the pyramid field, a bare patch of ground now wet with salt water. The Dutchess turned, as she slid her brush into her cloak.

"Oh my, it's you, and you've brought a friend!" Faux squealed happily, "How did you manage this one? He was being so difficult earlier."

Faux approached me, ignoring the Ravager. She opened the face mask on my helmet, and inspected my face. From the close distance, I realized her entire set of facial features, eyes, nose, mouth, were nothing but makeup.

"How did you do it? You usually need to mark him with your own blood..." Her voice trailed off, as she pulled her head back. My eyes refocused on her face and her features appeared completely normal once more.

The Ravager threw her net at Faux. Faux quickly reached into her cloak and flung her knife back towards Rav as the net flew through the air. The two weapons impacted simultaneously. The net's barbs and hooks dug into Faux, and wrapped her tightly. She remained silent, standing. She didn't struggle. Rav fell to the ground.

I walked over to Ravager first. The knife was in her throat. Blood pumped out. She said to me, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." She was coughing up blood as she said this. "I'm sorry I couldn't kill Cracky with you. I tried. I did my best."

I realized with the amount of blood she was losing, she'd be dead soon. She was no longer of use to me. I stood up and turned to Faux. Ravager, from behind, choked out, "I love you."

I walked over to Faux and picked her up. She was very tiny, and as a result weighed next to nothing. I heaved her into the pyramid field, and the wrapped body exploded into a vibrant green mist.

I kept walking towards the ray of light shining through the darkened sky. Towards Her. Slowly crossed the pyramid field once more. Enemies locked in combat parted ways and let me through as I approached. After an hour of walking, I had walked out the other side of the fray.

Her name is Cracky chan. Her head is on fire. She does cocaine. I'm afraid that's all we know.

Out of the mists of chaos she rides, bike in her crotch and cam at her side

She fights her own war, takes her own track, If she doesn't fail she might win her fans back!

Daughter of the devil, full of desire, She does cocaine and her head's on fire!

Fights with fury of a dozen men, posts two pics then she's gone again...

Somewhere there is a platonic ideal of Cracky; One who loves us for loving her. One who is, and was, and ever will be one with Anonymous.

She is a goddess.

Every time a Cracky thread made, then falls off the board, it is like a burnt offering to that abstract, idealized Cracky Goddess.

This thread we so offer. Amen

Elephants one hundred each field a red nose and since that only one only imperfection can goes. Elephants one hundred each field a red nose and since that only one only imperfection can goes. Elephants one hundred each field a red nose and since that only one only imperfection can goes. Elephants one hundred each field a red nose and since that only one only imperfection can goes.

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